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The Flannel Shirt Fiasco

December 16, 2015

I have something rather upsetting to say. I’ve begun wearing the same outfits as Wilson.


Yes, it’s true. Turns out, guys have a very easy and comfortable wardrobe, and I’ve been quite in to that lately. My mom said she read somewhere that the longer a couple has been together, the more they begin to resemble each other. Well, it’s happening. Case in point: Thanksgiving 2015. I dressed myself in my new flannel shirt tucked into jeans, a leather belt and comfy loafers. Because, after all, Thanksgiving needs to be comfortable and, well, forgiving. I thought I’d done a fine job at both of these objectives with my outfit until I came downstairs to find Wilson in the same freaking clothes. It was like I was looking into a mirror except I’d grown a tad taller and had a Natural Light in my hand.

What the *&^%.

It’s happening, I thought. We’ve been together nearly eight years and are already beginning to dress alike. Imagine what will happen when we are together for 40 years? Will we go to the same hairdresser and I’ll say, “I’ll have what he’s having?” In 50 years, will they even be able to tell us apart? We do, after all, have the exact same hair color. Mine has just been (thankfully) chemically altered to “blonde.”

Thanksgiving was certainly a day of giving thanks, and also one of questioning my life choices. Indeed, this flannel shirt-matching-my-husband business nearly stirred up an existential crisis at my ripe age of 28. What does it all mean if we are just going to be the same… 

But alas, said crisis was averted thanks to dear ol’ Wilson. He jogged back upstairs and put on a pair of gray corduroys so I wouldn’t have a shit fit. He’s a kind soul, that Wilson. We still essentially wore the same outfit, but at least my fears of physical assimilation were quelled. For the moment. 

Now undoubtedly SST is filled with hyperbolic stories and phrases (present prose included), but this flannel shirt really is killer. It’s also 30% off too.

flannel 2

buy here

See? We really did have on the same stupid outfit. So upsetting. I’m a hop skip and three years from shopping at L.L. Bean exclusively (have you seen those deals!?) and no one will read this blog unless they want to learn how to pull off menswear and in an all-too-real way. I cringe at the thought. 

In other news, Birdie was spayed last week and has been royally pissed off ever since. I don’t think she minded the actual surgery, its the horror and embarrassment of the cone of shame she must wear for another four days that is really making her angry AF.

mad birdie

Do you see the look in her eyes? Pure unadulterated disgust. She probably thinks I look like Wilson too, and not in a good way. 

Does anyone else think their dog judges them…

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Track Trend

September 15, 2014

Ok SO I’ve been resisting this clothing trend for about a year now, but it seems that it is here to stay for the time being so I might as well come to grips with this information. I present to you, loyal SST readers, the latest thing to come to a closet near you: dressing like an 70’s track star.

I know, I know.

Think Bruce Jenner in his prime and add some effortless glamour, and that’s what this trend is all about. It’s comfortable, it’s a little sexy, and it’s pretty cool. See some of my favorite track-inspired pieces below.


Track Trend


All of these items are either from J.Crew or Topshop, my usual haunts. But because trying out a new trend can be risky, you must follow two rules: 1) NEVER spend a lot of money on a trendy item and 2) Always try it out safely by purchasing the trendy item from a brand you trust and normally wear. This will guarantee it is good quality and a good fit, and will also allow you to ease into the trend. Nothing worse than waking up one day and decide you are going to dress exclusively like 70’s Bruce Jenner and buy your clothes only from American Apparel from now on.  

 1. Striped Sweatshirt: This is a great top that is both comfy and stylish. Stripes are also very in this season. I feel like they are always in, but WWD told me they were specifically in this season so whatever. $56.

2. Skinny Twill Sweatpant: Very on-trend pants in navy or white and they look very comfortable. I always recommend that when wearing something looser on the bottom — like these pants or the red ones described below — you balance it out with a form-fitting top. I use this rule of fashion thumb a lot, with the exception of dressing for work. Work-dressing is in its own category, much like my addiction penchant to malbec. $41.99 with the code SHOPFORFALL.

3. Pinstripe Bomber Jacket: Oh this thing is just too cute. Perfect for the fall with a pair of boyfriend skinny jeans, this jacket makes a great Bruce Jenner statement pre-his Kardashian days. $104.99 with extra 25% off code SHOPFORFALL.

4. Felt Baseball Cap: Baseball caps aren’t just for the dugout anymore. I think that women wearing baseball caps as a fashion statement was the biggest problem I had initially with the track trend. I really love the cute pants and bomber jackets, but the baseball hat + skinny jeans on a girl’s night out just seemed too strange to me. But, for those of you who feel confident and sassy enough to try this out — look at you! so proud — this felt cap is really cute and a decent price. $40.

5. Crepe Lounge Pant: I LOVE these pants, especially in the uber-bright belvedere red color. Seems like red pants shouldn’t be named after vodka, but who am I to judge. These would be great for work and a night out on the town — for work I’m thinking paired with a tailored white button down tucked in, and for a fun dinner they’d be great with a blouse-y silk top. They are also extra 25% off right now with the code SHOPFORFALL — $73.50.

So, what do you think? I’m kinda digging it. SST will always keep you on track with the latest trends. 

Don’t forget! Today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a free pair of pants of your choosing courtesy of Ecru. Click here to enter!

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Summer Dresses on Sale

July 9, 2014

Yo! Wanted to draw your attention to these two great summer dresses. Wilson, I wanted to let you know to be expecting these. I’m not one for surprises. 

Both of these dresses are great for a quick + chic summer outfit — one that says I’m fashionably inclined, not too overdone and contentious of pit stains. Sorrrrryyy.

Just be careful because these beauties are both final sale, so if you aren’t 100% sure about your size, I’d probably pass and find something that isn’t final sale. Just sayin’.


 SST Quick Hits -- Summer Sales

sleeveless dress / snakeskin print dress

Also, thank you for all the nice compliments I received on the Savannah nest! Y’all are nice people and I like you very much.

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HOT HOT HOT! J. Crew Extra 50% Off Sale Outfit

May 29, 2014

Haha this outfit isn’t really “hot” I just wanted to say that.

But it is a great deal and super chic! This outfit says, “I am a working professional but I have a keen sense of style and enjoy a good cocktail.”


J. Crew Extra 50% Off Final Sale
Blue silk pants / Geometric clutch / Silver metallic sandals / Navy blouse / Tortoise necklace


 Check out the bomb J. Crew sale, extra 30% off sale and extra 50% off sale on select items like the ones above using the promo code SPRING.  Hope each of you have such a great Thursday. I really like y’all people.

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SST Picks for J. Crew Extra 40% Off Sale

March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I totally forgot about today’s stupid holiday until Wilson pinched me this morning. I was about to headbutt him in return but he quickly reminded me that it was St. Patty’s Day and that I needed to put on green. He’s the older brother I never wanted.

In other news, J. Crew is having extra 40% off all sale items using the code EXTRA40 at checkout. Holla! Here are some perfect closet staples that every stylish lady needs, regardless of the season or new trends. These are timeless pieces that you will love every time you wear them, and they are an extra 40% off to boot. Perf.

BUT PLEASE, no impulse purchases people — here’s a refresher of the questions to ask yourself to avoid any random buys that you will kick yourself for later. For example: if you already have a blazer similar to the one below, you most likely don’t need another one — buy something else you need, like an understated black silk top. Spend wisely! Contribute to your Roth IRA instead!


J. Crew Extra 40% Off Sale Picks
J. Crew Extra 40% Off Sale Picks by annabjones featuring slim pants


I adore these leopard pumps but they sold out in a blink, here are some similar that are equally fabulous. They are perdy ‘spensive so don’t buy them if that means you have to sacrifice eating for a week.

This red skirt is a beautiful material and great color — you can wear it to work or for an afternoon wedding with a cream top tucked in. I wear black and red to weddings, get over it.

I have been DYING for an uber-cool jean jacket for chilly spring nights and this one is perfect. Wear it over your favorite maxi dress or with a silk skirt for the perfect transitional look. I sound like an HSN infomercial celebrity. Perhaps I’ll look into that.

Happy shopping peeps!

APOLOGIES: SST’s Technology Department (me) experienced a glitch today and you received two emails… Eek my bad, sorry.

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Winter, Goodbye. We’re Done Here.

February 21, 2014

Yesterday was one of those fluke gorgeous days that give you a forgotten taste of what spring and summer are like — sweet memories of warm temperatures, bare feet and a cool cocktail. A perfect 71 degrees made for an incredible day and an even sweeter Tar Heel win last night. Go. Freakin. Heels. With the onset of balmy weather just around the corner — or so I hope — I’ve put together a little roundup of spring things I love for under $100 to beat my severe case of seasonal affected disorder. I’m so SAD.


Spring Hurry Up!
Spring Hurry Up! by anna-161 showing what to wear with wool scarves

1. This straw fedora is only $23 from Sole Society and perfect to prevent those wrinkles and cover up your bad hair day.

2. Basic aviator sunglasses that you won’t feel bad about when they get stuffed at the bottom of your beach bag. You know what I’m talking about.

3. Bobbi Brown lipgloss in Uber Pink … C’est parfait.

4. Love these sassy light pink heels, great for your Easter brunch or drinks with your gal pals. $42.

5. The silhouette of this dress is super sexy but offset by the more traditional florals — good combination of both. Don’t wear this to your Easter brunch.

6. This cuff is all sold out, but find a similar one here for $32. I may like the substitute even better.

7. I loveeee these sandals — such a pretty color of leather and very affordable at $41.

8. Perfect lightweight scarf to layer on when your office at work is determined to give you frostbite.

9. Bangles to bang around with. $40 and you receive 25% off when you buy two or more.

Seriously, thank goodness it’s Friday. I’m a much better version of myself on Fridays, much like I’m an incredible version of myself after a bottle of Veuve.

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Capitalizing on the J.Crew Sale — Sister Edition

November 30, 2013

As announced here, my sister Laurie is now the mom of two adorable baby girls, and she is damn busy. Because it is a good day if she can get both girls ready and remember to brush her own teeth, Laurie asked me to find some good tops for her to wear that would be easy to throw on and still look in style. She is way too cute and young to wear matronly clothes. No matter how many kids you have Laurie I will never let you wear mom jeans.

J.Crew is having 30% off everything right now — use the code HOLIDAY — so it is the perfect time for my sister to purchase a few good pieces that she can use as her mom staples. As a great deal-hunter herself, she rarely pays full-price either. Would you expect anything less from my sister?

Sales at reputable retailers like this one at J.Crew are great times to stock up on some items that you need in your closet but never pull the trigger on because they are too pricey. I’ve selected some key pieces that Laurie needs to get to keep her on trend.

I love this silk georgette blouse that would look great with black mini-pants — I hardly take my J.Crew Pixie pants off, I’m wearing them now in fact — and pointy-toed flats. Originally $128, this is a good quality top that will last through several carpools and story times and won’t break the bank with the good sale price.

Laurie, I know you’re going to be weary of this, but you need a good jirt. Jean shirt. To make sure you still stay hip and in-the-know with fashion and not just up-to-date on the latest Elmo video, you need this jirt. Again, this would be great with the black Pixie pant untucked with boots or flats or, if you want to push the fashion envelope, you could even tuck into dark skinny jeans for a denim-on-denim moment. I promise the baby girls will appreciate it.

This tuxedo blouse is another easy top to put on and looks very clean and polished. Laurie you can pair it with dark skinny jeans and a statement necklace for a little pop of color. It also doubles as a great work shirt tucked into trousers, transitioning easily from sleep-deprived Mommy to kick-ass businesswoman in seconds.

And because you deserve to treat yourself more than anyone else I know, here are a few more surprises to add to your cart because heaven knows you’ve earned it.

Great necklace for dressing up even a t-shirt.

Buy at least two!

These would be perfect with the jirt + Pixie pant outfit mentioned above.

Infinity Scarf

For when you remember jackets for both of the girls but forget one for yourself.

Laurie, I know this is the season of giving, but you really need to treat yo-self. And for everyone else, you should treat yo-self too. Just make sure you get a good deal.

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