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Barware for Under $50

October 9, 2015

It’s Friday peeps, and I’m ready to get my happy hour on. Right now. Why is no one handing me a glass of rosé?

No really. 

I’m so ready for my Friday afternoon cocktail that I’m planning on how I would set up my bar if I wasn’t on another spending restriction (that Patagonia sale was a hit at the Jones household).


Barware for Under $50


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven

Very Hollywood regency meets cheap bar. What a magical combination. And that cocktail shaker is pure gold. I’ll be here all day folks, come get your cheap laughs here…

Any of these items would be just lovely arranged around some beautiful bottles of alcohol on your perfect barcart — I love the Bombay and Tangueray gin bottles because that add a little color, and give a great buzz. Remember my barcart here? It’s a safe assumption to make that the UNC-themed barcart didn’t last long.


Home Living

Lamps Under $100

July 31, 2015

Ever get that itch to update something in your home? I’m constantly resisting to scratch this itch, but if you must scratch, then scratch wisely. An easy way to give your home an affordable refresh is to switch out older lamps. Here are some of my favorites and they are all under $100…


i love lamp
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine






Happy Friday!
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Sunglasses Under $100 For Her

April 15, 2015

Last year I lost 5 different pairs of sunglasses.

Yes, five.pairs. Bad.anna.

Three pairs were mine, two were Wilson’s. I wore his Ray Bans from time to time. You can imagine Wilson’s delight that, after losing three pairs of my own sunglasses, I then lost two pairs of his. Winner. Our conversation when I told him about losing his sunglasses(es) went a little something like this:

Me: I have bad news.

Wilson: What? What’s the matter?

Me: I lost your sunglasses.

Wilson:What!! Which pair?

Me: Both pairs.


Me: Fraid so.


Me: Well, I thought I had them in my bag, but I actually didn’t, and I think I put them down somewhere, but I was drinking and I don’t really remember and I’m really sorry. And you said you wanted new ones anyway. Right?

Wilson: Anna, do you know how much money you’ve wasted by losing all of those sunglasses?

Me: Yea I think I have it totaled up and it’s kind of a lot.


Me: Oopsies.

So because I am banned from buying expensive sunglasses anymore, below are 10 options that are all below $100 in case any of you are like me and are fantastic at losing sunglasses. My bad. 


Women's Sunglasses Under $100


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

3, 4 and 10 are my favorites — they are pretty funky. And, thank goodness, not too expensive, either. Phew. 

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Holiday Attire for Less — Or a Lot

November 6, 2014

Now that Halloween is offish over, it is time to start planning for the holidays. And by planning I mean financially planning. 

Dun dun dunnnn.

Between the Christmas parties, the myriad Christmas gifts and the now four birthdays that occur in my immediate family between November and Christmas (baby nieces are winter babies), this time of year things get a little tight. Tight like a tiger. 

I’ve already started buying my Christmas presents for my dear family members (more on that later) but I’m also planning on what, if any, holiday attire purchases I need to make. Wilson’s company Christmas party is coming up soon and I also have two December weddings. And for me personally, when I try to shop for a specific occasion in mind, I never find what I want and often settle for something that I’ll likely never wear again. Equaling a huge waste of money. 

So in an effort to stay ahead of any wardrobe meltdowns mishaps and money blunders, I’ve picked out these two pieces that would be perfect for a holiday occasion.


Holiday Attire -- Save and Splurge
dress / jumpsuit

The dress is very affordable at $79 and the silhouette would be flattering on both athletic and curvaceous shapes. It’s all about creating and accentuating a waist. The jumpsuit is absolutely fabulous with a less than fabulous price of $428. Ouch. So, it’s up to you and your wallet. Y’all talk it out and decide what you can afford. Remember, paying off your credit card at the end of each month is the new black. 

Tomorrow is Friday…

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Cowl Neck Sweaters for the Fall — Under $100

October 7, 2014

I have on a sweater dress and suede boots this morning and, I have to say, I’m pumped about it. Not one to get super excited about the decorative gourd, all-pumpkin-everything season, I was surprised by how pleased I was being greeted by a crisp chill as I walked out of my apartment. I suppose when you become accustomed to a heat index of 110 degrees, a slight crisp is a welcome departure to your eyebrows sweating at 7AM. I much prefer spring and summer over fall and winter — primarily because I prefer my clothes in those seasons — but getting cozy in a sweater watching football on our Couch of Compromise sounds quite nice.

Enter: the cowl neck sweater.

Cowl neck sweaters are one of those bomb pieces that look good on pretty much everyone. The drape of the cowl neck is super flattering on all shapes and sizes and is also very comfortable, too. There’s nothing worse than a tight turtleneck. It’s like wearing a neck brace. 

Below are some very cute cowl neck sweaters all under $100. I’d suggest that if you don’t have at least one cowl neck sweater in your closet that you love, check out these and invest in one for the fall and winter. You will thank me when you are simultaneously warm and chic on those cold autumn nights.


Cowl Neck Sweaters for Fall

light beige sweater / furry cowl neck / striped sweater / maple leaf sweater / long beige sweater / navy sweater / sleeveless sweater / thick knit sweater


Don’t these look so cozy and make you want to curl up with a good book and a bottle glass of wine? Ok so maybe I am into fall. But only when it involves copious amounts of red wine. Is that bad?

Fashion and Beauty

Great Sale Alert! Shopbop $100 or Less

September 30, 2014

Hiya! How was your weekend? I have almost recovered from mine. Almost. 

I had a different post planned for today, but was happy to be interrupted by Shopbop‘s major sale going on right now. Below are some great options to add to your closet for this transition time and fall, too. But remember — don’t go overboard. Only buy what you need, only spend what you have, and never forget to abide by happy hour. Rules to live by. 


Shopbop Sale Selections
long-sleeved black top / striped sleeveless dress / skinny jeans / blue skirt / grey maxi dress
mesh sweater / light dye cropped jeans / grey sweater / leather shorts / ivory sleeveless top
We will resume our regularly scheduled programming again tomorrow. Toodles.
Fashion and Beauty

Track Trend

September 15, 2014

Ok SO I’ve been resisting this clothing trend for about a year now, but it seems that it is here to stay for the time being so I might as well come to grips with this information. I present to you, loyal SST readers, the latest thing to come to a closet near you: dressing like an 70’s track star.

I know, I know.

Think Bruce Jenner in his prime and add some effortless glamour, and that’s what this trend is all about. It’s comfortable, it’s a little sexy, and it’s pretty cool. See some of my favorite track-inspired pieces below.


Track Trend


All of these items are either from J.Crew or Topshop, my usual haunts. But because trying out a new trend can be risky, you must follow two rules: 1) NEVER spend a lot of money on a trendy item and 2) Always try it out safely by purchasing the trendy item from a brand you trust and normally wear. This will guarantee it is good quality and a good fit, and will also allow you to ease into the trend. Nothing worse than waking up one day and decide you are going to dress exclusively like 70’s Bruce Jenner and buy your clothes only from American Apparel from now on.  

 1. Striped Sweatshirt: This is a great top that is both comfy and stylish. Stripes are also very in this season. I feel like they are always in, but WWD told me they were specifically in this season so whatever. $56.

2. Skinny Twill Sweatpant: Very on-trend pants in navy or white and they look very comfortable. I always recommend that when wearing something looser on the bottom — like these pants or the red ones described below — you balance it out with a form-fitting top. I use this rule of fashion thumb a lot, with the exception of dressing for work. Work-dressing is in its own category, much like my addiction penchant to malbec. $41.99 with the code SHOPFORFALL.

3. Pinstripe Bomber Jacket: Oh this thing is just too cute. Perfect for the fall with a pair of boyfriend skinny jeans, this jacket makes a great Bruce Jenner statement pre-his Kardashian days. $104.99 with extra 25% off code SHOPFORFALL.

4. Felt Baseball Cap: Baseball caps aren’t just for the dugout anymore. I think that women wearing baseball caps as a fashion statement was the biggest problem I had initially with the track trend. I really love the cute pants and bomber jackets, but the baseball hat + skinny jeans on a girl’s night out just seemed too strange to me. But, for those of you who feel confident and sassy enough to try this out — look at you! so proud — this felt cap is really cute and a decent price. $40.

5. Crepe Lounge Pant: I LOVE these pants, especially in the uber-bright belvedere red color. Seems like red pants shouldn’t be named after vodka, but who am I to judge. These would be great for work and a night out on the town — for work I’m thinking paired with a tailored white button down tucked in, and for a fun dinner they’d be great with a blouse-y silk top. They are also extra 25% off right now with the code SHOPFORFALL — $73.50.

So, what do you think? I’m kinda digging it. SST will always keep you on track with the latest trends. 

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Sconce Up Your Life — $100 and Under

July 31, 2014

I never was much of a Spice Girl fan but I do hope you’re now humming the 90s favorite Spice Up Your Life as we discuss my secret obsession with sconces.

Sconces are one of those things that do not get nearly the amount of love or attention that they deserve. A source of light — and happiness for me — sconces are a great way to illuminate a room and add some flair to a blank wall. Below are some great sconces I found online that are all under $100. Except for one, oops. 



#0 — Super modern, super interesting to look at. I bet it would cast a really neat shadow on the wall too from the double lightbulbs. $69

#1 — Finally, something from Restoration Hardware is on sale… Their stuff is so ridiculously expensive. $75

#2 — Great bronze sconce for cheap. Lowe’s has surprisingly great light fixtures, Wilson and I bought almost all of our fixtures for our old house from Lowe’s. Mad respect. $80

#3 — Simple, beautiful. Two of these pretties would be perfect flanking a bed or in a bathroom. $90

#4 — These are my FAVORITE! I love them — on Etsy for only $75! Holla. 

#5 — I really love this sconce too and I’ve never seen any like them before. On Crate and Barrel for $90.

#6 — Mmk so this sconce is stupid expensive so do NOT buy it, but it’s so pretty I wanted to show it to you anyway. Sorry. $447. I promise I haven’t been drinking yet.

#7 — This one is a little too ornate for my taste, but it’s pretty regardless. $80

#8 — Another great simple light fixture. Simple is the new black. $80

#9 — Very modern and unexpected. $100

#10 — This sconce is neat because it’s a candle. Candles are cool. $71

Sconces are like champagne — simple, delicious and always make you happy. Go buy some, you won’t regret it.

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Home Living

SST Vietri Picks for Summer Entertaining

April 25, 2014

Big things are poppin’ over at the SST offices. And by offices I mean my bed.

I am oh-so excited to announce that I will be covering the preview of Vietri’s Spring Warehouse Sale next Thursday. Happy May Day to me! From live blogging to instagrammin’ it up, I will be on-site in action for the fantastic madness that is the Annual Warehouse Sale.

Today is a good day!

For those of you who may be Vietri Spring Warehouse Sale newbies, this thing is the bomb. Held from May 3rd to May 5th at Vietri’s headquarters in Hillsborough, NC, the sale offers MAJORLY discounted Vietri specialties in its fabulous warehouse.

No they don’t serve wine…

To get you super excited for this awesome sale, I’ve pulled some of my favorite Vietri pieces to help you effortlessly entertain your guests this summer, all for under $100.


Summer Entertaining by Vietri

Summer Entertaining by Vietri by annabjones featuring vases


1. This vase is a gorgeous color and height — I’m imagining a big beautiful bunch of white hydrangeas beaming from its rim.

2. Great pitcher for some iced tea, lemonade, or a John Daly.

3. My favorite color on a cute little turtle. Turtle time?

4. Great plates, great price…

5. I realllllly like this bowl, it would be perfect near the bar with some cashews in it. Men congregate around the bar and love snacks.

6. I also reallllly like this dishsalads on salads on salads

7. The is the perfect platter for a delicious summer fish recipe.

Because I just adore all of you and so does Vietri, we are partnering up to give away the below vase from Vietri’s new Alabaster Glass Aquamarine line of dinnerware to a lucky SST reader. Told you today was a good day.

vietri vase

Just do one of the thingys on the giveaway and BOOM! You’re entered to win this vase, all thanks to Vietri. And me of course.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information on the Vietri Spring Warehouse Sale, visit the website here. You know I love a good sale.

Also Tory Burch is having a Friends and Family 25% off sale using the promo code FRIENDLY until Monday. I’m doing some SST picks tomorrow so be on the lookout… #dontgooverboard #rememberyour401k

Fashion and Beauty

5 Closet Staples Under $100

March 27, 2014

I asked Wilson the other day what he thought of this blog post, and he said, “I liked it. My character is evolving.” Pardon monsieur? When asked what this meant, he responded, “It added another layer to my character’s personality — [readers] now know that Wilson procrastinates.” You mean YOU procrastinate???


At a wedding two weeks ago, someone asked me about the blog and its purpose. Wilson cut me off jumped right in and excitedly explained the title and premise, and how he was the main character. Some time before that, I heard him refer to it as “our blog.” Monsieur, you’ve been drinking.

I think I may have created a monster.

Because Wilson is now referring to himself in the third person, it may be time to dial down his character — to avoid a diva sitch — and discuss something he knows nothing about — fashion staples. The trouble is, he is just so entertaining it’s hard not to share. He makes me laugh.

On to closet staples.

A great way to stay within your budget but still have a fabulous and useful closet is to take stock of the items you have and identify the ones you need. I’ve listed five staples you need, if you don’t have already, that are also reasonably priced.


5 Closet Staples Under $100
5 Closet Staples Under $100 by annabjones featuring Forever 21



  1. Every lady needs a nice pair of nude pumps. I don’t have these personally so I cannot speak to their comfort level, but Gilt Groupe always provides good quality items and so I feel good about recommending them. Heels are an unnatural species in and of themselves, and ones that pinch your feet should be outlawed. I would ask Charlotte Mayor Cannon to add this to the next city council meeting agenda, but I don’t think I could afford the bill. 
  2. A lightweight cardigan to stuff in your carry-on or hang on the back of your office chair is a must. I love this one because it has such a pretty pattern.
  3. I could write a love song to my J. Crew pixie pants. Even though they are almost $100 for glorified leggings, they are amazing and you must get them. Must. I’m thinking something by Lionel Richie…
  4. A sturdy, classic handbag can last you a lifetime and doesn’t always have to be expensive or a designer label. I love this one from Zara and it looks very similar to the Givenchy ones that everyone is freaking out over.
  5. I’m not a huge fan of flats — I prefer heels because they make me feel like a boss — but everyone needs at least one pair of flats that are good for all seasons. This pair is super cute and super cheap.

Building your closet around key pieces that you wear a million times is the best way to spend your money judiciously. The point of fashion, in my opinion, shouldn’t be how many silk tanks you can acquire — it’s how many different ways you can express yourself with one great top, over and over again, season after season. Doesn’t that feel so much more fun and less wasteful?

Don’t keep up with the Joneses, we don’t give a shit about what you have.