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September 9, 2014

I’m currently chugging my grande soy latte, jamming to whatever Spotify is serving up on this early morn in the effort to get down my excited words onto this blog page. My heart is bursting with joy. No I’m not pregnant. What the hell are you thinking?

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about these fabulous Ecru pants that I found at a random boutique? Yes, the ones that I’ve worn twice once a week since I got them. Yes, the ones that are fantastically durable, non-wrinkly, slimming, and yet totally comfortable. Yes, those.

Well you can imagine my immense happiness when one of Ecru’s fab marketing gals Ilana reached out to me to see if I’d like to review some more of their products. Um, YES I would Ilana. I’d also like to refurbish my entire wardrobe with the fabric y’all use to make your pants, but we’ll get to that later.

Ilana suggested I try the Santana panteach of their pants is named after a famous musician, but I’m wondering where the Elton pant is? Have we talked about my Elton obsession yet? Another day, another day… – and obviously since she is the expert I went with her suggestion.

Holy mackerel.

Ecru Pants Giveaway!


I slipped the Santana pants on and it was like I transformed into Sandy from the last scene of Grease, but they aren’t skin tight like hers were — they just made me feel totally on point and hawt. I may have even done a little box step to test them out. I wore them to work last week with a black peplum top – I really did want to channel my inner Sandy that day with the black-on-black ensemble – and I felt fantastic. Tell me about it, stud.

Before I get all You’re the One That I Want  on you, let’s chat about the fit of the pants for a second. Last time I said that you should go up a size to make sure they aren’t too tight for work purposes. I was wrong. See Wilson, I can admit when I’m wrong. Don’t go up a size. If you are buying them for work, buy your true size. If you are buying them for personal wear, you could even go down a size. The fabric is stretchy and will gradually loosen, much like jeans do. I haven’t put my pants in the dryer yet because putting them in the washing machine will get them back to their original size, but I may put them in the dryer moving forward if they are still a little looser than I’d like. No one wants mom-jeans-butt. No one.

And because everyone deserves to have some Ecru pants, Ecru is giving away a free pair of pants to one lucky SST reader. All you have to do is do one of the little thingys below — yes please notice that SST now has a Facebook page, we’re legit — and you will have a chance to win! And, if you win, you can pick out any pair you want — take a look here at Ecru’s awesome pant selection. The more thingys you do, the greater your chances are to win. #probability

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, what are you waiting for? Get to entering so you can channel your inner Sandy. You’re the one that I want… oo oo oo

**This post was sponsored by Ecru, but the only reason they contacted me is because I covered their pants first. Haha. All thoughts, opinions and writing is, of course, my own. I will never post about a product I do not believe in. Lying is for losers.

*** More good product reviews you can find at 10 bestie.

Fashion and Beauty

Some Really Awesome Pants

July 17, 2014

Happy Thursday everyone! I am ready for the weekend. And by the weekend I really mean ready for a drink.

I bought some amazing pants two weeks ago and have worn them three (ok five) times since and thought I’d share the love.

DISCLAIMER: These are expensive, but I got them for 50% off… Anyway, they are worth sharing regardless.

Ecru White Pants

ecru Springfield Pant

These things are so great. Made of a thick, stretchy fabric that is very wrinkle-resistant, these pants made by random designer Ecru are fantastic and I am so happy I bought them. Even though they are originally $165 — I got them for less, but still.. pricey for sure. Sorry. If you are looking for some great pants that are perfect for work — I suggest going up a size for work to make sure they aren’t too tight — and for play, these are for you. I am going to get them in other colors for the fall I think — black is a must and I love the beautiful camel color, would be great with boots and a navy blazer. Very Kate Middleton. 

Don’t forget to enter the SST Swaponz giveaway — it ends tomorrow! If you win you get five complimentary Swaponz smartphone case designs picked by yours truly. Don’t you like my use of complimentary instead of FREE! ?

I am ready for a mimosa. Who’s with me??