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Another Fantastic Day by Vietri In the Books

October 24, 2014

Well, well, well. Mom and I had the most fabulous day yesterday at the preview of the Vietri Fall Warehouse Sale. From the amazing prices to the incredible selection of items to the endless commentary provided by my mother, the day was an enormous success. I scored major steals and bought wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, hostess gifts, and even a gift for myself. Shocked, I’m sure. 

You know how on Christmas morning the parents are often times just as excited as the kids because they know the kids will get so excited once they open all of their gifts? That’s how I was. I couldn’t wait for my mom to see all of the fantastic things that Vietri had to offer at the Warehouse Sale. And you know how kids get super excited when they see all of their gifts on Christmas morning? That’s how my mom was.

“Oh my GOODNESS!” she exclaimed with delight as we walked into the first ginormous warehouse space. “There is so much stuff!”

“Just wait,” I replied. “There’s two other rooms just like this.”

And so it went — we skipped around the warehouse and grinned at the amazing pieces and shrieked every time we found something new and incredible.

A few times we got separated from each other, but I always found Mom because I’d hear a shrill “ANNA!” to which I responded, “MOM!” Any other time yelling at each other like this would mean we were mad at each other — probably because Mom told me to stop cussing on the blog again — but this time it meant GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE NOW AND LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE!

It was so awesome and fun. I love my mom. 

garden pots

full view 2



 I’d eat biscotti out of one of these.

full view


 Love these turquoise pieces.

full view 2

mom shopping

“Anna stop taking pictures of me.”

shopping cart

The view from my shopping cart.

photo 4

 I love these pieces as an extra set to enhance simple white bone china. I’m thinking Easter brunch, the leaf salad plates stacked on white dinner plates with the orange table napkins below… I die. Wilson stop rolling your eyes. 

photo 3

 I bought the orange napkins above at the last sale and love them.


 My favorite color. These are awesome garden pots to use indoors or outdoors. I’m not sure I could part with them to let them live outside though. I’d worry about them catching a cold in the winter. Or, heaven forbid, getting dirty.



 More aqua. This is Vietri’s uber-popular Lastra collection, all majorly discounted and in a gorgeous light light aqua. Really beautiful, heavy pieces.


 Iconic Vietri pieces. Mom asked five times, “OK Anna, are you sure I don’t need one of these plates? Like what about in the kitchen?” She already has five plates hanging on the kitchen walls. 



 More Lastra, white this time. “Mom, don’t I need this bowl for when I make soup?” 

“Anna, you don’t know how to make soup.”

I was wearing white pants because it was Wilson’s birthday. Jk. 



 “Love that cake plate. Do I need one of those?” 

She already has two cake stands.


 Look at the little feet!



 I loved this new part of the #warehousesale. They had great gifts organized by price, starting at Under $20. You know I love a good Under $x feature. 


 Mom: “Anna I think I need one of these plates.”


Another great part of the sale was the vast selection of Christmas pieces. Look at these cute Christmas sets!


‘Sup Santa.


mom with ornament

“Anna seriously stop taking pictures of me.”

“You can’t post these pictures of me on the blog.”

lollipop ornament


 Why yes, I do need Santa to hold my cocktail, thank you Vietri.


 “Anna don’t get my face in the picture.”




Seriously how cute is she?

The #warehousesale also included a ton of high quality furniture pieces. We got lotssss of good stuff from this side of the sale too.


I convinced Mom she had to buy this. Mom, how much did you want me to say it cost in front of Dad? Oh yea, it cost $25. Almost.


So this stool really was $25. We got two. It will be perfect to recover. Can you believe this thing was only $25??

See her face? Kid on Christmas morning, right?


I thought these were such interesting lamps. If my apartment were 20 times larger and had a black and white theme, I would have taken them home with me.

All in all, it was an amazing day. Mom and I loved spending time with each other and making tons of great purchases for our friends, family, and selves… Hehe. 

Make sure to Instagram and tweet me pictures of your finds using the hashtag #warehousesale and tag me @silverspoontaste (@silverspoontste for Tweeeeeeter) and @vietriinc (@vietri for tweeeeeeeeeeeeter) so we can social media chat about all of this great stuff.

Remember: the Fall #warehousesale from Vietri is from Saturday, October 25 to Monday, October 27 from 8AM to 4PM each day. Don’t miss it!


*Post was sponsored by Vietri. All thoughts, comments and opinions are my own, of course.



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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year — Vietri Warehouse Sale!

October 15, 2014

HOORAY! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for — THE VIETRI WAREHOUSE SALE! Now that I fully understand the wonder and magic that is the Vietri Warehouse Sale since I had the good fortune of going earlier this year, — read here if you need a refresher on my initial trepidation — I cannot WAIT to get back.

In fact, I am driving all the way from Savannah to Hillsborough just for this sale because it’s that good. Excessive, I know. But necessary. 

For those of you who were in to your cups too much last time as my dear friend Al says — the Vietri Warehouse Sale is a fabulous collection of discontinued, slightly flawed, and unique sample products handmade in Italy and are up to 80% off retail price. The sale is from Saturday, October 25th to Monday, October 27th at the Vietri headquarters in Hillsborough, NC. New products will be refreshed daily so don’t worry about everything getting picked over after the first hour on Saturday. I hate when stuff is picked over. 

Below are some of the items that I’m crossing my fingers and toes will be available next Thursday when I make my pilgramage to Mecca the Vietri headquarters in pursuit of happiness awesome handmade Italian pottery. Which is essentially happiness. 


SST Vietri Favorites


 dish with handles / blue garden pot / aqua napkin / fish platter / silverware / gray urn / glass / sea urchin bowl / aqua vase


I love all of these pieces. They are all a bit pricey, but things that you will keep a lifetime. I treasure the pieces that I bought from the sale this past spring — they will be things I pass down to my children one day. One day far, far from now. 

And as if you needed another reason to go to this amazing sale, I’m giving away two free VIP tickets to the sale on Saturday. You get to go in at 7:30AM — don’t forget your coffee! — which is 30 minutes earlier than when the doors open to the public, allowing you to get first dibs on all this good stuff. To enter this fab giveaway, do one of the thingys below on the raffle thingy. Very technical around these parts. 


a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck! Event deets: Saturday, October 25 through Monday, October 27, 8AM to 4PM Address: 343 Elizabeth Brady Road, Hillsborough, NC 27278 This post was sponsored by Vietri. They are the bomb.

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Best Thursday Ever: Vietri Warehouse Sale

May 2, 2014

You know when you go into a situation, not knowing what to expect, and it completely blows your mind? The times when you think you’re going to have fun, but you actually end up having one of the best days of your life?

That was me yesterday. At the Vietri Warehouse Sale. WE HAD THE BEST TIME! Holy crap. I did not sleep last night because I was so excited to regale you with my amazing stories of yesterday’s unbelievable experience that was the #vietriwarehousesale. I can’t wait any longer. I have to tell you! Let’s begin…

My friend Gracie and I hopped in the car on the way to what should now be known as the new Mecca of North Carolina. While we experienced a few hiccups on the way — including the splatter of what seemed to be a bird’s egg all over my car windshield, I was not happy to say the least — we arrived in the small, unassuming town of Hillsborough, NC, no worse for the wear and excited for what was in store for us.

As we took a left off the exit ramp and approached the Vietri headquarters, I nervously darted my eyes at Gracie.

“What if… what if this sale isn’t as good as we hope it will be? What am I supposed to do if it stinks? I can’t lie and say it was good!”

Gracie, ever the voice of reason, responded kindly, “It will be fine, it will be great. Don’t worry.”

“Yea, you’re right. And if it does stink then we will just drive to Chapel Hill, go get blueberry beers from Topo and not worry about it.”

“That’s the best plan B I’ve ever heard,” Gracie said, alleviating my nerves.

I can fix anything with a good happy hour.

I’m so glad that to report that I was so wrong. It wasn’t that I thought the sale was going to be bad, I just didn’t know what the hell to expect and didn’t want to let anyone down because I’ve been pumping it up so much. I don’t like to disappoint people.

This is the truth — The Vietri Warehouse Sale is the BOMB and yesterday was by FAR the best Thursday of my life. And it didn’t even involve any alcohol, thank you very much.


We walked into the warehouse and our jaws dropped to the floor.

“HOLY %^&*!”

There it all was — every breathtaking piece of Vietri imaginable. All waiting for me to pour over. The best part? THE PRICES WERE UNREAL.

Sorry I know I’m using a lot of caps in this post but it’s necessary. I’m not yelling at you, I’m just super excited.

bright plates

Peppered with every color in the rainbow — Pantone ain’t got nothin’ on Vietri — the handmade, hand-painted Italian pieces are more than just beautiful — they truly are works of art. I bought a platter like this for my kitchen. Love.

me and gracie 2

Going from section to section, Gracie and I were like the charging of the bulls — we ran towards the barrage of gorgeous colors, knocking down any people in our way of attaining the best deals in the warehouse. Take no prisoners!

mosaic mugs

Look as these mosaic pieces! So gorgeous and would make anyone’s morning bright and cheery when drinking coffee from them.

blue and white plates

I’m just like my mother in that I love anything blue and white. Hence my dining room.

blue plate

I actually got a little breathless when I saw this piece. You’d think I was asking the plate out on a date or something.

Aqua glasses

These glasses are originally almost $20 each, but we got them on sale for $4 each! Gracie got a set and I got a set for my mother-in-law because aqua is her favorite color, too. Such a steal.


These roosters are originally $326, and they are on sale for $156. Holy moly so beautiful.

rooster upclose

“Anna take me home with you-adoodle-doo!”

green stuff

multi colored plates

As Gracie astutely noted, the Campagna line is quintessential Vietri, and all of it was more than 50% off. These brightly colored rustic dishes make me want to hop on a plane to Tuscany tomorrow. Ciao bella!

colorful plates


My Grammy collects little pitchers and so I had to get her one. Originally $42, I got her one for $19!

yellow vases


These babies were originally over $200, on sale for $50. I got two for my sister to put on her mantle.


When I saw that the sale had lamps, I actually screamed.

me and gracie

 The damage.

Because Gracie and I clearly had no clue what to expect and we think others may be the same, we’ve pulled together some words of wisdom to help you make the most out of your #vietriwarehousesale experience.

Six Ways to Dominate The Vietri Warehouse Sale

  1. Every great vacation takes some planning, right? Same thing here. Before you go to the sale, perusing the Vietri website to familiarize yourself with its collections to find the things you want/need the most would be very helpful. This will help you prioritize what you are looking for/what you want specifically so you won’t get overwhelmed. The warehouse is like four football fields put together so it’s an easy thing to do.
  2. Gracie and I were shocked at the amount of high-quality items the sale offered. Be prepared to love EVERYTHING. I was thinking this sale was going to be like a Saturday outing at Marshall’s where some of the stuff is crap but there are a few hidden finds — NOPE. Couldn’t have been more wrong. Everything is in perfect condition and you will WANT it so be prepared to keep your shopping addiction in check. I had a little trouble in this department.
  3. I noted the size of the warehouse already, but it really is enormous. Don’t let this intimidate you — it is very well thought out and you will be able to view all of the collections, just take your time. Gracie and I went through the whole thing slowly and ooh-ed and ahh-ed over everything, popping things in our cart as we saw them. After our first go-round, we took our cart outside, unloaded it item by item, and edited our choices so we didn’t spend a million dollars. I would HIGHLY recommend doing this because there really are so many special pieces that you have to prioritize your purchases so that you don’t go overboard. After we chose the items that we loved the most, we went back through the entire warehouse again, stopping by the collections we knew we wanted to peruse again and pick up a few more pieces from. It’s all about the strategy.
  4. BUY WEDDING GIFTS HERE! Gracie and I didn’t buy anyone a single wedding gift from the sale, which was easily the dumbest decision we made. The items are marked down so much that people will think you spent a lot more money on them than you did — I’m trying to get you in good with your peeps.
  5. Ask your most favorite people in your life if you can buy things for them. I asked my mom, sister, friends, mother-in-law, etc. if I could buy items for them, and most everyone took the bait. I didn’t find items for everyone, but the ones I did find were amazing scores and I am so happy to share these amazing deals with my faves. If you do engage in this extremely generous behavior, tell your peeps to look online at Vietri’s collections also so they can pick out things for you to look for.
  6. CHARGE YOUR PHONE! My damn phone died almost immediately when we got into the warehouse, hence the extremely quiet Insta and Twitter posts. The reception isn’t great in the warehouse and drains your battery so if you are buying things for others, make sure your cell phone is fully charged so you can send them pictures of the items you picked out for them to get their approval before purchasing. I’m currently not speaking to my iPhone.

An important thing to note: the Vietri staff were incredibly helpful and ready to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to ask them about certain pieces that you are looking for. They also will bring your items outside and keep them next to the registers to keep your cart nice and empty and ready for new things to put in it. Smart marketing.

All in all, we (clearly) had an amazing time. I know I get way too excited about getting a good deal, but this sale is so much more than that — this sale offers pieces that are completely unique and things that I will have for the rest of my life. Every single piece I bought is totally SST Investment Piece of the Month worthy, but I got it for a fraction of the cost! Um Vietri I love you.

I would like to say a giant THANK YOU to Vietri for letting me cover this incredible sale, I am so honored to be a part of all this awesome money saving. You guys are truly the bomb.

Don’t forget — you still have THREE MORE DAYS to shop this awesome sale! For more information, click here

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Vietri Spring Warehouse Sale Here We Come!

May 1, 2014

Today is the day! My friend Gracie and I are off to Hillsborough, NC, today to shop the annual Vietri Spring Warehouse Sale! I am so excited to peruse the fabulous finds that the sale has to offer for a fraction of the cost. From beautiful dinneware to Urban Kitchen flatware and every tablescape — dern you Sandra! — necessity in between, the Vietri Spring Warehouse Sale is the answer to all of your Southern hostessing needs.

And in case you didn’t like any of my Mother’s Day gift selections rude — you can undoubtedly find something for ol’ Ma at this sale. Don’t. Miss. Out.

Vietri Spring Warehouse Sale



Follow along on my adventure today through my Twitter and Instagram accounts. My feed is going to be blowin’ up, y’all.


After I’m done having the best Thursday of my life, I will most certainly be celebrating with some champs when I get home. Better go ahead and pop an Advil. Always pop an Advil — isn’t that the Girl Scout motto?