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Mother’s Day Gifts Under $35 — For Every Type of Mom

April 22, 2014

I love my mom. I’ve written about her a lot on SST — much to the chagrin of my dad who told me this weekend he’s boycotting my blog until he gets mentioned, so HEY DAD! — but truly my mom is the bomb.

I love my mom for so many reasons. She is very supportive, always honest and is just the cutest lady ever. She would completely DISOWN me if I told her age, but suffice it to say that she looks incredible.

Her honesty is important to me especially in regards to this blog. I’ve received so many compliments from people — thank you everyone by the way! — but I’m secretly terrified that everyone is lying to me to tell me what I want to hear. While hopefully this isn’t true, I know I can always rely on my mother to tell me the truth. When I first started SST, I got this text:

Love the blog, I will send out to my friends after you change the typo on the third post

and then this one:

I also don’t think you should say “it’s a little sick” when describing how you feel about something

and then this one a few weeks later:

Love today’s post! The word ON in the last para should be the word ONE

and another still:

I agree with Wilson and think you should stop cussing so much on the blog. I read somewhere that when you cuss it means you don’t a very good vocabulary.


She tells it like it is, and I love it. So here’s to you Mom — you are fabulous and I love you to the moon and back.

If you love your mother as much as I love mine, she deserves one of the fabulous gifts below, which are all under $35 — for the budget-conscious child. Next week I will have a collection of gifts under $65 so check back if you want to throw a little more munz to celebrate yo mama.

Mother's Day Gifts Under $35

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $35 by annabjones featuring Nest Fragrances



To really breakdown this fabulous array of gifts for your mother, I have identified five different types of moms — find the one that most closely mirrors your mother and then choose your favorite gift suggestion. Easy peasy.

For the quintessential Southern mom who wants to brush her teeth with chardonnay: #3 and #7

For the cool mom who hops around in Lululemon and says the word literally too much: #1, #4 and #7

For the outdoorsy/hipster mom who likes to run and enjoys a craft beer, so long as it’s gluten-free: #5 and #8

For the busy mom who lives on an IV of Starbucks and needs a well-deserved break: #1, #6 and #9

For the mom who loves unconditionally, no matter how many bad presents you give her (she deserves a good gift this year, BTW): #2, #4 and #8

Moms of the world, you can now rejoice in the fact that you will get the perfect gift this year thanks to SST. Celebrate by brushing your teeth in your favorite alcoholic libation.