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On Trend For Spring: Botanicals

April 29, 2015

Something I’ve been into this year is the botanical trend — all flower everything on everything.

It started with this romper in Mexico:

white jumper


And then it just bloomed from there. See what I did there. 

In the event that you would like to integrate some fresh flowers into your wardrobe, I’ve pulled together some great items for spring and summer that are all under $100. I think. 


Botanical Trend


gray top / pleated skirt / purple top / white miniskirt / collared shirt


Super springy, right? A top or two of these floral pieces could be just the thing your wardrobe needs to lift its spirits. That or a deliciously chilled mimosa. 


Ta-ta for now…
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Sunglasses Under $100 For Him

April 21, 2015

As a follow up to last week’s post about women’s sunglasses, I thought it might be helpful to offer some men’s sunglasses options too that are under $100. In the event anyone lost their significant other’s sunglasses(es) also. 

A lot of men’s sunglasses are, well, ugly. Really ugly, actually. I had to coax Wilson for far too long to stop wearing Costas like these that made him look like a big-headed beetle. Sorry Wilson. Those types of sunglasses were perfect for the aspiring 18-year-old fratstar freshman trying to pick up the ladies, but alas, those times have come and gone and the big-headed beetle sunglasses trend has gone with it.

Yes Wilson, you still can wear those Costas on your fishing trips. So long as I am not there to see them, you are good to go. 

Yes that means I won’t go fishing with you. 


Men's Sunglasses Under $100


 one / two / three / four

Each of these pairs is very man-stylish and versatile and $100 or less. Men, go nuts.
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Sunglasses Under $100 For Her

April 15, 2015

Last year I lost 5 different pairs of sunglasses.

Yes, five.pairs. Bad.anna.

Three pairs were mine, two were Wilson’s. I wore his Ray Bans from time to time. You can imagine Wilson’s delight that, after losing three pairs of my own sunglasses, I then lost two pairs of his. Winner. Our conversation when I told him about losing his sunglasses(es) went a little something like this:

Me: I have bad news.

Wilson: What? What’s the matter?

Me: I lost your sunglasses.

Wilson:What!! Which pair?

Me: Both pairs.


Me: Fraid so.


Me: Well, I thought I had them in my bag, but I actually didn’t, and I think I put them down somewhere, but I was drinking and I don’t really remember and I’m really sorry. And you said you wanted new ones anyway. Right?

Wilson: Anna, do you know how much money you’ve wasted by losing all of those sunglasses?

Me: Yea I think I have it totaled up and it’s kind of a lot.


Me: Oopsies.

So because I am banned from buying expensive sunglasses anymore, below are 10 options that are all below $100 in case any of you are like me and are fantastic at losing sunglasses. My bad. 


Women's Sunglasses Under $100


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

3, 4 and 10 are my favorites — they are pretty funky. And, thank goodness, not too expensive, either. Phew. 

Don’t forget to enter my Beautycounter giveaway before tomorrow — enter to win a free Tint Skin! The product is really great, I promise you will not be disappointed. #sstapproved

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Some Really Awesome Pants

July 17, 2014

Happy Thursday everyone! I am ready for the weekend. And by the weekend I really mean ready for a drink.

I bought some amazing pants two weeks ago and have worn them three (ok five) times since and thought I’d share the love.

DISCLAIMER: These are expensive, but I got them for 50% off… Anyway, they are worth sharing regardless.

Ecru White Pants

ecru Springfield Pant

These things are so great. Made of a thick, stretchy fabric that is very wrinkle-resistant, these pants made by random designer Ecru are fantastic and I am so happy I bought them. Even though they are originally $165 — I got them for less, but still.. pricey for sure. Sorry. If you are looking for some great pants that are perfect for work — I suggest going up a size for work to make sure they aren’t too tight — and for play, these are for you. I am going to get them in other colors for the fall I think — black is a must and I love the beautiful camel color, would be great with boots and a navy blazer. Very Kate Middleton. 

Don’t forget to enter the SST Swaponz giveaway — it ends tomorrow! If you win you get five complimentary Swaponz smartphone case designs picked by yours truly. Don’t you like my use of complimentary instead of FREE! ?

I am ready for a mimosa. Who’s with me??

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Summer Dresses on Sale

July 9, 2014

Yo! Wanted to draw your attention to these two great summer dresses. Wilson, I wanted to let you know to be expecting these. I’m not one for surprises. 

Both of these dresses are great for a quick + chic summer outfit — one that says I’m fashionably inclined, not too overdone and contentious of pit stains. Sorrrrryyy.

Just be careful because these beauties are both final sale, so if you aren’t 100% sure about your size, I’d probably pass and find something that isn’t final sale. Just sayin’.


 SST Quick Hits -- Summer Sales

sleeveless dress / snakeskin print dress

Also, thank you for all the nice compliments I received on the Savannah nest! Y’all are nice people and I like you very much.

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Kate Spade + Shopbop Sale and An Easy Work Outfit

June 26, 2014

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, my sister Laurie also asked me to pull together an easy work outfit she can wear during the summer. She informed me that sometimes she wears the same outfit the whole week to work because she sees different people every day.


Cue my judging questioning eyebrow arch. 

Excuse me, madam?

She travels for work, but still. This is an unacceptable interesting trait. While I understand having two children under the age of 2 1/2 is challenging for sure, but this is just a travesty. Not to mention you can only blame the smell on your children every now and then or else people will start to catch on. 

So here’s a great summer outfit for work that Sister can throw on in a jiff. At least now you’ll have two outfits per week? This is a good ensemble for normal people who wear different outfits every day, too.


Easy Summer Work Outfit -- Kate Spade Extra 25% Sale

 Turquoise wallet / Nude heels / Bow catch-all / Straw tote / Pink dress / Triple strand necklace

Happy Thursday peeps. I’ll be toasting ya. 

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Kate Spade Sale and an Easy Summer Outfit

June 25, 2014

I’ve told y’all about my sister before, but I don’t think I’ve ever really given you the full story. As my older sister by nearly seven years, she has bossed me around her entire life and thinks of herself as my second mother. The #banbossy does not apply here. Ever the life of the party, Laurie is wide-open almost all of the time, and what you see is what you get with this one. She truly is one-of-a-kind. Thank goodness, I don’t think the world could handle two Lauries. 

The funny part about Laurie is, even though she still laughs at her own jokes and gets overserved with the best of them, she now has two baby girls of her own. In addition to me, of course. Her days of spending hours getting ready and late night partying are exchanged for dirty diapers and watching Frozen on repeat. And the only late nighters she pulls now are when the baby wakes up — and she wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d like to think I taught her how to be such a great mother — if you’ve been reading awhile you know I require a lot of attention. 

But just because she’s a mommy instead of a partier doesn’t mean she can’t still look amaze, she just has to be able to primp in about five seconds. So, with that in mind, I’ve pulled together a great summer outfit that Laurie — and any young mom — can throw on in a hot second. And the whole outfit is on sale AND extra 25% off with the code MORESALE. Win-nah win-nah chicken din-nah.


Easy Breezy Beautiful Sister

Yellow handbag / Tan sandals / Blue and white dress / Gold earrings / Gold key bracelet / Turquoise bangle

I know one day when my nieces grow up and we regale them with stories of Laurie’s glory days, they’ll look back  and say, My mom was the shit. Especially in this outfit.

In addition to the Kate Spade sale, Shopbop is having extra 25% off all sale items with the code 25MORE and J. Crew is having 30% off everything using the code HISUMMER. The sale stars are in alignment this week, just in time for my first paycheck to be deposited. 

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SST Vietri Picks for Summer Entertaining

April 25, 2014

Big things are poppin’ over at the SST offices. And by offices I mean my bed.

I am oh-so excited to announce that I will be covering the preview of Vietri’s Spring Warehouse Sale next Thursday. Happy May Day to me! From live blogging to instagrammin’ it up, I will be on-site in action for the fantastic madness that is the Annual Warehouse Sale.

Today is a good day!

For those of you who may be Vietri Spring Warehouse Sale newbies, this thing is the bomb. Held from May 3rd to May 5th at Vietri’s headquarters in Hillsborough, NC, the sale offers MAJORLY discounted Vietri specialties in its fabulous warehouse.

No they don’t serve wine…

To get you super excited for this awesome sale, I’ve pulled some of my favorite Vietri pieces to help you effortlessly entertain your guests this summer, all for under $100.


Summer Entertaining by Vietri

Summer Entertaining by Vietri by annabjones featuring vases


1. This vase is a gorgeous color and height — I’m imagining a big beautiful bunch of white hydrangeas beaming from its rim.

2. Great pitcher for some iced tea, lemonade, or a John Daly.

3. My favorite color on a cute little turtle. Turtle time?

4. Great plates, great price…

5. I realllllly like this bowl, it would be perfect near the bar with some cashews in it. Men congregate around the bar and love snacks.

6. I also reallllly like this dishsalads on salads on salads

7. The is the perfect platter for a delicious summer fish recipe.

Because I just adore all of you and so does Vietri, we are partnering up to give away the below vase from Vietri’s new Alabaster Glass Aquamarine line of dinnerware to a lucky SST reader. Told you today was a good day.

vietri vase

Just do one of the thingys on the giveaway and BOOM! You’re entered to win this vase, all thanks to Vietri. And me of course.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information on the Vietri Spring Warehouse Sale, visit the website here. You know I love a good sale.

Also Tory Burch is having a Friends and Family 25% off sale using the promo code FRIENDLY until Monday. I’m doing some SST picks tomorrow so be on the lookout… #dontgooverboard #rememberyour401k

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Shopbop 25% Off Sale Picks

April 16, 2014

It’s that time of year again — the Shopbop sale! Use code INTHEFAMILY14 and get 25% off almost everything. This thing is DANGEROUS y’all but if know of one or two pieces that you want to add to your closet for the summer, this is the time to get them. Just make sure you don’t give in to impulse purchases. After ordering the dress and hat below, I’m now coveting this maxi and these shorts… and this bag… Oy. Thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet… Get thee behind me Satan!

All of these items are around $150 or less, which means with the extra 25% off, your bill is quite reasonable.

Shopbop Sale Picks
Shopbop Sale Picks by annabjones featuring Shashi


Great pair of studs, Gorjana and only $22.

I love these sandals! Chunky heel = wedge-like comfort and they can go with anything. $109!

This dress is baller people. Mixed textures and even a few sequins and it’s only $98. Reminds me a bit of Twiggyshows some leg without being inappropriate.

They call this a “playsuit” — seems a bit dirty, no? — and it comes in both navy and white. Cute little cut out in the back. $155.

These sandals are such a good price — $65 — and are a perfect color for any outfit. Highly recommend.

Great stackable ring… $27

I love the unexpected rounded shape of these frames… $145

This hat looks very cute on the model above, but I was looking for one with a wider brim than a regular fedora, so I will see how it turns out… Thank goodness for free shipping and free returns. All online everything.

Here’s hoping you have the happiest of Wednesdays and be safe while shopping…