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Christmas Gift Idea #1 — Driving Moccasins

November 17, 2015

The holidays are almost upon us, and planning ahead for gift giving is key for staying on budget. And for staying in your loved ones’ good graces. 

One shoe that every self-respecting lady (and gentleman) must have is a driving moccasin, and they also turn out to be an easy Christmas gift too. Driving moccasins are one of life’s greatest inventions as they are the equivalent of pajama jeans in terms of comfort except kosher to wear in public and — bonus! — fashionable. Pajama jeans obviously do not fit into either of the latter categories. While primarily more casual, driving mocs are not just for driving — these shoes fit right in at home, work, or out on the town. Chameleons for your feet. 

But don’t buy just any driving moccasins for your loved one… why not design them yourself? Pick the color of the suede, stitching, and tread through M. Gemi, a fantastic Italian shoemaker. They are a tad pricey — $198 — but I think this would make a great Christmas gift.


Custom Moccasin - M.Gemi


M. Gemi has a great selection of shoes — love these, these and these — so go on and poke around. They make good quality items that transcend seasons and trends, which is always a good thing.

And for the man in your life, Wilson loves these driving shoes. On sale! Great color leather and very comfortable per ol’ Wilson.

More gift ideas coming soon. I’m now trotting off to find a mimosa to pour in my coffee mug. Wish me luck. 

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Friday Shoe Fetish

May 1, 2015

Ah Friday, there you are. I’ve been wondering where you were all week. Good to see you.

A few nights ago I was doing some innocent online shopping. The reason it was innocent was because I added things to my virtual shopping cart with no real intention of actually buying anything. I was satiating my shopping fix without spending money. Am I the only one who does this? Anywho, I was benignly perusing Zara when I happened upon the most beautiful pair of shoes. For $100. Eeeeeee. 

Wilson was sitting beside me and our conversation went like this:


Wilson: What! What? What happened?


Wilson: Anna! What!

[silence] [intense laptop starring]

Wilson: Would you STOP looking at your laptop and answer me? You can’t just scream holy shit and then not answer.


Wilson: ANNNNNA!

Me: Oh. Sorry. These shoes!

[Wilson leaves the room to get another drink.]

Wilson brought it to my attention that I do this all the time. I will exclaim about something, and then won’t say another word. It’s kind of like the boy who cried wolf, but only cried wolf once, really loudly and alarmingly. Similarly, I also like to refer to things as the thingy-ma-jig and whatchacallit, and refer to people as whatshisface and whatshisbutt. I realized I actually am guilty of these annoying things when, in a meeting at work, I referred to someone whose name was escaping me as “whatshisbutt.” I’m a work in progress. Always. 

As usual, poor Wilson.


Zara Shoes for $100




The last thing I need is another pair of nude shoes — I think I’m approaching double digits — but these are just too good. And that price? Come on. They practically hopped in my online shopping cart themselves. In the event that you are looking for a fantastic pair of nude heels that will add just enough spice to your outfit without being obnoxious, these heels are the answer to your shoe prayers. Am I the only one who does this?

Fine, the cheese stands alone. Next to my wine. 


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New Running Shoes or Impending Disaster?

February 6, 2015

Oy vey.

I am in dire need of a new pair of a running shoes. I have had the same pair for seven years, which is either a testament to my cheapness or my neglect for exercise, I can’t decide. Probably both. 

Anywho, while I am normally stoked about the prospect of actually needing new shoes — because I never actually need them, just want them, very large difference in the plastic fork budget world — I was less than excited about picking out new running shoes. And that is probably the reason I haven’t bought new ones for seven years — because I don’t care enough to pick them out. So I enlisted Wilson to help in this matter.

I’ve forced Wilson into Wilson’s recently taken up running as a form of exercise and knows a good bit about these things called running shoes and therefore he got to work. I sent him an email earlier this week asking him to pick me out some options, and not even 10 minutes later he responded with a myriad of choices.

After I was through four of his options, I was in stitches I was laughing so hard. Here’s some of his selections:

Nike Wild Trail

Interesting color.

ASICS GEL-Excite 2

Interesting color combination. Pink and purple, that’s really something.
ASICS Gel-Cumulus 16

He does know that I like all black.
Nike Dual Fusion Run 3

It gets worse. Just wait.

ASICS GEL-Nimbus® 16 Lite-Show

Nike Free TR Connect 2 Hyper Cobalt/Antarctica/Metallic Silver/Volt - Free Shipping BOTH Ways

NO HE DIDN’T. Oh yes, yes he did. 
ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri™ 9 Flash Yellow/Turquoise/Berry - Free Shipping BOTH Ways


ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 9

Someone please make it stop. My eyes are burning.
After reviewing Wilson’s shoe picks for me, I was reminded of this cartoon:
Cookie Monster
Despite Wilson’s flagrant disregard for my fashion preferences, he did end up choosing the pair of shoes that I purchased.
Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 Blue Graphite/Hot Lave/Flash Lime - Free Shipping BOTH Ways

The shoes are more saturated in person than they appear above — the gray is darker, the neon yellow and orangey pink are shockingly bright — but I totally dig them. I also look like a legit runner in them too. I’m a great pretender and love to dress the part. Even better, I didn’t completely break the bank — at $80, they are good quality shoes and not overly expensive. So all in all, even though I cannot trust Wilson to pick out any clothes whatsoever for me (insert shudder here), I can trust him to come through in the end. We all have our strengths.

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Save or Splurge: Stuart Weitzman Sandals

January 28, 2015

I have been eyeing these Stuart Weitzman sandals for quite some time now. They are the perfect high-heel sandal for all year round (unless it’s freezing outside like right now) but in Savannah we have random moments of balmy weather so these shoes would be ideal anytime. See how easily I can justify things to myself?

The trouble is the price — almost $400. Ouch. Most likely not a good way to allocate my hard-earned money. I want them so badly though. But if I plan on retiring before I’m 75, I’d better kick this expensive shoe fetish because I’m on the fast track to spending absurdity.

Enter: the cheaper Steve Madden shoes. I mean really, they look almost exactly the same.


Splurge or Save -- Stuart Weitzman



splurge / save

At $98, the “save version” are still not cheap by any standards, but they are much more reasonably priced than the ones by good ol’ Stuart. Stu, I’m sorry. I’m on a budget. 

For shoes like this that I will most likely wear when I’ve been drinking and therefore will become increasingly more wobbly in my high heels, I think the cheaper version will do just fine in case a wobble becomes a tumble. Stu wouldn’t approve of tumbling in his shoes. 


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I want these shoes.

October 17, 2014

Happy Friday! Woot thank goodness it’s Friday. This week has been high energy, high stress, but high fun, too. But now I need a drink. Mimosa please, sir. Actually just bring the bottle.

Y’all, I’m in love these shoes. And tomorrow is my birthday, and I’m afraid I may get a little brazen and order them. Wilson, be honest, how upset would you be if I did that?

These shoes are silver spoon taste and silver spoon budget. But it’s Friday and it’s almost my birthday and… I’ve worked really hard? What other excuse can I come up with?


Louffler Randall Shoes


Piperlime was having a fabulous sale earlier this week and I should have bought them then, but I didn’t want to spend that kind of money. I still don’t want to but I’m thinking about it… they would go so perfectly with the outfit I’m wearing today… Eek. Me likey. 

Hope y’all have a great weekend! Talk to you Monday. Maybe Tuesday, depends on how hungover I am Sunday… 

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Tory and I Are Tight: Friends & Family Sale

April 26, 2014

True story: I have a mean girl-crush on Tory Burch. I’m secretly obsessed with her. Not only is she badass businesswoman — reportedly worth over a cool BILLION — she’s a unrelenting philanthropist and supporter of women entrepreneurs. She’s also really pretty. I want her hairdo.

Tory truly has the golden touch — everything she does is enormously successful, and I’m sure I stand to learn many lessons from ol’ TB.

However… I must say, I’ve gotten quite tired of the non-stop Tory Burch logo on every piece of every THING EVERYWHERE. She clearly is a brilliant marketer because people PAY to wear her logo, but TB needs to tone it down a touch so that damn logo will stop haunting my dreams and my Instagram feed.

Below is a beautiful selection of Tory stuff that does NOT have the logo plastered all over every surface. Tory Burch shoes are quite beautiful without the logo, as demonstrated below.


Tory Burch Friends and Family Sale
Tory Burch Friends and Family Sale by annabjones featuring snake sandals


All of these shoes would be great for any occasion — whether dressed up or down, each pair would be a great investment piece for your closet to ramp up your summer look. Without paying a fortune, either.

Don’t forget to enter my Vietri giveaway here for a chance to win a fabulous vase furnished by my buds at Vietri. Even more importantly, don’t forget to stop by Vietri’s Spring Warehouse Sale next weekend! So many sales, so many ways to save.

I’m writing this post on my back porch in an effort to get some vitamin D and hopefully sweat out some of the toxicity I put into my body last night via five martinis. Ok really it was two but five sounds more dramatic. If anyone is bored or hungover like me, please stop by for some hair of the dog in the form of mimosas.

Ciao for now.

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On Trend and Won’t Hurt Your Feet? Yes Please.

February 4, 2014

My mother is going to be so thrilled when she reads this post. Guess what is making an appearance as a trend for this spring? Mid-high heels. My mother is closing her eyes, raising her hands to the sky and shouting THANK THE LAWD! right now. She hates anything over a kitten heel. Don’t get too excited Ma — they still have to be around 2 to 2 1/2 inches to be in.

Here’s a great selection of mid-height heels that won’t kill your feet and are all under $100. Pain-free and guilt-free. 

Kiss Sky-High Heels Goodbye - For Now!
Kiss Sky-High Heels Goodbye – For Now! by anna-161 featuring aldo shoes


These heels are great for all occasions — from dressing up a pair of boyfriend jeans to accenting a cocktail dress at a wedding, these heels will guarantee an on-trend look without the OMG-I-EFFING-HATE-THESE-SHOES feeling at the end of the night. High fives for our low heels.

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Gettin’ Strappy — Ankle-Strap Heels for Under $100

December 12, 2013

I’m beginning to realize I write about my friends a lot. I think it’s normal because I really like them.

Anyways, my friend Helen asked me a few weeks ago if I had any recommendations for where to find a pair of black pointy-toed ankle-strap heels. That was a mouthful. I told her to peruse Sole Society for some good options — they were having a sale — but she didn’t have any luck. She found this picture on Pinterest and wants to recreate it for a holiday party she is attending this weekend. She already purchased the leggings which are really terrific. So festive.

Pinterest pic

She looks like she’s about to say something. Perhaps it’s, “I think I left my curling on,” or “Another martini will do the trick.”

This is quite a lovely selection of shoes… Ankle Strap Heels Collection

 1. Jessica Simpson Weelee 2. Jessica Simpson Cayna – Black Suede 3. Liliana Olga – Ankle Strap Clear Pumps 4. ASOS Photoshoot Pointed High Heels 5. Zara Metallic Ballerina with Ankle Strap 6. Zara Leather High Heel Court Shoe with Ankle Strap 7. Topshop Rhodium Metal Trim Heels 8. Forever New Hayley Point Heel 9. Zara Shiny Leather High Heel Pointed Shoes

Helen only needs one pair, but in the event that anyone else is in the market for these shoes, I thought I’d throw a few more options in the mix. The #1 option are these Jessica Simpson heels on Piperlime. I’m also thrilled to report Piperlime is having 30% off everything with promo code GIFTS through today, so Helen you are really getting a great deal on these heels. Love that.

I also love the #3 option which are only $34! Love that too.

Helen I hope you have a fantastic time at your holiday party this weekend. And take the model’s advice — turn off your curling iron and get another ‘tini. Done and done.

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An Ode to My Wedding Shoes

November 26, 2013

I love shoes and I always have. When I was little I would squat down to examine my Aunt Val’s shoes — she always had the most fashionable ones — to get a better look at what I should be wearing as a four-year-old.

Because I never buy expensive designer shoes, I gave myself a “pass” so to speak during my engagement to buy new shoes for my wedding that I ordinarily would never purchase. Even though I spent more on this collection of shoes than normal, I still managed to get good deals on almost every pair for all of the festivities.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

 These Jimmy Choos were the shoes — or should I say Choos — that I wore to my wedding. I got them on — drum roll please — Ebay. Originally over $600, I got them for $250. Again, I normally do NOT spend even that much for shoes, but these were so fun and sparkly — exactly how you want to be described at your own wedding — so I went for it. Ebay has lots of highly rated sellers — I never purchase from anyone with less than a 100% satisfaction rating — with a great selection of designer shoes like Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins, so if you are in the market, I’d check there after you try them on at a department store.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

The wedge made the shoes much more comfortable and easy to dance in. I love them. They remind me of Dorothy shoes.

Valentino Bow Pumps

I wore this pair to my rehearsal dinner and the “after party” too. These fantastic Valentino pumps will be with me for forever and are so lady-like. I should have integrated them into my vows.

Valentino Bow Pumps

Tory Burch Sandals

I bought these Tory Burch heels at a major sale Tory was having — we are on first name terms — after July 4th. The middle of July and after-Christmas are prime retail sale times, so if you want something really expensive for the holidays, I’d request an IOU and then buy the item on sale after Christmas to save some serious money. I scored this pair for $120, originally about $300.

Tory Burch Sandals

Great height and color.

French Connection Ankle-Strap Sandals

I purchased this pair of French Connection ankle-strap sandals from Zappos for about $90 for my bachelorette party in Vegas. We had so much fun… They are super comfortable and a great buy.

The best part about all of these shoes is that I have worn them several times since my wedding, making them well worth the money spent. See my note here about investment pieces.

The wedding was such a special weekend and I’m so lucky to have married my best friend. While I am glad that all of the attention and hooplah is behind me — weddings are absolute circuses — I am having a bit of a moment reminiscing on these fantastic shoes. Tear.

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Ebay Bootie Update Part Deux

November 23, 2013

I still have not found any Harrow booties on Ebay in the camel color in my size. Boo. However, I really am liking the black and gray tones as well.

Cutie booties. These are also a good two-tone option.

However, my love for these shoes aside, I’m not sure now is a good time with the holidays coming up to spend $300+ on a pair of booties for myself. Seems a tad excessive and indulgent. But I still want them.

This pair from Sole Society is a great substitute at $89 for the Harrow ones, but my only hesitation is the comfort level. Cheaper shoes usually have a cheaper level of comfort, and I’ve had a string of bad luck lately with inexpensive shoes killing my feet. I bought a great pair of $35 pointy-toed ankle-strap heels — they really are so cute — but they feel like $35 shoes. I wore them to an engagement party recently and had to hobble home afterward. Not ideal.

I’ve also had these in my cart on Gilt Groupe for some time. They don’t look like the R&Bs but are a great color and $85.

Between the ongoing bootie contemplation and deciding what time I’m going to pour myself a mimosa, this is shaping up to be quite a stressful Saturday. Decisions decisions.

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