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The Mexican Wardrobe

March 31, 2015

My euphoric Mexi-coma from last week has come and gone and it’s back to real life. Real life is good, but vacation life is good too. Just sayin’. 

Below are some cell phone pictures from our incredible trip that include links to my resort wear picks. None of the clothes were really #plasticforkbudget, but what the hell. You only go to Messy Toe with your husband when you are 27 once. 

I need a piña colada now…

anna at plunge pool

hat / bikini / sunglasses

wilson selfie

 favorite swim bottoms

wilson and me black dress2

dress in print / earrings / sandals (can’t see them but they are worth clicking the link)

wilsons lap
white jumper

romper / shoes last season but similar here

bathing suit and pants

bikini top / bikini bottom / similar sunglasses / pants are last season but similar ones here / flip flops

 Also a mega shout-out to my #1 on his 9th 21st birthday. Wilson I love you and hope you have a wonderful day!

Fashion and Beauty

Mexico Resort Style: Swimwear

February 18, 2015

Bathing suit shopping is a well-known cause for anxiety and frustration among women, present company included. In fact, it freaking sucks actually. I’m not normally one to be overly critical of my body, but when I shop for bikinis, the voices in my head are straight up evil.

Shouldn’t have eaten those cookies last night, they say.

Your metabolism isn’t what it used to be, they say.

Maybe you should cut back on your red wine, they say.

And that’s where I draw the line. Cut back on my red wine intake? What, are you trying to kill me, me?

Anywho, I find it much safer and easier on my self esteem if I order a bunch of bikinis and try them on at home. Not only can I control my own lighting — and that is to say I can turn the lights in the room off — but a bottle glass of wine is just steps away. When in doubt, wine makes it better.

Here are some of the bathing suits I’m considering for my romantic Mexican getaway.


Mexico Trip Beach Picks


blue wrap bikini / green bikini / coral halter bikini / black and white wrap bikini / white cover up /
neon bottoms / neon top / crochet bikini / underwire bikini top


These bathing suits range in price (one is super expensive, oops) but what is so interesting about bathing suits now is the wide variety of types available. Gone are the times where the options for bathing suits came in three sizes, three colors and three different styles. Now, you can choose from just about any bathing suit contraption imaginable (see that blue bikini above) to make all of your bathing suit nightmares dreams come true.

A thought on buying bathing suits: My swimwear strategy is to find a good pair of bottoms in a neutral color like white or black, and then just switch out the tops. Finding swim bottoms that actually cover my bottom is a bit of a feat, so once I find a good pair, I stick with them. If you have more difficulty finding a good top, find one that you love and then just switch out the bottoms for multiple looks. Dressing for your body shape is key, especially when you are in a bathing suit. The true definition of letting it all hang out.

By the way, all the J.Crew bikinis above are 20% off today with the promo code SHOPPINGTIME.

T-minus one month and one day until Wilson and I are on a plane to get some much needed sunshine and daiquiris.