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Shopbop 25% Off Sale

April 5, 2016

Hi! Despite the heartbreaking loss of our beloved Tar Heels, Wilson and I are surviving. I’m surviving because I’m eating some particularly delicious oatmeal, Wilson is surviving by most likely having a nip or two before lunch. 

But do not despair fellow Tar Heel fans — Shopbop’s annual Friends and Family sale is here! 25% off almost everything with the promo code INTHEFAM. Here are some other affordable fitted wardrobes in London.

Here’s some of my favorite things:


Shopbop Sale

 one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

There’s some really great stuff in this sale so poke around on your lunch break. You could find just what you need to brighten your spirits and your wardrobe.

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Rent the Runway Sale

January 12, 2016

Rent the Runway is having a clearance sale of some its top items. Happy Tuesday to me! For those of you not familiar, Rent the Runway is a website that you can rent designer dresses, clothing and accessories from for a fraction of the retail price — it’s a great business idea and answers the awful question “What on earth do I wear?” in a cinch. But be forewarned — these accessories and clothing have all been used, so although the description says the items are “like new condition,” they are also final sale. “Like new condition” is a wide category in my opinion. 

The designer gowns are sight to see certainly, but I think the real standouts of this sale are the accessories. Check out some of my favorite picks below.


Rent the Runway Sale


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine

Beautiful stuff right? I also love this tote bag, which I have been eyeing for some time. And those Loeffler Randall bags above are just so beautiful. Wilson, I may have done something bad. Please don’t be upset.

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Save & Splurge: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 17, 2015

Happy freakin’ Friday! Hallejuah. We made it. Congrats.

Today is the first day of the fantastic Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom, and I’ve been waiting for this sale to purchase some new boots for the fall. Boots are a very tricky thing to buy — I really do wear all of my boots all of the time so I don’t mind spending a little bit more money on them, but these “save” options are nearly identical to the more expensive ones. Regardless, they are all on mega-sale and would be great purchases.



Save & Splurge: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
booties save / booties splurge / boots save / boots splurge


Buying boots in the off-season (and on sale) is a good way to save some monies. If you need new boots, now is the time to buy them. Planning is key. 
Have a fabulous weekend in your new boots.
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Tory Wins: C. Wonder Closes and SST Picks

January 7, 2015

Hell yea! My girl Tory won the competition with her ex-husband Chris Burch for who can sell expensive clothes/shoes better. C. Wonder is officially closing its doors, citing the inability to find a niche in an overly saturated retail market as the reason for its shuttering. Or the fact that Chris copied his ex-wife’s brand and karma is a real bitch. 

And because it is closing, C. Wonder is hosting a bomb sale of 50% off all items. In a toast to Tory in all her glory, I’ve picked a few of my faves that are really good prices. Tory, I’m pouring one out for you tonight. 


C. Wonder 50% Off Sale



bag / soaps / sweater / cheese board set / necklace / earrings / jeans / napkins


No wonder C. is going out of business. This is the strangest conglomeration of overpriced stuff I’ve ever seen.

Happy Wine Wednesday! Boy am I thirsty.

Home Living

Another Fantastic Day by Vietri In the Books

October 24, 2014

Well, well, well. Mom and I had the most fabulous day yesterday at the preview of the Vietri Fall Warehouse Sale. From the amazing prices to the incredible selection of items to the endless commentary provided by my mother, the day was an enormous success. I scored major steals and bought wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, hostess gifts, and even a gift for myself. Shocked, I’m sure. 

You know how on Christmas morning the parents are often times just as excited as the kids because they know the kids will get so excited once they open all of their gifts? That’s how I was. I couldn’t wait for my mom to see all of the fantastic things that Vietri had to offer at the Warehouse Sale. And you know how kids get super excited when they see all of their gifts on Christmas morning? That’s how my mom was.

“Oh my GOODNESS!” she exclaimed with delight as we walked into the first ginormous warehouse space. “There is so much stuff!”

“Just wait,” I replied. “There’s two other rooms just like this.”

And so it went — we skipped around the warehouse and grinned at the amazing pieces and shrieked every time we found something new and incredible.

A few times we got separated from each other, but I always found Mom because I’d hear a shrill “ANNA!” to which I responded, “MOM!” Any other time yelling at each other like this would mean we were mad at each other — probably because Mom told me to stop cussing on the blog again — but this time it meant GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE NOW AND LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE!

It was so awesome and fun. I love my mom. 

garden pots

full view 2



 I’d eat biscotti out of one of these.

full view


 Love these turquoise pieces.

full view 2

mom shopping

“Anna stop taking pictures of me.”

shopping cart

The view from my shopping cart.

photo 4

 I love these pieces as an extra set to enhance simple white bone china. I’m thinking Easter brunch, the leaf salad plates stacked on white dinner plates with the orange table napkins below… I die. Wilson stop rolling your eyes. 

photo 3

 I bought the orange napkins above at the last sale and love them.


 My favorite color. These are awesome garden pots to use indoors or outdoors. I’m not sure I could part with them to let them live outside though. I’d worry about them catching a cold in the winter. Or, heaven forbid, getting dirty.



 More aqua. This is Vietri’s uber-popular Lastra collection, all majorly discounted and in a gorgeous light light aqua. Really beautiful, heavy pieces.


 Iconic Vietri pieces. Mom asked five times, “OK Anna, are you sure I don’t need one of these plates? Like what about in the kitchen?” She already has five plates hanging on the kitchen walls. 



 More Lastra, white this time. “Mom, don’t I need this bowl for when I make soup?” 

“Anna, you don’t know how to make soup.”

I was wearing white pants because it was Wilson’s birthday. Jk. 



 “Love that cake plate. Do I need one of those?” 

She already has two cake stands.


 Look at the little feet!



 I loved this new part of the #warehousesale. They had great gifts organized by price, starting at Under $20. You know I love a good Under $x feature. 


 Mom: “Anna I think I need one of these plates.”


Another great part of the sale was the vast selection of Christmas pieces. Look at these cute Christmas sets!


‘Sup Santa.


mom with ornament

“Anna seriously stop taking pictures of me.”

“You can’t post these pictures of me on the blog.”

lollipop ornament


 Why yes, I do need Santa to hold my cocktail, thank you Vietri.


 “Anna don’t get my face in the picture.”




Seriously how cute is she?

The #warehousesale also included a ton of high quality furniture pieces. We got lotssss of good stuff from this side of the sale too.


I convinced Mom she had to buy this. Mom, how much did you want me to say it cost in front of Dad? Oh yea, it cost $25. Almost.


So this stool really was $25. We got two. It will be perfect to recover. Can you believe this thing was only $25??

See her face? Kid on Christmas morning, right?


I thought these were such interesting lamps. If my apartment were 20 times larger and had a black and white theme, I would have taken them home with me.

All in all, it was an amazing day. Mom and I loved spending time with each other and making tons of great purchases for our friends, family, and selves… Hehe. 

Make sure to Instagram and tweet me pictures of your finds using the hashtag #warehousesale and tag me @silverspoontaste (@silverspoontste for Tweeeeeeter) and @vietriinc (@vietri for tweeeeeeeeeeeeter) so we can social media chat about all of this great stuff.

Remember: the Fall #warehousesale from Vietri is from Saturday, October 25 to Monday, October 27 from 8AM to 4PM each day. Don’t miss it!


*Post was sponsored by Vietri. All thoughts, comments and opinions are my own, of course.



Fashion and Beauty

Great Sale Alert! Shopbop $100 or Less

September 30, 2014

Hiya! How was your weekend? I have almost recovered from mine. Almost. 

I had a different post planned for today, but was happy to be interrupted by Shopbop‘s major sale going on right now. Below are some great options to add to your closet for this transition time and fall, too. But remember — don’t go overboard. Only buy what you need, only spend what you have, and never forget to abide by happy hour. Rules to live by. 


Shopbop Sale Selections
long-sleeved black top / striped sleeveless dress / skinny jeans / blue skirt / grey maxi dress
mesh sweater / light dye cropped jeans / grey sweater / leather shorts / ivory sleeveless top
We will resume our regularly scheduled programming again tomorrow. Toodles.
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Good Quality, Inexpensive Rugs

July 29, 2014

My friend Molly reached out to me the other day to get some SST suggestions on inexpensive rugs. Smart girl. Molly and her husband are currently doing a major renovation on their house, thereby increasing their home equity, stress levels and drinking habits. I’m just guessing about the last two from my previous #reno experience. And of course, once you renovate your house, you have to renovate your furniture, too. The old stuff in a new house just suddenly looks… sad. 

As per Molly, she wants some rugs that aren’t crazy expensive because she’s about to spend a small fortune on them as their house is all hardwoods. I feel bad for you, really I do. Here’s the thing about rugs — they are all expensive. Even the cheaper ones aren’t still that good of a deal — it’s most upsetting. But I’ve found a few good ones — some of which I actually own and love — that are good quality and will last through the wear and tear of shoes, feet and paws. Molly has the cutest dog, Sadie. 


Handwoven Casual Sisal Natural Seagrass Rug

 This rug from Overstock was a great purchase I made for our dining room at our old house. It now covers the floor in our apartment’s living room. Great sturdy rug that doesn’t show dirt. On sale today for $199 for an 8×10.

Handmade Geometric Flat Weave Gray Wool Rug

Another great rug from Overstock that I bought for our master bedroom. The colors are really muted so the print isn’t too much and it’s pretty soft on the feet too. $441.

 Cow rug

Teehee I had to throw the cow in. I love the look of a rawhide rug layered over a sisal one like the first one listed above. Very farm chic. 

Handwoven Natural Fiber Jute Rug

 Another Overstock special. Great 5×8 jute rug for $81. The only thing about jute rugs (and sisal for that matter) is that dogs love to pee on them because they are technically grass. So Molly, if Sadie has an issue with mistaking rugs for grass — Wilson has trouble with it too — I’d stay away from them.

Blue and White Flatweave Rug

 This rug from One Kings Lane would be a great runner for a hallway. $145 for a runner.

Brinley Flat Weave Rug
 LOVE. Another One Kings Lane find. $379.

 Great Ikea rug for cheaaaaap. $99 for 5×8.

So whatcha think? Are you ready to trade in your crummy old rugs for one of these?

Also don’t forget to enter the SST Beautycounter giveaway — click here to enter to win a free Every Day AM Face Lotion — it’s like butter, seriously, feels so goooood — and if you’d like to order some Beautycounter things from Jennifer, click here, the link in the original post is wrong. Everyone has their moments… #oy come on anna…

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Summer Dresses on Sale

July 9, 2014

Yo! Wanted to draw your attention to these two great summer dresses. Wilson, I wanted to let you know to be expecting these. I’m not one for surprises. 

Both of these dresses are great for a quick + chic summer outfit — one that says I’m fashionably inclined, not too overdone and contentious of pit stains. Sorrrrryyy.

Just be careful because these beauties are both final sale, so if you aren’t 100% sure about your size, I’d probably pass and find something that isn’t final sale. Just sayin’.


 SST Quick Hits -- Summer Sales

sleeveless dress / snakeskin print dress

Also, thank you for all the nice compliments I received on the Savannah nest! Y’all are nice people and I like you very much.

Fashion and Beauty

Kate Spade Sale and an Easy Summer Outfit

June 25, 2014

I’ve told y’all about my sister before, but I don’t think I’ve ever really given you the full story. As my older sister by nearly seven years, she has bossed me around her entire life and thinks of herself as my second mother. The #banbossy does not apply here. Ever the life of the party, Laurie is wide-open almost all of the time, and what you see is what you get with this one. She truly is one-of-a-kind. Thank goodness, I don’t think the world could handle two Lauries. 

The funny part about Laurie is, even though she still laughs at her own jokes and gets overserved with the best of them, she now has two baby girls of her own. In addition to me, of course. Her days of spending hours getting ready and late night partying are exchanged for dirty diapers and watching Frozen on repeat. And the only late nighters she pulls now are when the baby wakes up — and she wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d like to think I taught her how to be such a great mother — if you’ve been reading awhile you know I require a lot of attention. 

But just because she’s a mommy instead of a partier doesn’t mean she can’t still look amaze, she just has to be able to primp in about five seconds. So, with that in mind, I’ve pulled together a great summer outfit that Laurie — and any young mom — can throw on in a hot second. And the whole outfit is on sale AND extra 25% off with the code MORESALE. Win-nah win-nah chicken din-nah.


Easy Breezy Beautiful Sister

Yellow handbag / Tan sandals / Blue and white dress / Gold earrings / Gold key bracelet / Turquoise bangle

I know one day when my nieces grow up and we regale them with stories of Laurie’s glory days, they’ll look back  and say, My mom was the shit. Especially in this outfit.

In addition to the Kate Spade sale, Shopbop is having extra 25% off all sale items with the code 25MORE and J. Crew is having 30% off everything using the code HISUMMER. The sale stars are in alignment this week, just in time for my first paycheck to be deposited. 

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SST Picks for the Saks Sale

May 22, 2014

Hiya! Y’all Saks is having a bomb-ass sale and I’ve pulled together a few quick picks for you to peruse because this stuff is just too good. Don’t miss out!

Saks Sale -- Angelica Crossover Cutout Dress


If I hadn’t just bought this new cocktail dress from the Shopbop sale, I’d be hopping on this hot cutout number as my go-to dress for this year’s wedding season. Wilson and I have 12 weddings this year. We don’t play. $149, originally $248.

Saks Sale -- Heartloom Lace-Paneled Dress

This one is an amazing deal at $67! Great purchase and good for all body types — accentuate those curves.

Saks Sale -- Halston Heritage Cotton Silk Strapless dress

This is a stunning dress by Halston Heritage, one of my favorite designers. A little pricey still at $255, but it was originally $425. I love the color and the subtle high-low hem of the dress.

Saks Sale -- Milly Mesh Printed Dress

Another great wedding attendee dress. $173, originally $385!

Saks Sale -- Lemon BCBG Long Dress

I love this lemon-colored dress. Pair with a spray tan. Originally $298, now for only $134!

Now is the time to stock up on a great summer piece… Spend your munz wisely!