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Investment Piece of the Month

July 3, 2014

I realized I forgot to do an Investment Piece of the Month for June. My bad. Sometimes I think I would forget to put my head on my shoulders if it wasn’t attached by my neck. Necks = never forgetting your head. 

Anywho. Wilson’s and my move to Savannah is well under way, and as previously mentioned, it sucks/I hate it/it’s awful/someone bring me vodka. You get the picture. blah blah…

BUT! BUT! BUT! The one amazing thing that happened from moving is that we left behind that God-forsaken leather couch in Charlotte. Can I get a hell yea?! I think this calls for poppin’ some Veuve… Chyeah. 

I have dreamed of this day since I moved in with Wilson… the day I would be able to walk into our home and not be greeted by the shiny brown ugliness that was that couch. Sometimes I would walk by and kick that thing I hated it so much. And today is that day! But, now I have to find another one. And DAMN are couches expensive. But necessary. Which brings me to July’s Investment Piece of the Month — cue the drumroll and trumpets — a couch. Womp. Can’t you just hear the trumpets losing tune and the drumroll coming to an awkward stop because couches are so anti-climatic? Couches are a bit boring — but again, necessary.

As something you sit on, pass by, and/or look at pretty much every day, couches are something that you should invest in — within reason. I’m not saying you should throw $5k at some stupid couch — who do you think I am? — I’m just saying this is one of those times to throw a little more money at the item than in other instances. Like instead of buying those expensive shoes — cough Anna — you should save your monies and buy a good quality couch. One that you will like for more than five minutes.

With this in mind, I’m currently in the difficult throes of decision-making. I really wanted this one below…

no arm couch

but Wilson vetoed it because it had no arms. “IT HAS NO ARMS, ANNA!” he exclaimed, exasperated and bewildered when I showed him the picture of said BEAUT of a couch. He goes along with a lot of things because I like them and he wants to make me happy, but I suppose a couch with no arms is where he draws the line. Ughh fineee. 

So now I’m thinking about something more simple and straightforward — more “Wilson,” if you will — like this one so that the sofa will be a source of comfort and enjoyment as opposed to an instigator of marital strife. We shall call it “The Couch of Compromise.”

Lee Industries Sofa


What do you think? You like? I’m thinking the fabric should be a linen look-a-like with no maintenance and something that doesn’t wrinkle. Hence no linen. Please leave me a comment and help me out. Merci. 

Wilson don’t ever say I didn’t do anything nice for you…

Fashion and Beauty

Investment Piece of the Month and a GIVEAWAY!

April 4, 2014

Woohoo it’s April! Fabulous. So excited for warm weather. And a slew of refreshing vodka concoctions.

As I want to make sure you are still making frugal, smart decisions with your money and putting your hard-earned #dolladollabills where they are most useful, it’s time to announce April’s investment piece of the month. Not that you need reminding, but just in case you drank too much last night and can’t remember, I rarely pay full price for anything. However, sometimes you need to just cough up the dough in the first place to get what you really want instead of a half-ass version that will only piss you off every time you look at it. And make you frustrated enough that you end up buying what you really wanted to begin with.

April’s investment piece of the month is something I’m fairly certain — or I hope! — that every woman does already, but in the slight chance someone out there does not invest in this, YOU MUST DO IT NOW.

Everyone MUST invest in a good haircut/hairstylist.

Your hair is the accessory you wear every day, without fail. Unless you wig out like Kim Zolciak. Because this is the accessory that you are stuck with for life, it needs to be perfect, and perfection is rarely achieved — for women, at least — at the Great Clips in that old shopping center down the street. Sorry.

That’s just not going to cut it. Heh heh.

For all of my Charlotte readers — or for those in the area — my hairdresser Noel Lance is the and I adore him.

me and noel

 Wew those roots were bad. I always feel like I should be able to stream satellite TV through my head when I have highlight foils in.

Because Noel is hands-down the best hairstylist I’ve ever had and I want everyone else to experience his amazingness — not a word, I know, shut up — he has agreed to raffle off one complimentary haircut to a lucky SST reader. All you have to do is enter through the Rafflecopter contest below and follow me on Instagram or Pinterest. Or both. I recommend both.

He is also offering a 20% discount for all first-time customers/SST readers for a cut + color in the month of April — this offer is just through Noel, no other stylists at his salon. Just mention you are a SST reader and you’re good to go! I told you there’d be SOMETHING you get out of for reading this stuff. 

Happy Friday beeches, hope you have a fabulous weekend filled with amazing hair days and plenty o’ champs.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fashion and Beauty

Investment Piece of the Month

March 3, 2014

True Life: I used to be a makeup neophyte. I bought my makeup at the grocery store, a practice one of my best friends Blair always looked down upon. She told me once, “I just don’t think you should you buy your makeup from the same place that you buy your food.” I guess she has a point, and so over the past year or so I’ve replaced my cheap stuff for the expensive stuff, most of which I love, some of which my eyes hate. My eyes saw my plastic fork budget first hand, and responded to the price of my Dior mascara accordingly.

As my makeup choices have matured and my understanding of products has deepened, I’ve come to realize over the past few years how much impact lip color can have on the look of your face. As a wise family member said, “It’s the difference between looking awake or dead.” It’s so true too. If you don’t have on some sort of lip color when you are out and about, you’ll get the dreaded questions like, “Are you feeling OK?” or “You coming down with a cold?” or the ABSOLUTE WORST — “You look really tired today.” Someone told me that the other day and I almost slapped them. No, I am not coming down with a cold and I got 10 hours of sleep last night, thank you very much. I JUST DON’T HAVE ON ANY LIPSTICK.

I’ll calm down.

My point is, putting something on your lips in the morning is important, as is reapplying if you are like me and eat it off throughout the day. I was introduced by my mother to March’s Investment Piece of the Month — YSL Glossy Stain. This stuff is amazeballs.


Investment Piece of the Month
Investment Piece of the Month by annabjones featuring Yves Saint Laurent

Stays on for a damn long time and feels oh-so-good on your lips, the YSL Glossy Stain is truly the bomb. But it’s so expensive. $35 for a little tiny tube! Yikes. But I’m telling you — this stuff is worth it in my opinion. I have the #19, which is a nudey-pink — thank goodness I bought an acceptable color after learning spring’s hot lip colors here — and goes with everything. I use a berry Giorgio Armani lip pencil underneath — love this too — and then swipe on the YSL stain over top, which is a really beautiful soft pink color. If I want a brighter pink, I use more lip pencil and then swipe another brighter lip gloss on top, too. It’s extremely versatile and can become whatever you want it to be.

Think of putting on this lip stain the same way you do about brushing your teeth — if you don’t do it, people will judge you. And no one wants that on a Monday…

Fashion and Beauty

Investment Piece of the Month

February 3, 2014

As winter continues to drag its unwanted butt along, my hands are taking an enormous beating from the cold, dry weather. With every strike of the keyboard and dip in atmospheric temperature, my hands send out a silent cry for help as they draw closer and closer to cracking. For the love of God, help us! We do everything for you!

The situation is truly dire.

My hands were so dry that, on a girls’ weekend a few weeks ago, I finally coughed up the dough to buy some ‘spensive hand cream because they hurt so badly. I only did so after imbibing a handful of mimosas as I usually would never spend substantial munz on a hand cream of all things, but I am so glad I did it. I bought Burt’s Bees Ultimate Care Hand Cream for $13 and my hands gave me a round of applause. -- Ultimate Care Hand Cream

Ah this stuff is so good and definitely worth the $13 — it feels like you are rubbing your hands in a tub of Country Crock except with real nutrients and it’s 99% all natural. I wonder what’s in that one percent and if we should occupy a city to protest it. I normally wouldn’t dream of spending that kind of money on a lotion just for your hands, but desperate times call for desperate measures. My hands were at their cracking point. If you and your hands are currently in a fight over their dryness, I highly recommend this hand cream as your therapy and remediation.

In other news, I am very excited to announce that SST reader Heather M. won the Benissimo giveaway! Heather I emailed you earlier this morning but please let me know your shipping address so we can get your delicious goodies to you… Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, I will do another one soon. Thank you also for reading this baby blog of mine, it truly warms my heart.

Even though it’s Monday and Monday blows, we can all be thankful that at least we are not Peyton Manning today. Poor guy. Unless Peyton is an SST reader too!?! This is a great rumor to spread… Peyton Manning reads SST and you should too!

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