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Barware for Under $50

October 9, 2015

It’s Friday peeps, and I’m ready to get my happy hour on. Right now. Why is no one handing me a glass of rosé?

No really. 

I’m so ready for my Friday afternoon cocktail that I’m planning on how I would set up my bar if I wasn’t on another spending restriction (that Patagonia sale was a hit at the Jones household).


Barware for Under $50


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven

Very Hollywood regency meets cheap bar. What a magical combination. And that cocktail shaker is pure gold. I’ll be here all day folks, come get your cheap laughs here…

Any of these items would be just lovely arranged around some beautiful bottles of alcohol on your perfect barcart — I love the Bombay and Tangueray gin bottles because that add a little color, and give a great buzz. Remember my barcart here? It’s a safe assumption to make that the UNC-themed barcart didn’t last long.


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The Best Fake Wreathes for $30

December 2, 2014

I know, I know. Fake = bad.

Being a fake friend is bad. Being a fake cook is bad. And, most certainly, being a fake plant is bad.

But, a sturdy fake wreath can be really good. Why? Because it can save you MONEY.

Last year I bought two fake boxwood wreathes from Target and hung them here in our dear old house. Aren’t they little cuties. 

Even though they were fabulous last year, I didn’t give them my SST stamp of approval until now. Why? Because I just pulled them out of the attic and they look brand spankin’ NEW, that’s why. Holla at ya wreath. 




 My biggest beef with fake plants is that their lifespan is just sad. A few weeks into its life a fake plant begins to look faded, collect dust bunnies, and droop a little.



But these wreathes are such showstoppers. I adore them. And the best part? They are only $30, and great quality. For ultimate safe-keeping, I kept both of the boxes that the wreathes came in and once Christmas was over (sad) I put them back in their boxes and then in a plastic garbage bag to make sure no dust bunnies took solace in their leaves. I know, I invented storing things in plastic garbage bags. 



Pretty good, eh?

Wilson’s and my Savannah love nest is getting in the Christmas spirit slowly but surely. We have the cutest squatty Christmas tree — aptly named Chunky Charlie — but we have not put lights on him yet. We hung our stockings — with great care, in hopes that Santa would bring cocktails to our lair — but have not yet adorned the mantle with some lush garland. More to come on this. 

Happy Tuesday!

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Spring Entertaining: Outdoor Furniture Finds

May 6, 2014

Oh I just LOVE this time of the year. The weather is perfect, it’s sunny all the time and I am finally not as ghostly pale as I was a few months ago. Everyone looks better with St. Tropez. My clothes in the spring and summer are infinitely better too –– I’m sick of stuffing myself into skinny jeans and acting like I’m comfortable.

Anywho, I’m super pumped that it is 80 degrees out and sunny, it just tickles me pink. Tonight I plan on going home, pouring myself a cocktail and sitting outside. I love our front porch — it has the charming, cozy comfort of a quintessential Southern porch with the added benefit of being right next to the sidewalk, providing non-stop social entertainment and eavesdropping opportunities. I come from a long line of Mrs. Kravitz-esDon’t act like you don’t spy on your neighbors too.

Because I’m thinking that others may want to “porch it” as my dad says — pronounced “poach” because of his enviable Georgia drawl — I’ve created an exemplary outdoor haven from which you can draw some inspiration to make your own little slice of heaven. As an added bonus, all of these items are under $185. And you could clean them easily with a pressure washer. I realize this is still expensive but for porch furniture that’s a pretty good deal. Take what you can get people. You can go to Voucher Slug to get voucher codes for Laura Ashley furniture.


SST Outdoor Living -- Under $180

SST Outdoor Living — Under $180 by annabjones featuring a stainless ice bucket


 Notice the Veuve? No party is complete without it. I’m imagining parties at sunset with well-dressed guests clinking their glasses together in celebration of the warm weather and immaculately decorated outdoor space. I’d drink to that.

Also my apologies to my email subscribers, I accidentally posted this without any text and so you received an email in error. I didn’t have my glasses on and I pressed the wrong button… I’ve put in a complaint to my IT department… and they told me to kiss my ass. 

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Master Bedroom — Grays Gone Wild

April 17, 2014

This house is such a labor of love.

Wilson and I put our blood, sweat and many, many tears into this house, and to see it come together — I use the word together loosely — feels like I’m watching one of my children graduate.


As a house is always a work in progress and nothing is ever really finished, I’ve learned to take gratitude in the little victories. Such as — look at this pretty bed! My mother-in-law gave us this beautiful bedding for Christmas two years ago. The matelassé bedding layered with the monogrammed hemstitch pillows mixes textures within the same clean white color. Makes me feel calm. Makes Wilson feel nervous that he’s going to get it dirty.

pillowsI know, I know, for bedding and towels you should use only the woman’s monogram, but since Wilson sleeps here too I wanted to give him some credit. Respect to my homie. chest 2I found this chest of drawers from Sleepy Poet for $400. Yes, $400. I saw one the other day like this for $2000. Booyah.


Look at my sweet little mom when she was a child! She was eating animal crackers in her cute sailor dress. I love this photo of her.

These lamps were a steal for $40 from Homegoods and the blue and white urns were a great find from Sleepy Poet at $40 each. These lamps from Pottery Barn are almost identical and are four times the cost of ones I found… Pottery Barn = good for bedding, overpriced for lamps.

bed at angle

 I purchased this bed from Gilt Groupe two summers ago for $700. At the time I felt like I had just spent a million dollars on nothing, but putting forth the money for what I really wanted has truly paid off. And $700 isn’t too bad for a king bed frame, so it was a good purchase. Things like a good bed are worth the splurge. The starburst mirror was a great snag from Amazon for $80, and the plates were yet another good find from Sleepy PoetSwear I’m still not getting paid for these mentions. 

 It’s important to note how long this room took me to create. I am not an impulse decision-maker when it comes to interiors, and I don’t do anything until I’m completely positive that I will love it for a considerable amount of time. I don’t force any purchases — if I don’t think it’s exactly what I’m looking for, then I don’t buy it. It’s difficult to exhibit this kind of self-control — especially for a shopaholic with expensive taste — but it is completely necessary to get what I want and not blow my budget. Rome was not built in a day and neither was this room.

bedside table

Our bedside tables were a wedding gift from Wilson’s aunts and uncles. They are stunning and have tons of storage — I love them.

Obviously you can tell that all of the colors in this room are muted grays and whites, besides the rich browns from the furniture and striking blue of the urns. As much as I love pops of color in a house, I need some serenity in my bedroom. It’s like the interior design version of a glass of wine plus half a xanax.

bedside table upclose

These lamp shades were a great score off of Etsy. They were a little pricey at $50 each, but well worth it in my opinion. The lucite lamp bases were from Target for $57 each! Mi amor. 

I really love this bedroom and hope you do too, so much so that you will Pin these images because they are now able to be pinned right from this website! I figured out how to do it all on my own, too… Snaps for Anna. Just hover your mouse over the photos and voilà! Great pinnable material. Here’s hoping, at least.

It’s funny, I’m staring at my hand and just cannot figure out for the life of me why there is not a cocktail in it. I must rectify this situation immediately. Ciao.

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The Ultimate Brocart

January 30, 2014

In a serious stroke of luck earlier this week the Target barcart I gushed over here was on sale for $90 AND available at the Target store near me. It was like the Target stars aligned just for me so I could get this beautiful construction of metal and most likely bronze spray paint. It is truly a sight to behold.


I love it. It is very simple with clean lines and actually rolls, which came in handy when I used it as a shopping cart to wheel out some other items I picked up from Target as well. People were jealous.


Be prepared for a myriad of detail shots. Wilson and I received a super fancy lens attachment to our — his — camera for our wedding — thanks Chet and Pete! — and I was really getting into taking these pictures like I knew what I was doing. Just call me Anna Leibovitz. No really don’t that’s insulting to her.


I styled the cart using things I had around the house that I thought looked pretty. Shockingly enough, we already had all of that liquor — actually more than that but it wouldn’t fit on the cart. Wilson is an Eagle Scout, so he’s always prepared. Not sure what my excuse is.


That bottle of Veuve is the one Wilson and I drank the night we got engaged. Aw.


During the 1 and a 1/2 inch blizzard yesterday, Wilson and I dipped into that Kahlua and made White Russians. At our house, we use any excuse to party, especially an excuse to drink White Russians.


Now if Wilson was into to styling barcarts, this is the way he would organize it. The ultimate Tar Heel brocart.


Yo brah check out my brocart.


Is that #50 I see? Brah this brocart is sweeter than shredding that pow pow. I’m really not sure why I know how to speak bro.


Hello Rameses.

Wilson Holding that Damn Deer

Here is Wilson’s suggestion for the finishing touch on the brocart. I won’t repeat my exact reaction because Wilson told me I need to cool it with blog cursing, but let your imagination run wild. And then times that by 10. And then that’s what I said. Plus a few more choice words.

This brocart is like our marriage — beautiful and worth its weight in gold, supplemented with obnoxious Tar Heel memorabilia that seems to multiply by each passing day. Wilson and I are going to the UNC basketball game this Saturday with some generous friends who offered us free tickets — you know how I feel about free — and I just pray he doesn’t wheel the brocart to the Dean Dome. Please keep your thoughts with me on Saturday.

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The Elephant in the Room

November 11, 2013

I found this gold elephant at Target last week and just adore him. He is a member of the Nate Berkus collection — oh Nate… In an effort to exercise extreme self-control — see here — I did not buy him, but because he was only $10, I may go back…

Here’s a board I put together if I was going to decorate a room around the elephant. None of the other items are in my plastic fork budget, but we’ll just classify them as inspiration.


1. Nate Berkus candles candleholder  2. HAY black furniture  3. Heathfield Co rectangular lamp shade  4. Teakwood table  5. Abstract wall art  6. Mills Floral Company boxwood plant  7. Sunburst wall art  8. Linea table lamp  9. Serena Lily cable knit blanket

Speaking of inspiration, I would like to say an enormous thank you to all U.S. veterans. Your bravery, courage and tireless commitment to preserving our freedom is nothing short of remarkable, and inspires me everyday. Thank you for protecting the greatest country in the world, allowing us to do the things we love — like write this blog.