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The Best Eye Makeup Remover For Under $10

January 8, 2014

As of the past month or two, I have suffered from a very annoying and ugly ailment — styes. Even the word sounds ugly. The first one happened over Thanksgiving — too much tryptophan? — the second at the beginning of December — after which I threw out all of my expensive makeup, grr — and the third before Christmas. Needless to say, my eyes have taken a beating. Poor dears.

After receiving my third stye — thanks for nothing Santa — I went to the eye doctor. He gave me some drops, recommended I change my eye makeup remover and sent me along my merry way.

To accommodate my extremely high-maintenance eyes, I went to Sephora, purchased all new makeup — another post to come about my fab new eye makeup — and then asked the sales associate for a recommendation for an all-natural, non-irritating eye makeup remover. She tried to sell me three different kinds of eye makeup removers, but the store was out of every single one. In desperation, she whispered to me: “Forget the expensive ones. Go to any drug store, look for the Yes To brand, and buy the Yes To Cucumbers eye makeup remover wipes. They are all that I use and I love them, and they are $8.” Boom. Done. Thanks Sephora Lady.

Sephora Lady was so right too. These wipes are the shit and smell and FEEL like cucumbers. Why would you want eye makeup removing wipes that feel like cucumbers, you may ask? Because they feel awesome, that’s why. Shut up. -- Yestocucumbers Eye Makeup Remover PadsCue angels singing music.

The wipes are hypoallergenic and work like a charm. Silver spoon taste feel and plastic fork budget approved. Serious no-brainer.

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