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Shoe Self vs. Budget Self — Sole Society Edition

August 19, 2015

It is no secret that I love shoes. I am in a constant mental battle with myself about shoe purchases as I have plenty and don’t need anymore, however I always want more. My inner thoughts go a little something like this:

Shoe me: You deserve those shoes. You work so hard.

Budget me: You don’t need another pair of damn shoes. You don’t have enough space in your closet for another pair and your credit card bill needs to be paid.

Shoe me: Credit card schmedit card. Buy the shoes. And get some of your cash back, if possible (learn how – in the Dosh app review).

Budget me: How about you take the money you’d spend on the shoes and use it to invest in the stock market? You are supposed to be risky with your investments when you are young.

Shoe me: Exactly. Get risky and buy the shoes. Much better return on investment. Immediate gratification is the best gratification.

Budget me: You are an embarrassment to financially prudent people everywhere. No wonder everyone hates millenials.

Shoe me: STFU and buy the shoes.

Currently, neither side is winning — I suppose you could call it a stalemate. Selfie stalemate. 

Regardless of my inner voices, these booties from Sole Society are super cute and all $100. So if you decide to not invest in the stock market today, you could invest in proper back and arch support and buy these shoes. Ok so I guess Shoe Me is winning now. 






one / two / three

See, pretty good. Worth listening to your shoe self if you have one too. Shut up yes you do have one. 

Fashion and Beauty

Help a Fella Out — Perfect Statement Necklace for $40

May 8, 2014

For the past 90 days, 54% of my readers have been male. Como what? I have no CLUE why men read this nonsensical blog because I know NOTHING about men, but to all my fella readers, thank you for reading and I’m so honored to have you here.

To show my Southern gents some love, I am introducing a new monthly feature of SST titled Help a Fella Out. In this monthly column I will provide my testosterone-ridden homeslices with a budget-friendly suggestion for a gifts to give their estrogen counterparts. It has come to my attention that men need help with gift ideas for all the women in their life — wife, girlfriend, mother, boss, mailwoman — and they don’t want to spend a lot of money on these items. Don’t worry peeps — I got you. Every month I’ll give you some ideas to surprise and delight the layday of your choice.

You can use these suggestions for any occasion — birthdays, holidays, any ol’ days. Make the women in your life feel special — if mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy.

This delectable necklace is the perfect statement piece for a woman’s summer wardrobe — pair it with anything from a white t-shirt to a black cocktail dress — it will get a lot of mileage and compliments. It’s also only $40, which is awesome for a piece of jewelry as beautiful as this. Boom. You are now man of the year.


Sole Society Statement Necklace

Sole Society Statement Necklace by annabjones featuring stone pendants

Buy this for your woman. You will not regret it.

 Happy Thirsty Thursday bitches.

Fashion and Beauty

Give Yourself a Wedgie — Summer Wedges $80 and Under

April 8, 2014

As stated here, I love wearing heels. I stand up straighter, walk more purposefully and in general channel my inner Beyoncé more accurately while wearing heels. My foot arch also allows me to wear them for longer than others, but after awhile, all heels hurt. What’s a girl to do when you want to look like Beyoncé without having to pop a handful of Advil on the reg? Enter — THE WEDGE.

Wedges are fabulous. I prefer the look of a stiletto to the look of a wedge, but wedges are more comfortable and prolong my ability to prance around in them as opposed to high heels. Hence solidifying their fabulous-ness. Below is a cute collection of wedges under $80. Go ahead, get yo prance on peeps.


Warm Weather Wedges
Warm Weather Wedges by annabjones featuring high heel shoes


All of these heels would make fantastic and moderately prudent additions to your closet if you are in the market for a good wedge — shoes, not salad. With all these smart purchases you are making since taking the advice of SST, you’ll be able to increase your monthly 401K contribution. You’re turning into quite the frugal fashionista. Grammy is proud of you.

Also don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a free haircut by my main man — other than Wilson, calm downNoel. Click here to enter and have fabulous hair. You’re welcome.

Fashion and Beauty

Winter, Goodbye. We’re Done Here.

February 21, 2014

Yesterday was one of those fluke gorgeous days that give you a forgotten taste of what spring and summer are like — sweet memories of warm temperatures, bare feet and a cool cocktail. A perfect 71 degrees made for an incredible day and an even sweeter Tar Heel win last night. Go. Freakin. Heels. With the onset of balmy weather just around the corner — or so I hope — I’ve put together a little roundup of spring things I love for under $100 to beat my severe case of seasonal affected disorder. I’m so SAD.


Spring Hurry Up!
Spring Hurry Up! by anna-161 showing what to wear with wool scarves

1. This straw fedora is only $23 from Sole Society and perfect to prevent those wrinkles and cover up your bad hair day.

2. Basic aviator sunglasses that you won’t feel bad about when they get stuffed at the bottom of your beach bag. You know what I’m talking about.

3. Bobbi Brown lipgloss in Uber Pink … C’est parfait.

4. Love these sassy light pink heels, great for your Easter brunch or drinks with your gal pals. $42.

5. The silhouette of this dress is super sexy but offset by the more traditional florals — good combination of both. Don’t wear this to your Easter brunch.

6. This cuff is all sold out, but find a similar one here for $32. I may like the substitute even better.

7. I loveeee these sandals — such a pretty color of leather and very affordable at $41.

8. Perfect lightweight scarf to layer on when your office at work is determined to give you frostbite.

9. Bangles to bang around with. $40 and you receive 25% off when you buy two or more.

Seriously, thank goodness it’s Friday. I’m a much better version of myself on Fridays, much like I’m an incredible version of myself after a bottle of Veuve.

Fashion and Beauty

Holes in Your Shoes Never Made More Sense

February 18, 2014

Typically, having a hole or several holes in your shoes is seen as a bad thing, but Sole Society is here to prove you wrong. Hole-y shoes take on a whole new meaning with the new laser-cut shoe trend that I am really digging. If you are like my dear Wilson and still wear shoes that show your big toe, I just want to be clear that is a bad thing — but the holes below are only a tad short of being holy. -- Bettie Laser Cut Heel

Perforated leather is uber hot right now and I’m ready to pull the trigger on some. This pair is a great height with a stable chunky heel and will transition from spring to summer to early fall without a care in the world. $ -- Keegan Laser Cut Heel

Perfect pump for day and night. A neutral color makes them appropriate for work and the holes give you an edge for night. $70! Oh holy night indeed. -- TISHA Peep Toe Shoetie

I saved the best for last. These are just so good, and only $70. That heel height may be lethal after a few cocktails, but it’s worth the risk in my opinion. It also cracks me up that this is called a “shoetie.” It’s the little things.

As an added bonus for scoring stylish shoes at an affordable price, if you sign up for Sole Society’s promotional emails you receive a promo code for 20% off of your first purchase. Be careful with your email subscriptions — reminder here for why — but 20% off is still 20% off, so you make the call.

wilson in a sombrero

I’m going on a hot date with this boo tonight and am using what is certain to be a terrific evening as my motivation for today. If you need something to brighten your day, I highly suggest reading this article about little kids reading to cats. I die.

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