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That Time When I Almost Fought Some Lady Over a Coffee Table

January 10, 2014

I am very pleased to report that my efforts in decorating the loft area of our home are coming along quite nicely. I have made several mental decisions for how to organize the space and what needs to be purchased and what needs to be improved upon. To keep within my non-existent budget, I am embarking on a few DIY projects to update some furniture I already have instead of buying new pieces. More updates on that front to come soon.

One of the pieces that I knew I wanted to purchase for the room was a new coffee table. The one I had already was a piece I bought off of Ruelala and, much to my chagrin, was fake wood. Actually it’s straight up plastic. Fack! Good lesson to be learned here — when buying furniture online, don’t forget to look at what it’s made out of, Anna. Besides the poor quality materials, its shape was all wrong for the space, too. Its rectangular shape didn’t allow for much food to be displayed — we watch a LOT of football up there and dips are a must — and it needed to echo the flow of the room as dictated by the sectional. In other words, I needed something square or round.

Other requirements for the new coffee table included something that you could put your feet on and also easily cleanable — re: the football dips and feet.

I found the PERFECT coffee table at Sleepy Poet, a local antique consignment warehouse in Charlotte that is seriously amazing. If you live here or will visit me soon, make sure you stop by.

There it was, tucked away secretly in the back of the warehouse, under aimless bronze items and an elephant that is a Florida State fan. As nondescript as they come, this coffee table was truly a diamond in the rough.Coffee Table at SP

 She’s a real beauty Clark.

With any purchase over $50 — really $20, let’s be honest I’m that cheap — I usually have to take a little me-time and evaluate if I really want the item. As the coffee table was $135 — the horror! — I went home to consult with Wilson and mull the decision over.

A few days went by, and I knew the coffee table was the one for me. It was perfect — met all of my requirements and wasn’t outrageously expensive. I made Wilson — much to his chagrin — go with me to the Sleepy Poet to retrieve my prized coffee table and start the process of loft decorating with a bang.

Once at the Sleepy Poet, I beelined for the coffee table and showed it to Wilson. “This is the one! Isn’t it perfect?” I exclaimed. Wilson nodded his head yes, wondering when we were leaving so he could start his customary Saturday cocktailing. A well-dressed lady with black glasses and silver hair behind us said, “Oh that is a great coffee table!” and I nodded to her in agreement, thinking we were fellow bargain hunters reveling in a good deal and not soon-to-be sworn antique enemies. My sister and brother-in-law were also with us at the Sleepy Poet, so we skipped off to find them as it was just the beginning of the shopping trip and there were several more showrooms to drag Wilson through.

Cut to the moment when I was ready to purchase the coffee table.

Apparently to claim an item, you must remove the price tag from the piece and take it to the front counter, and then an associate will help load the furniture into your car. Silly me, I did not know this, and when I went to retrieve the coffee table, the price tag was gone. The well-dressed-silver-haired lady SNAGGED THE DAMN COFFEE TABLE FROM ME. I was livid. Furious. Inconsolable. I knew I had to find that lady and claim what was rightfully mine!

Cut to the moment when I confronted well-dressed-silver-haired lady after an hour of stomping around.

Wilson spotted her first — he probably regretted pointing her out — and I went over to her. I asked her as nicely as I could if she had taken the table, and she said YES and thought I didn’t want it because I didn’t take the tag. Damn my ignorance! She then asked me if I wanted it back because she “wouldn’t have seen it had I not pointed it out.” Yea no shit lady. Gratefully, I snatched the price tag from her hand and did cartwheels all the way to the check-out counter while singing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! Not really — I thanked her profusely and then bought the coffee table.

Well ladies and gents, my propensity for confrontation paid off in the end because she is perfect in our loft. No I’m not talking about the well-dressed-silver-haired lady.






I am so in love. This coffee table is a work of art really — perfect art deco meets gold glam meets our loft. Easy to clean and perfect for feet propping. If I could take this coffee table everywhere with me, I would. It makes me that happy.

To the well-dressed-silver-haired lady: Thank you for your generosity and kindness and I promise I will pay it forward.

It’s Friday beeches!

Home Living

A Lofty Idea

December 9, 2013

Once the holidays are over, I am going to start decorating our home again. I have to do it in waves because 1) it costs way too much money to do it all at once and 2) I cannot make a decision to save my life on my own house. It takes me months to make a decision on where to hang something — I mull over personal decorating choices like my life is on the line. Perhaps it is.  

Regardless of my paralyzing indecision, I am MAKING myself finish our upstairs loft area in 2014 whether I like it or not. And I’m announcing it to you so you can hold me accountable. I am budgeting extra funds from January to March to make the improvements because there are still walls upstairs with nothing on them. It’s inexcusable. 

The only piece in the loft area I have already that is definitely staying is this sectional. Everything else is negotiable. The room has nice natural light and neutral walls, so it is a great clean slate. Here’s the issue — I promised Wilson that I would make this room his — sigh — man room and will display his massive amounts of Tar Heel memorabilia in it, but only in a way that we both agree on. I really owe this to him as I exiled all of his belongings to our “basement,” which is actually a crawl space that you can stand up in. I told him this house was like teflon — none of his stuff would stick.

With this predicament in mind, I have found a few photos of neat lofts for inspiration to hopefully get my creative juices flowing and finish poor Wilson’s man room.

Loft Inspiration 3

I love this room. Light and airy, it encourages conversation and looks comfortable too.

Loft Inspiration 4

I really like the gallery wall in this room. I am thinking that is the best way to display Wilson’s prized UNC possessions at once without giving me anxiety.


Loft inspiration 5

I love all of the textures in this room.

Loft inspiration 6


I will keep you posted on my progress. If I don’t have something to report by March, I’ll be in big trouble.

In other news, Kate Spade is having 30% off everything today with the code GREEN30. Proceed with caution.

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