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Sunglasses Under $100 For Him

April 21, 2015

As a follow up to last week’s post about women’s sunglasses, I thought it might be helpful to offer some men’s sunglasses options too that are under $100. In the event anyone lost their significant other’s sunglasses(es) also. 

A lot of men’s sunglasses are, well, ugly. Really ugly, actually. I had to coax Wilson for far too long to stop wearing Costas like these that made him look like a big-headed beetle. Sorry Wilson. Those types of sunglasses were perfect for the aspiring 18-year-old fratstar freshman trying to pick up the ladies, but alas, those times have come and gone and the big-headed beetle sunglasses trend has gone with it.

Yes Wilson, you still can wear those Costas on your fishing trips. So long as I am not there to see them, you are good to go. 

Yes that means I won’t go fishing with you. 


Men's Sunglasses Under $100


 one / two / three / four

Each of these pairs is very man-stylish and versatile and $100 or less. Men, go nuts.
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Sunglasses Under $100 For Her

April 15, 2015

Last year I lost 5 different pairs of sunglasses.

Yes, five.pairs. Bad.anna.

Three pairs were mine, two were Wilson’s. I wore his Ray Bans from time to time. You can imagine Wilson’s delight that, after losing three pairs of my own sunglasses, I then lost two pairs of his. Winner. Our conversation when I told him about losing his sunglasses(es) went a little something like this:

Me: I have bad news.

Wilson: What? What’s the matter?

Me: I lost your sunglasses.

Wilson:What!! Which pair?

Me: Both pairs.


Me: Fraid so.


Me: Well, I thought I had them in my bag, but I actually didn’t, and I think I put them down somewhere, but I was drinking and I don’t really remember and I’m really sorry. And you said you wanted new ones anyway. Right?

Wilson: Anna, do you know how much money you’ve wasted by losing all of those sunglasses?

Me: Yea I think I have it totaled up and it’s kind of a lot.


Me: Oopsies.

So because I am banned from buying expensive sunglasses anymore, below are 10 options that are all below $100 in case any of you are like me and are fantastic at losing sunglasses. My bad. 


Women's Sunglasses Under $100


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

3, 4 and 10 are my favorites — they are pretty funky. And, thank goodness, not too expensive, either. Phew. 

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What To Do When You Drink Too Much and Lose Your Sunglasses

January 7, 2014

A few weeks ago one of my besties Emery drank too much and lost her sunglasses.

That’s actually a lie.

Emery is as cheap as they come — do you think my best friends would be any other way? — and does not spend money unless it is for a good reason. She has had a pair of sunglasses that her dear fiance gave her a few years ago and has grown increasingly sick of them, but could not bring herself to purchase another pair while she had a perfectly good pair already. Smart woman.

With this in mind, she “mistakenly” forgot said pair of sunglasses at a bar a few weekends ago. Re: When someone announced, “Whose sunglasses are these?” at the bar she was at, she pretended not to hear them. Poof! Sunglasses problem solved. Now she can buy new ones! I love it, this just cracks me up.

Because she is now sunglass-less, Emery asked me for some recommendations for options under $200, so I compiled the below selection for her to peruse. And if you are in the market for a new pair of sunnies as well, check ’em out. -- Garrett Leight Speedway Sunglasses

 This is a great pair of aviatorsI think Emery has an aviator face — available on Shopbop for $171. -- Ray-Ban Original Aviator SunglassesA classic. Can’t go wrong with this pair and they will always be in style. Also available on Shopbop for $145. -- Ray-Ban Matte Aviator SunglassesDefinitely not Emery’s usual taste, but I really am digging this pair of matte black aviators. Less trendy than mirrored sunglasses, this pair is haute enough without being ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I still like mirrored sunglasses though. -- Kate Spade New York Cassia SunglassesA great cat-eye option if you are into that. $138 on Shopbop. -- Kilgore GoldI love this pair from Toms! $119 and you also support Toms’ amazing social responsibility efforts. Buy sunglasses and help people. Makes you feel good.

Warby -- Flannery

I really like these frames from Warby Parker. $145. Gimme da gold.

Warby -- Ellison

Again totally not Emery’s style but I couldn’t resist adding this pair. I love the light tortoiseshell framing. $145, Warby Parker too. Would love terrific with your hair.

 Emery I hope this carefully curated collection of sunglasses is helpful in finding your next pair of stunna shades. And really — next time you don’t have to pretend to lose your sunglasses, you can just give them to me.