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Tory Wins: C. Wonder Closes and SST Picks

January 7, 2015

Hell yea! My girl Tory won the competition with her ex-husband Chris Burch for who can sell expensive clothes/shoes better. C. Wonder is officially closing its doors, citing the inability to find a niche in an overly saturated retail market as the reason for its shuttering. Or the fact that Chris copied his ex-wife’s brand and karma is a real bitch. 

And because it is closing, C. Wonder is hosting a bomb sale of 50% off all items. In a toast to Tory in all her glory, I’ve picked a few of my faves that are really good prices. Tory, I’m pouring one out for you tonight. 


C. Wonder 50% Off Sale



bag / soaps / sweater / cheese board set / necklace / earrings / jeans / napkins


No wonder C. is going out of business. This is the strangest conglomeration of overpriced stuff I’ve ever seen.

Happy Wine Wednesday! Boy am I thirsty.

Fashion and Beauty

Tory and I Are Tight: Friends & Family Sale

April 26, 2014

True story: I have a mean girl-crush on Tory Burch. I’m secretly obsessed with her. Not only is she badass businesswoman — reportedly worth over a cool BILLION — she’s a unrelenting philanthropist and supporter of women entrepreneurs. She’s also really pretty. I want her hairdo.

Tory truly has the golden touch — everything she does is enormously successful, and I’m sure I stand to learn many lessons from ol’ TB.

However… I must say, I’ve gotten quite tired of the non-stop Tory Burch logo on every piece of every THING EVERYWHERE. She clearly is a brilliant marketer because people PAY to wear her logo, but TB needs to tone it down a touch so that damn logo will stop haunting my dreams and my Instagram feed.

Below is a beautiful selection of Tory stuff that does NOT have the logo plastered all over every surface. Tory Burch shoes are quite beautiful without the logo, as demonstrated below.


Tory Burch Friends and Family Sale
Tory Burch Friends and Family Sale by annabjones featuring snake sandals


All of these shoes would be great for any occasion — whether dressed up or down, each pair would be a great investment piece for your closet to ramp up your summer look. Without paying a fortune, either.

Don’t forget to enter my Vietri giveaway here for a chance to win a fabulous vase furnished by my buds at Vietri. Even more importantly, don’t forget to stop by Vietri’s Spring Warehouse Sale next weekend! So many sales, so many ways to save.

I’m writing this post on my back porch in an effort to get some vitamin D and hopefully sweat out some of the toxicity I put into my body last night via five martinis. Ok really it was two but five sounds more dramatic. If anyone is bored or hungover like me, please stop by for some hair of the dog in the form of mimosas.

Ciao for now.

Fashion and Beauty

An Ode to My Wedding Shoes

November 26, 2013

I love shoes and I always have. When I was little I would squat down to examine my Aunt Val’s shoes — she always had the most fashionable ones — to get a better look at what I should be wearing as a four-year-old.

Because I never buy expensive designer shoes, I gave myself a “pass” so to speak during my engagement to buy new shoes for my wedding that I ordinarily would never purchase. Even though I spent more on this collection of shoes than normal, I still managed to get good deals on almost every pair for all of the festivities.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

 These Jimmy Choos were the shoes — or should I say Choos — that I wore to my wedding. I got them on — drum roll please — Ebay. Originally over $600, I got them for $250. Again, I normally do NOT spend even that much for shoes, but these were so fun and sparkly — exactly how you want to be described at your own wedding — so I went for it. Ebay has lots of highly rated sellers — I never purchase from anyone with less than a 100% satisfaction rating — with a great selection of designer shoes like Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins, so if you are in the market, I’d check there after you try them on at a department store.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

The wedge made the shoes much more comfortable and easy to dance in. I love them. They remind me of Dorothy shoes.

Valentino Bow Pumps

I wore this pair to my rehearsal dinner and the “after party” too. These fantastic Valentino pumps will be with me for forever and are so lady-like. I should have integrated them into my vows.

Valentino Bow Pumps

Tory Burch Sandals

I bought these Tory Burch heels at a major sale Tory was having — we are on first name terms — after July 4th. The middle of July and after-Christmas are prime retail sale times, so if you want something really expensive for the holidays, I’d request an IOU and then buy the item on sale after Christmas to save some serious money. I scored this pair for $120, originally about $300.

Tory Burch Sandals

Great height and color.

French Connection Ankle-Strap Sandals

I purchased this pair of French Connection ankle-strap sandals from Zappos for about $90 for my bachelorette party in Vegas. We had so much fun… They are super comfortable and a great buy.

The best part about all of these shoes is that I have worn them several times since my wedding, making them well worth the money spent. See my note here about investment pieces.

The wedding was such a special weekend and I’m so lucky to have married my best friend. While I am glad that all of the attention and hooplah is behind me — weddings are absolute circuses — I am having a bit of a moment reminiscing on these fantastic shoes. Tear.