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Save & Splurge: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 17, 2015

Happy freakin’ Friday! Hallejuah. We made it. Congrats.

Today is the first day of the fantastic Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom, and I’ve been waiting for this sale to purchase some new boots for the fall. Boots are a very tricky thing to buy — I really do wear all of my boots all of the time so I don’t mind spending a little bit more money on them, but these “save” options are nearly identical to the more expensive ones. Regardless, they are all on mega-sale and would be great purchases.



Save & Splurge: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
booties save / booties splurge / boots save / boots splurge


Buying boots in the off-season (and on sale) is a good way to save some monies. If you need new boots, now is the time to buy them. Planning is key. 
Have a fabulous weekend in your new boots.
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Investment Piece of the Month: Mario Badescu

July 1, 2015

It’s been quite some time since I’ve given you the scoop on what I invest in. My bad.

Besides my 401k, I do tend to splurge on invest in facial cream. No, I do not absolutely need expensive facial cream but I do love it. And my face loves it back. I take some things at face value. I pun.

Facial creams are a dime a dozen these days, and it is quite difficult to break through the clutter to find the one that works for you. So I’d recommend trying a couple. I’ve tried plenty in my ripe young age, and usually switch what I’m using every six months or so — not necessarily because the current cream doesn’t work, but because I want to try something new. Variety is the spice of life?

The only facial cream I’ve used for more than six consecutive months is Mario Badescu. I was first introduced to my dear friend Mario from this guest post on The SoGood, but I was appalled at the price and therefore did not give him another thought. But then a few months later Mario Badescu was featured on Gilt Groupe, and so I decided to try it. I started with the daily Collagen Moisturizer, the Herbal Hydrating Serum, and the Caviar Night Cream. Now keep in mind the prices on Gilt were almost 50% off so I didn’t spend as much moolah as I would have full price, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. This stuff is the


Mario Badescu Skin Care


one / two / three / four / five


During the winter when my face is particularly desert-like, I’ll wash my face and apply the Caviar Night cream and then the Serum on top of it, which my face just drinks up. You could say this is happy hour for my face. 


After I fell in love with the daily moisterizer, serum, and night cream, I then sprung for the full Anti-Aging Kit and Almond & Honey Face Scrub, and I love both too. The Anti-Aging kit is a pretty good deal — it includes a cleanser, toner, smaller moisturizer, collagen mask (which I put on once a week, much to Wilson’s chagrin) and some cooling eye cream for $30. Not terrible. 


 So if you are in the market for a new facial skincare regimen, Mario Badescu is my go-to, and could be yours too. Your face deserves a happy hour. 

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Save or Splurge: Stuart Weitzman Sandals

January 28, 2015

I have been eyeing these Stuart Weitzman sandals for quite some time now. They are the perfect high-heel sandal for all year round (unless it’s freezing outside like right now) but in Savannah we have random moments of balmy weather so these shoes would be ideal anytime. See how easily I can justify things to myself?

The trouble is the price — almost $400. Ouch. Most likely not a good way to allocate my hard-earned money. I want them so badly though. But if I plan on retiring before I’m 75, I’d better kick this expensive shoe fetish because I’m on the fast track to spending absurdity.

Enter: the cheaper Steve Madden shoes. I mean really, they look almost exactly the same.


Splurge or Save -- Stuart Weitzman



splurge / save

At $98, the “save version” are still not cheap by any standards, but they are much more reasonably priced than the ones by good ol’ Stuart. Stu, I’m sorry. I’m on a budget. 

For shoes like this that I will most likely wear when I’ve been drinking and therefore will become increasingly more wobbly in my high heels, I think the cheaper version will do just fine in case a wobble becomes a tumble. Stu wouldn’t approve of tumbling in his shoes. 


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Crop Tops — Bomb or Bust?

May 20, 2014

As crop tops keep creeping into the virtual shopping carts of all my usual online shopping haunts — Gilt, Topshop, PiperlimeI’ve begun to wonder… Are crop tops a good idea or something stupid I will look back in pictures and immediately regret? Will baring my — gasp! — belly look chic and modern or will it just look contrived and stupid? Deep thoughts by Anna.

I am jetting off to a bachelorette party this weekend in West Palm Beach — yes aren’t I special today — and I’m thinking that a crop top has to come with me. And therefore I’m going to answer my own question — crop tops are the bomb. I think?

I still adore this Topshop one I featured last week in the tribal chic collection. But as far as crop tops are concerned, that particular one is among the most cropped of the teeny top trend and, because I have such a long torso, it would most likely look like a awkwardly long bra on me. No go.

I’ve pulled together a few options that I think could work for my fancy trip. What do you think?


Crop Tops Under $100


Navy / Black & White Stripe / Hot Pink / Pink & Aqua Print / Blue & White Print / Black & White Aztec Print / Denim & White Stripe / Gray


All of these great pieces are well under $100 too. Crop tops are not an investment piece peeps.

I have the perfect nude-ish pink pleated skirt for the navy top above to go with… I think crop tops are one of those things that you need to try on to decide if you want to purchase or not. I’m going to give it a go and let you my thoughts. If nothing else at least it will give us a good laugh.

In just four short days I’ll be sipping champs on the beach with a bunch of babes. This week better go by fast.

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Investment Piece of the Month

May 16, 2014

This week was a very momentous one, my friends. Wilson and I washed our cars (they were in dire straights), we finished our wedding thank you notes (finally, we are SO RUDE) and, most importantly, I bought the best-fitting bra of my life.

We are all adults here, we can discuss this.

I won’t expand too much about my actual bra fitting as my father is an avid reader of SST and I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear about this — HEY DAD! — but suffice it to say it was life-changing, and in an awesome way, which is why the SST Investment Piece of the Month for May is a great-fitting bra.

As bras are very pricey, especially nice ones, they most certainly classify as an investment for your closet, and a decision that should not be entered into lightly. Every woman needs and deserves a nice bra. You wear it every day of your life — besides my free spirit readers, totally down with no bras too — and therefore the bra needs to fit you correctly, look nice and enhance your shape.

Enter bra and life changer: Mary, my new BFF, at NordstromHer business card says “Certified Fitter” — not joking. 

Buying new bras has been on my list of things to do for at least a year now — poor Wilson — but I have avoided this purchase like the plague because of its large cost. I happened to be at Nordstrom purchasing something for a friend’s upcoming lingerie shower and couldn’t help but succumb to the beckoning of all the fashionable bras around me.

Anna, stop being a cheap ass,” they said. “We will make you go from sad to glad,” they promised. 

Mary, my new BFF, introduced herself and certifiably fitted me for a bra — I wonder how you get certified for that, probably something my male readers would be interested in — and pronounced that not only was I wearing the wrong size, but that I should definitely throw all of the ones I owned away. I agreed and obliged.

Here are some of the ones that Mary recommended for the bra-neophytes such as myself:

SST Investment Piece of the Month -- Bras

 Calvin Klein Black Bra / Natori White Bra / Calvin Klein Gray Bra / Natori Nude Bra


Mary schooled informed me that every woman should have at least TWO (and really it should be four, but you have to start somewhere) bras that fit your shape and size. She also told me all sorts of odds and ends about under-wire, straps, etc., that I will spare you but if you don’t know certain details about these things you should go IMMEDIATELY to Nordstrom and asked to be sized and try on some brassieres. You will not regret it.

I was so pleased with my new bras I wore one of them home. The thought of putting on the old one was like having to put on dirty socks. And as the bras promised, I went from sad to glad indeed. No doctor-assisted lifts necessary.


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Give Yourself a Wedgie — Summer Wedges $80 and Under

April 8, 2014

As stated here, I love wearing heels. I stand up straighter, walk more purposefully and in general channel my inner Beyoncé more accurately while wearing heels. My foot arch also allows me to wear them for longer than others, but after awhile, all heels hurt. What’s a girl to do when you want to look like Beyoncé without having to pop a handful of Advil on the reg? Enter — THE WEDGE.

Wedges are fabulous. I prefer the look of a stiletto to the look of a wedge, but wedges are more comfortable and prolong my ability to prance around in them as opposed to high heels. Hence solidifying their fabulous-ness. Below is a cute collection of wedges under $80. Go ahead, get yo prance on peeps.


Warm Weather Wedges
Warm Weather Wedges by annabjones featuring high heel shoes


All of these heels would make fantastic and moderately prudent additions to your closet if you are in the market for a good wedge — shoes, not salad. With all these smart purchases you are making since taking the advice of SST, you’ll be able to increase your monthly 401K contribution. You’re turning into quite the frugal fashionista. Grammy is proud of you.

Also don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a free haircut by my main man — other than Wilson, calm downNoel. Click here to enter and have fabulous hair. You’re welcome.