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The Best Floor Lamps for $60

October 10, 2014

Happy Friday!

This is another early AM post… I’m sipping my coffee and doing some serious mental math about how long it will be until I will be sipping some red wine… T-minus… 12 hours and 15 minutes. About. Depends on traffic this afternoon. 

That was difficult.

Anyway, I’m pumped to share these awesome floor lamps that my interior design extraordinaire friend Addison found for me. And guess what? They are only $60. The only bad part… They are from IkeaIf you’ve been reading awhile you’ll know that my previous (and only) experience with Ikea was with our sexy sectional that was in our old house, and Wilson and I swore we’d never discuss that experience again because it was so traumatic.

But guess what? I didn’t have to go to Ikea to retrieve these puppies. Addison coordinated everything for me. Addison, you are a freaking saint and I love you. Can I Venmo you the #munz?

Check ’em out with the couch of compromise below! They are like guards standing at attention, ready to smack me someone upside the head if I they spill red wine on the sofa.


front view

 Lamp light is the best light, besides early morning light, however it is also nice to use other lighting design, our website has more info about this.

lamp side view

 I love the pleated linen shade.

close up

 Up close and personal. Even though they were only $60, they are still good quality lamps.

lamps side view


another side view


couch and lamps



 And because this morning is just so gorgeous, I had to capture my view out our window. How quaint is our street?


 And because these roses are perhaps some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, I had to capture them, too.

lamps again

 If you are looking for some great floor lamps that are good quality, stylish, and, most importantly, affordable, these are the answer to your prayers. Just like Addison was the answer to my prayer to never have to go into Ikea ever again.

Mmk. I now have like… only 11 hours and 24 minutes until I can have wine. Oy. 

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The Couch to End All Couches — No For Real.

October 2, 2014

The time has finally come to debut the Couch of Compromise. Drum roll please…. 


She’s a real beauty.

sofa 5

 The couch is this one from Lee Industries in Jefferson Cream. My beautiful chairs are also Lee as well. Lee Industries makes great products and, while they are pricey, they are worth the investment.


 See how fluffy and full the cushions are? I decided to splurge on the upgraded filling for the cushions and it was a great decision. The sofa is so comfortable and plush without sucking you in. How awkward is it when you are at a party and you get stuck in the couch? 

edge of sofa and tulips

 Wilson bought and arranged these tulips. Good husband. 

sofa 4


chairs table again

The view from the other side of the room. Why is it pitch-black dark outside, you ask? Because I’m writing this at 6:12AM. It’s early. 

fabric up close

 The beauty shot of the fabric. It’s a little lighter and more oatmeal than in the photo, but at 6 AM in the morning, you take what light you can get. It’s a beautiful thick weave that will — hopefully — stand the test of time. And withstand the husband, who is like a bull in a china shop. 

chairs and table



 The other corner of the room. Remember those pillows that used to be on the disgusting outdated leather couch we had? They now are perfect floor pillows.



side view

 So, what do you think? Leave me a comment so we can chat about this couch situation. I’m really in to it. 

Happy Thursday!

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Trend Alert — Caned Furniture

July 16, 2014

Got some good stuff for y’all today. I know what you’re thinking… It’s about time… I’m sick of seeing your J.Crew sale outfits. I don’t blame you.

Like many others, I’m super in to caned furniture at the moment. Not sure what caned/caning is? I wasn’t either.

According to One Kings Lane, caned furniture — chairs, specifically — dates back to the Baroque period of England during King Charles II’s reign. Apparently England was dominated by Puritans who were super boring and made really plain furniture but with good ol’ Charlie put back on the throne, he brought back style and luxury, especially when it comes to sofas – Charlie always chose the best leather sofa brand for his comfort and taste. He had a particular influence in furniture trends. If this time in history were a movie it’d be called “How England Got Her Groove Back.” 

That’s your history lesson for the day, you’re welcome. 

But enough about history… caned furniture is the bomb and you should jump on the caned bandwagon. Caned furniture is comfortable, interesting and always on-trend no matter what piece or where you put it in your home. I’ve been looking for a great recliner and recently purchased this power recliners, its so comfortable.

Here are some of my favorite caned pieces that I own…

photo 1

 I snapped these pictures before we moved — these two caned chairs used to sit in our master bedroom.

photo 2


coffee table 3

 And now they are in our living room doing full-time duty until we get a couch. Speaking of the couch — I just got word that it is scheduled for delivery on August 11 — hallelujah!

photo 3

  Up close and personal with the Holy Cane.


Remember this Craigslist steal Wilson found for $60? And then spray painted… Such a good husband. 


loft table

And then it was used to display the husband things

kitchen console

And now it sits in our kitchen. I love these lamps, on Overstock for $152 for the pair.

Now for some more caned furniture pieces that I love for (kind of) reasonable prices… All furniture is so expensive. Safavieh Caned Chairs

These are a pair of caned chairs I found on Overstock for $225. Very stylish. Medallion Caned Side Chair

Love this one, still a bit pricey though at $400. It would be the perfect compliment to a beautiful vanity table. Charles II would be pleased.

Mahogany caned back couch

THIS piece is an awesome caned couch I found on Craigslist in the Savannah area for $325. Of course I found it after I already ordered a sofa, but Wilson would probably have nixed it anyway. He’d say it was too girly. He detests anything too pretty/girly… besides me of course. 

Mahogany caned back couch 2

But all this sofa it needs is some love and new cushions. Something in a thick weave/faux linen in a cream would be perfect, paired with some big overstuffed pillows. This piece would be the ideal conversation piece on a screened porch. I die. 

Mahogany caned back couch 3

 I just know Charles II would think this piece was the bomb. If anyone in the Savannah area is in the market for a couch, this is the answer to your sofa prayers.

 Are you in to caned furniture as much as I am? Let me know of your good finds…

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Don’t Put Your Coffee on These Coffee Table Books

June 10, 2014

This week is my week off between jobs and I must admit — I would be a great stay-at-home mom. Minus the kids.  

I’ve accomplished so many things already this week — from organizing closets to finally going to the best Tempe dentist to polishing off a bottle of malbec and some false teeth information for dad, I checked off many things from my long to-do list. The last one was my favorite. I’m sure you are shocked. 

As I continue to be extremely OCD in preparation for Wilson’s and my big move, I’ve noticed just how many books I’ve collected over the past few years to use as decoration. They are damn everywhere! In fact, I may have gone a bit overboard with the amount of beautiful books I have scattered throughout the house — especially because now I haven’t the slightest idea where we will put them in our new TEENY apartment — but they really do make me happy. So much so that I wanted to share my favorites with you, some of which I got at a great discount, too.

In no particular order…

Living in Style -- Barnes and Noble

 Buy here

Ah Rachel Zoe, how I love thee. She is such a badass and I adore everything she does, including her new home interiors book, Living in Style. It’s bananas

The Welcoming House by Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith

Buy here

Southern interior decorating extraordinaires Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith of Circa Interiors in Charlotte, NC, penned this elegant book, The Welcoming House — The Art of Living GraciouslyOne of my good friends works for Jane at Circa and scored me a signed copy. I’ve got friends in HIGH places. 

At Home -- Suzanne Rheinstein

Buy here

My sister gave me this gorgeous book by Suzanne Rheinstein and it graces my coffee table with a few others. It’s a beautiful book indeed.

Alexa Hampton The Language of Interior Design

Buy here

Another beautiful one that I purchased on Gilt Groupe.

The Southerner's Handbook by Garden & Gun

 Buy here

Wilson’s parents gave this to him for Christmas this past year and I was so excited. What’s mine is mine and what’s his is ours, right?  Garden & Gun’s Southerner’s Handbook: A Guide to Living the Good Life is the good stuff — not only does it look fantastic on our living room shelf, it also gives myriad ways for How to Speak SouthernEven Southerners need a reminder from time to time, too. 

A Privileged Life

 Buy here

I bought this one in NYC on a work trip. A bit pretentious for sure, but I really loved the lady’s outfit and expression. It’s like she’s up to something, and I want to know what that something is.

The Joy of Life The Idyllic in French Art

 Buy here

I found this book in a tiny no-name book store in New Orleans a few months ago, and loved the color of the cover and the painting on the front. I am certainly no art buff by any means, but still loved this book anyway.

Happy Tuesday everyone! It is Tuesday, right?

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The SST Guide to Styling A Bookshelf

May 13, 2014

I think I have touched on this before, but if not in order to properly understand the SST story, you must know that Wilson is a complete and utter hoarder. He holds on to something, ANYTHING, for any possible reason and for far too long.

A few years ago while encouraging him to expunge some of his clutter, I suggested that he throw away a 007 Bond video game from a Nintendo 64 that he owned in 1996. Aghast and affronted by my request, he sputtered, “No we can’t throw that away! That was my favorite game!” After I asked him if he still owned the actual Nintendo 64, he responded: “No but I was thinking about buying one on eBay. I think it’d be so cool to have people over and have a party to play the game.”

When Wilson plans the party, I’ll be sure to send you an invitation.

Then there’s little ol’ me, who loves to throw anything and everything away because I despise clutter. It is a guilty pleasure of mine to consistently reduce the amount of things I own, and of course I do it to a drastic degree.

When we moved in together, Wilson and I had an interesting — shall we say eclectic — mix of household items and furniture. I took it upon myself to reduce the amount of riff raff we owned and deduce it to an organized — shall we say thoughtful — array of things, keeping only the items that were absolutely necessary and that demonstrated unyielding utility.

Pre-Hurricane Anti-Hoarder Anna, we owned three can openers.


I cannot possibly explain the anxiety and distress possessing THREE OF THE SAME THING caused me. I”m getting upset right now just thinking about it. Cue another swig of Malbec. Because I am an extremely generous person and always put the needs of others before my own, I donated the two spare can openers to the Salvation Army — along with a slew of other items Wilson doesn’t know about, until now of course — and felt very good about myself for the rest of the day because of my commitment to both philanthropy and organization.

A few weeks later, the aforementioned commitment to philanthropy and organization was severely questioned when I made an enormous pot of chili and needed to open approximately 15 cans of food. Shit. “We used to have at least two can openers,” Wilson said briskly, dangerously cutting his eyes at me. If looks could kill. “Where could they possibly be? Wouldn’t it be so nice if we each had an opener so we could open all these cans at the same time so it wouldn’t take as long?!” Double shit.

Clearly there are some advantages to being a hoarder, as learned from my dear Wilson.

Besides having an extra can opener when you need it, hoarding provides myriad odds and ends from which to choose items to style your bookshelf. Thanks to Wilson’s unnatural penchant for keeping stuff, I was able to easily and satisfactorily arrange the bookshelf in our living room — and the one in our loft and guest bedroom too, for that matter.

Wilson did you think I’d ever say thank you for hoarding? Don’t worry I’m not. I’m just saying I didn’t detest it quite as much on the day when I organized this bookshelf.


Tip #1 to organizing your bookshelf — shop in your own home. This is a 100% free way to shop for things to put on your bookshelf. You can’t get any more #plasticforkbudget than that.  I shopped in Wilson’s unbelievable amounts of shit stuff he’d amassed over the years, and you should do the same. Look for great hardback books, pretty photographs, trinkets from the past — the blue bird above was my Grandmother’s — mementos from a fantastic vacation… Anything and everything that you think looks pretty, pull it together to arrange on your bookshelf.

teapot bookshelf

Tip #2: Once you select the things you like most from your clutter, separate out the books. Books are the most important element of a well-organized bookshelf. Your goal for your bookshelf is a collected, lived-in look, not like you spent hours moving things around an inch or so until they are just perfect — don’t even act like I’m the only one who does this — and a variety of books, both paper and hardback, achieve this tricky balancing act.

I was lucky because Wilson owned a million hardback books about UNC and Tar Heel basketball, which were perfect for displaying on the shelf. All I did was remove the covers from the books — no I did not throw them away, Wilson would disown me if I damaged his precious UNC memorabilia — and then organized them by size and color. In the picture above, I stood them vertically in the upper shelf and arranged them in a faux rainbow, and then stacked some other books horizontally and put a picture of Wilson’s family on top on the lower shelf. Whatever you feel looks right, go with it. It’s your shelf for heaven’s sake. 

books on bookshelf

My beautiful and silver spoon taste Herend china dessert plate.

Tip #3: Decide how you want to space each grouping of items together. Do you want the items spaced out to give the shelf a more modern, simple feel? Or do you want to mimic an actual library, and stack books on magazines on anything until the shelves are completely filled? Both are great looks, it just depends on your style. Personally I like a less-cluttered look — shocked, I’m sure — and so I space each little group of things together about four inches apart. Surprisingly I did not measure between each grouping. Maybe my OCD is improving.

books and conch

Wilson and I brought back the conch above from our honeymoon in Turks and Caicos. We drank a lot of rum punch and Wilson made friends with everyone. People love him, especially when he’s been overserved.

bookshelf upclose

Tip #4: Edit yourself. Even if you are going for a library, cluttered look for your bookshelf, you always need to scale it back just a touch to make sure everything goes together. Coco Chanel recommended that every woman should remove one piece of whatever they are wearing before they leave the house to ensure they aren’t overdone — same concept here. You should remove one or two things from your bookshelf styling to make sure it’s not too much.

side table

Another example of using books for decorating.

The good thing about bookshelf styling is the overall look of the shelf can easily be tweaked, changed or completely overhauled in just one afternoon. You could even accomplish it in a cocktail hour if you have a good bottle of red as your motivation. Try out my tips and let me know how it goes by leaving me a comment. I love hearing from you my pretties…

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The Story of the Owls and My Favorite Photos

April 29, 2014

Reason #347 why Wilson and I love our house: two owls live in our backyard. We are OBSESSED with these owls. They are so cool — they hoot at each other throughout the day and night and fly across the sky to search for food. A much cooler way to do grocery shopping. 

As the weather gets warmer, the owls have become more active and Wilson and I have had more lucky sightings of these awe-inspiring creatures. Wilson refers to them as the Owl Gang, speaking of them with as much reverence and respect as one would a U.S. president.

“Come here my brothers!” he called out to them the other night after a few bourbon drinks, “I am one of you!” He anxiously awaited for his acceptance into their gang.

They didn’t respond.

As do any celebrity, the owls have an entourage of crows that follow them, trying to poach the reward of their strategic hunts. Wilson is currently in the throes of crafting a master plan to take down these parasites, which involves the cloak of nighttime, our upstairs window and a 22. As bailing out my husband for using a firearm within city limits is not within my #plasticforkbudget, he is revising the logistics.

Left to his own devices, Wilson could either discover the cure to cancer or accidentally burn our house down. You just never know.

Our next-door neighbors have also joined in our fascination with the Owl Gang. We often exchange owl-sighting stories and they even snapped a few photos of one of the owls’ round little faces. Every celebrity is stalked by paparazzi.

Needless to say, things have gotten a little out of hand with our owl obsession. It also goes without saying that the owls are just one part of why we love this little home so much. In an effort to be more #grateful for how #blessed I am, I am sharing some of my favorite photos of the house.

Shall we?

glass coffe table2

This is the glass coffee I got a little confrontational over with an innocent lady. I’d say my attitude paid off.

glass coffee tablw

living room

Our house is cozy and therefore there is no entryway. You use the word “cozy” when politely referring to a house that is really freaking small.  Because of this, the room required impact, expertly delivered by these oversized lamps and bright colors throughout the room.

bookshelf upclose

I’m writing a bookshelf styling post so stay tuned for some ideas…

blue plate

Hanging plates on walls is the shit.


 You can learn a lot about a person by their bookshelf — who is most important to them, what books they read, the knick knacks they display to savor fond memories…


My attempt in styling the husband shit stuff. We like to have access to alcohol in almost every room. 

barcart 2

The birthplace of the brocart.

upstairs bathroom

A simple Target project that makes this little bathroom look stylish.

dining room shelf

My favorite crystal and china pieces, including my absolute favorite Vietri piece.

dining room

My blue and white dining room. These DIY lucite drapery rods were some of Wilson’s and my finest work.

dining room 2

We look very distinguished because of our beautiful barware, but it’s a farce. I purchased nothing in this picture, all of these pieces were wedding gifts. We did buy the liquor. #whatmattersmost

bathtub 2

OUR TUB! This thing is such a specimen of beauty and craftiness. The fact that Wilson not only found this gorgeous claw-foot tub on Craigslist but that he also hauled it in the back of his Yukon is one of the main reasons why he’s the absolute bomb. You go girl.

bathtub fixtures

I love the old-fashioned chrome fixtures. I love anything shiny.

Hope you enjoyed my Tuesday trip down memory lane…

Also don’t forget to enter my giveaway with Vietri to win this vase FO FREE. Free may be my favorite word.

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How To Create a Gallery Wall

April 23, 2014

A great gallery wall can really change a space. As a collection of your favorite photos, frames and objects, a gallery wall transforms a blank wall into a showcase for the things you love most.

Wall at angle

I created this gallery wall in the little hallway between our master bedroom and bathroom. Hidden by a pocket door, this secret spot possesses some of my most favorite photos of Wilson’s and my friends and family.

The day I hung these frames Wilson was out of town. This was not a coincidence. As another installment in the series Anna and Wilson Have Different Tastes, Wilson is an extremely analytical person — everything has a formula and can be solved by math — and he INSISTS on measuring EVERYTHING when hanging a picture on a wall. From the width of the frame to the middle of the wall to the outside of the molding in relation to only God knows what, Wilson’s hanging habits are less than desirable in my opinion. I hate math.

If the world went my way — what a wonderful world this would be — there would be no measuring involved when hanging pictures on a wall. No, if I ruled the world, all pictures could be hung willy-nilly and it wouldn’t matter how many holes you put in the wall, you could just cover them up with another picture and your husband wouldn’t get mad at you.  Happy hour would also be all 24 hours of the day instead of just one if I ruled the world, but I supposed that’s neither here nor there…

wall front

Fortuitously for me, that weekend I did rule the world as far as I was concerned because Wilson was out of town and so I hung these frames as haphazardly and un-analytically as humanly possible.

I used these frames from Target cheap, durable — and put my favorite pictures in the frames. I had an image in my mind of how I wanted the overall wall to look, so I used that to create the collection of frames. I used an imaginary “equator” in the middle to dictate how I arranged the photos and put the largest frames in the middle, complemented by the smaller (cheaper) frames on the outside. I laid the frames down on the floor, arranged them around the equator about two inches apart on all sides and took a picture of it so I could remember my handiwork.

Then the bad part started.

For the six frames on this wall, I made an average of two holes per picture. I was a hot mess with a hammer. Thankfully the pictures cover up my indiscretions, however the next homeowner is going to be most confused and/or upset. As will Wilson.

me and wilson

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and Wilson. We were at Wilson’s fraternity formal in college, hence Wilson’s multiple buttons unbuttoned, the red solo cup and the fist pump in the background. Epic brah.

other wall

More of my favorite pictures with my favorite people.

long wall again

Regardless of how Wilson may feel about the wall and the holes behind it, I considered it a job well done. Snaps for Anna.

I researched other gallery walls that I liked that were executed differently than mine, and compiled the selection below for you to peruse. -- Gallery Wall


This gallery wall really does look like a wall at an art gallery. Created with different frames, photos and art pieces, this wall is colorful and happy without being too busy. Just busy enough. -- Gallery Wall w White Frames


This wall is Wilson’s analytical dream. Same-sized frames and perfectly placed equidistantly, this is a clean, distinctive look. Me likey. -- Gallery Walls


I love this gallery wall! I’ve wanted to do one like this on our staircase but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because I’m nervous it could create some serious drama in our household. Can you imagine how many holes I would make? Can you imagine the amount of gray hairs Wilson would give me with all the measuring? Oy. I’m tired just thinking about it. I need some time to figure out how to pull this one off…

Have you attempted a gallery wall? Are you a serial hole-maker like me? Leave me a comment so we can chat about this important topic…

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Master Bedroom — Grays Gone Wild

April 17, 2014

This house is such a labor of love.

Wilson and I put our blood, sweat and many, many tears into this house, and to see it come together — I use the word together loosely — feels like I’m watching one of my children graduate.


As a house is always a work in progress and nothing is ever really finished, I’ve learned to take gratitude in the little victories. Such as — look at this pretty bed! My mother-in-law gave us this beautiful bedding for Christmas two years ago. The matelassé bedding layered with the monogrammed hemstitch pillows mixes textures within the same clean white color. Makes me feel calm. Makes Wilson feel nervous that he’s going to get it dirty.

pillowsI know, I know, for bedding and towels you should use only the woman’s monogram, but since Wilson sleeps here too I wanted to give him some credit. Respect to my homie. chest 2I found this chest of drawers from Sleepy Poet for $400. Yes, $400. I saw one the other day like this for $2000. Booyah.


Look at my sweet little mom when she was a child! She was eating animal crackers in her cute sailor dress. I love this photo of her.

These lamps were a steal for $40 from Homegoods and the blue and white urns were a great find from Sleepy Poet at $40 each. These lamps from Pottery Barn are almost identical and are four times the cost of ones I found… Pottery Barn = good for bedding, overpriced for lamps.

bed at angle

 I purchased this bed from Gilt Groupe two summers ago for $700. At the time I felt like I had just spent a million dollars on nothing, but putting forth the money for what I really wanted has truly paid off. And $700 isn’t too bad for a king bed frame, so it was a good purchase. Things like a good bed are worth the splurge. The starburst mirror was a great snag from Amazon for $80, and the plates were yet another good find from Sleepy PoetSwear I’m still not getting paid for these mentions. 

 It’s important to note how long this room took me to create. I am not an impulse decision-maker when it comes to interiors, and I don’t do anything until I’m completely positive that I will love it for a considerable amount of time. I don’t force any purchases — if I don’t think it’s exactly what I’m looking for, then I don’t buy it. It’s difficult to exhibit this kind of self-control — especially for a shopaholic with expensive taste — but it is completely necessary to get what I want and not blow my budget. Rome was not built in a day and neither was this room.

bedside table

Our bedside tables were a wedding gift from Wilson’s aunts and uncles. They are stunning and have tons of storage — I love them.

Obviously you can tell that all of the colors in this room are muted grays and whites, besides the rich browns from the furniture and striking blue of the urns. As much as I love pops of color in a house, I need some serenity in my bedroom. It’s like the interior design version of a glass of wine plus half a xanax.

bedside table upclose

These lamp shades were a great score off of Etsy. They were a little pricey at $50 each, but well worth it in my opinion. The lucite lamp bases were from Target for $57 each! Mi amor. 

I really love this bedroom and hope you do too, so much so that you will Pin these images because they are now able to be pinned right from this website! I figured out how to do it all on my own, too… Snaps for Anna. Just hover your mouse over the photos and voilà! Great pinnable material. Here’s hoping, at least.

It’s funny, I’m staring at my hand and just cannot figure out for the life of me why there is not a cocktail in it. I must rectify this situation immediately. Ciao.

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Mixing and Matching Pillows

March 12, 2014

One of my most favorite things to do when sitting in my living room is watch any male squirm uncomfortably because of all the decorative pillows on the furniture. It is the same type of enjoyment I get when watching Wilson freak out whenever he finds any feminine products in our house — it so damn funny and never gets old. He has learned a lot about women since we’ve been married, most of which he did not want to know.

Wilson, for example, has a lot of trouble with the living room pillows. Whenever he walks into the room, he scans the space for a spot to sit sans pillows, and after finding no such place, he gingerly squats on the edge of the couch and attempts to nestle back against them, awkwardly arching his back over the shape of the pillow instead of leaning against it. He’ll adjust, and squirm, and rustle about to achieve his desired level of comfort, but it is to no avail — he just looks like a person at the movie theater sitting in the front row — awkward, upset and about to have a neck ache. After another five minutes of failed adjustments, he’ll curse at the pillow and throw in on the floor. “I hate these pillows!” he’ll spat under his breath, darting his eyes at the pillows’ purchaser. He never thought saying ‘I do’ meant dealing with decorative pillows. And so much more. 

At least Wilson has learned to just throw the pillows on the floor — if we have male guests at our house, they simply endure the discomfort in an effort to be polite and not hurt my feelings because they know 1) I bought them and 2) I write a blog about home stuff so that might be rude. I’m here to tell you, gentlemen in my life and in my living room, you may throw the throw pillows on the floor. They were cheap.

Throw pillows are such an easy and affordable way to change the look of any room and/or piece of furniture. As previously stated, the bane of my existence is that disgusting leather specimen that Wilson refers to as a “really nice couch” in our living room. If you saw where he lived previously and the guests he and his roomies entertained — they called it upscale fraternal living — you’d understand my distaste for this cumbersome piece of shit. But I digress. I bought extremely bright — borderline annoying — aqua and tangerine pillows to cover up enhance the look of the piece of furniture and add some color to the room.


See? You almost can’t see it. Almost.

There are several ways to combine different pillows that coalesce together without being matchy-matchy. Here I’ve taken the color palette in the room and used it on the pillows — aqua and tangerine aren’t quite complementary colors, but close enough. I also mixed different patterns together within the same color family to create an unexpected look that isn’t completely haphazard. The look you want to go for is intentionally diverse, not totally strange.


The tangerine pillow’s pattern is much more subdued so the collection of pillows isn’t too loud.



These pillows are on the bed in a guest bedroom. The blues and greens in the paisley pillow are reflected in the fringe and detail of the front decorative pillows. They go together like me and mimosas at 12PM on Saturdays. Or any days.



These cuties are in the loft. I used only neutral colors to blend together a variety of pillows, each a different size and fluffiness. There are also various textures combined together here, which is another great way to mix in different pillows.



Mixing pillows together is so awesome and you should definitely do it. Because I said so. Don’t you trust a person who watches Real Housewives on the reg?

Happy Wednesday people. Only two more days until the weekend. Lawd help me.

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How to Use Your Husband’s Stuff and Make it Pretty — Loft Edition

February 25, 2014

Well, well, well. The time has finally come to debut our newly decorated loft area. I won’t say newly finished because nothing is ever finished in a house — an important lesson I’ve come to understand over the past two years — but the area looks much closer to finished than it did a few months ago. A few months ago it looked much closer to a construction zone. Hard hats were the new fedora in this room.

As the loft area was designated as the “man room” — cue eye roll — I used Wilson’s UNC toys to decorate with, which accomplished two great things: 1) I didn’t have to pay for most of the decor and 2) Hanging/displaying all of this shit stuff made Wilson so incredibly happy it was more than worth my displeasure of looking at all the shit stuff. This room is my best compromise yet as a new wife.

IMG_3230These bar stools were a very creative and special wedding gift for me and Wilson. It is only natural that Rameses stands guard for the Tar Heel brocart.


This console table was a great Craigslist find for $50. Wilson spray painted it black lacquer — can’t wait to show you pictures from that process. He did a great job and the lacquer makes the table stand out much better than its original wood stain. The little footstool pillows from Target are perfectly cozy nestled under the table and were $60 each. They are now on sale for $42, grr.




Wilson loves Butch Davis so much. He cried when he resigned. He also cried when I gave him the football helmet a few pictures back. He’s very in touch with his emotions.


Like I said, sitting on the couch will never be peaceful again.


These Sports Illustrated covers were hand-selected by Mr. UNC himself. I wish I had taken a video of him going through these magazines — as he carefully sifted through each edition, it was like he was greeting an old best friend that he hadn’t seen in 20 years, over and over again. x100. I found the frames at Target for $20 each — Wilson and I agreed that we will never pay for custom framing again for small stuff like this — way cheaper to do it yourself.



Hello my favorite coffee table ever. The table is adorned with basketball coffee table books and a book with duck stamps that belonged to Mr. UNC’s grandfather. Y’all even I’m sentimental sometimes.


This table is part of a pair that Wilson’s cousin Hooper gave us for our wedding. Hooper, of the fabulous Birds of a Feather, had these specially made for us after I saw some like it that she had sold before I could get my paws on them. I love them so much — look at the gold-dipped legs and turquoise pulls! The lamp was a Homegoods find for $50.

I’d like to take a moment and draw everyone’s attention to the picture in the background — Wilson and his bowl cut. If that’s not the cutest/most hilar thing you’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is. That bowl cut is worth its own blog post. Title — Never Been Kissed: Middle-School-Bowl-Cut Edition.


Well there you have it people. Updated loft area that didn’t break the bank — not even close — and that uses Wilson’s stuff (I didn’t even say shit this time!)

To My Dear Husband: Wilson, I love you. I don’t hate all of your stuff, either. Any time I’m bitchy rude and you don’t like me at that moment, please come look at this room and remember that I did something nice for you that one time.