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Savannah Sneak Peek

July 7, 2014

You know those times in your life when you move so quickly that you don’t really even know what is going on? Your body is running at a sprinter’s pace but your mind doesn’t have time to catch up and register what exactly is happening. That has been my life these past few weeks. I’m sitting here writing this on the porch of Wilson’s and my new condo — apartment? nest? squatting place? Wilson and I are struggling with what to call this — and I really cannot believe it.

Savannah porch 2

 The view from our porch. It really is great.

Savannah porch 1

Yes that’s a glass of champagne. Wilson had to trot back to CLT and I am tad lonely therefore I poured myself some champs. When in doubt, always employ the company of some champagne. Two glasses down and I’m feeling fantastic about this moving-to-a-different-job-and-state-in-a-month sitch again. Feel free to judge.

Now that I am officially an inhabitant of the Lowcountry and we have unpacked quite a bit, I figured I’d give you a little taste of what our new nest looks like. Wilson I think we should call this our nest. Love nest??!! Ok fine I’ll stop. 

Any parts that aren’t shown are still not unpacked and/or look like shit so I’ll wait until they look better to show you those. Wouldn’t want you to see what my life is REALLY like now would we… 


The kitchen.

kitchen table

The breakfast nook + entry to the porch where I am drinking currently.

bar cart

The bar cart. Most likely the most important part of this place.

kitchen console

Console table in the kitchen. Remember when it lived in the loft?

console table 2

coffee table 3

Living room. This room needs some TLC… in the form of a couch. I still haven’t found the Couch of Compromise but it’s coming. Hopefully sooner rather than later… 

coffee table

This coffee table is worth it’s weight in gold and most DEFINITELY worth almost getting into a fist-fight with some lady in CLT. Don’t act like you wouldn’t put up a fight for this gem too. 

coffee table 2

Wilson told me the other day we have too many books. Wisdom by Wilson.

living room

Tea for two.

bedroom 2

The bedroom. I’m not too high on this wall color and think I probably will paint it the same gray that was in our old master, however it’ll do just fine for now.

bedroom 3

bedroom 4

I love that bluebird, it was my grandmother’s.

Well, what do you think? I think it’s great start considering we’ve only been here for a week. Huge thanks to my parents and Wilson’s parents for all of their love, support, and HELP. Seriously Wilson’s parents should make moving/unpacking their side business because they did an unbelievable amount of unpacking in such a short span of time. Love y’all, and not just because you helped us move… 

Hope you peeps have a good week.