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The Best Floor Lamps for $60

October 10, 2014

Happy Friday!

This is another early AM post… I’m sipping my coffee and doing some serious mental math about how long it will be until I will be sipping some red wine… T-minus… 12 hours and 15 minutes. About. Depends on traffic this afternoon. 

That was difficult.

Anyway, I’m pumped to share these awesome floor lamps that my interior design extraordinaire friend Addison found for me. And guess what? They are only $60. The only bad part… They are from IkeaIf you’ve been reading awhile you’ll know that my previous (and only) experience with Ikea was with our sexy sectional that was in our old house, and Wilson and I swore we’d never discuss that experience again because it was so traumatic.

But guess what? I didn’t have to go to Ikea to retrieve these puppies. Addison coordinated everything for me. Addison, you are a freaking saint and I love you. Can I Venmo you the #munz?

Check ’em out with the couch of compromise below! They are like guards standing at attention, ready to smack me someone upside the head if I they spill red wine on the sofa.


front view

 Lamp light is the best light, besides early morning light, however it is also nice to use other lighting design, our website has more info about this.

lamp side view

 I love the pleated linen shade.

close up

 Up close and personal. Even though they were only $60, they are still good quality lamps.

lamps side view


another side view


couch and lamps



 And because this morning is just so gorgeous, I had to capture my view out our window. How quaint is our street?


 And because these roses are perhaps some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, I had to capture them, too.

lamps again

 If you are looking for some great floor lamps that are good quality, stylish, and, most importantly, affordable, these are the answer to your prayers. Just like Addison was the answer to my prayer to never have to go into Ikea ever again.

Mmk. I now have like… only 11 hours and 24 minutes until I can have wine. Oy. 

Home Living

Good Quality, Inexpensive Rugs

July 29, 2014

My friend Molly reached out to me the other day to get some SST suggestions on inexpensive rugs. Smart girl. Molly and her husband are currently doing a major renovation on their house, thereby increasing their home equity, stress levels and drinking habits. I’m just guessing about the last two from my previous #reno experience. And of course, once you renovate your house, you have to renovate your furniture, too. The old stuff in a new house just suddenly looks… sad. 

As per Molly, she wants some rugs that aren’t crazy expensive because she’s about to spend a small fortune on them as their house is all hardwoods. I feel bad for you, really I do. Here’s the thing about rugs — they are all expensive. Even the cheaper ones aren’t still that good of a deal — it’s most upsetting. But I’ve found a few good ones — some of which I actually own and love — that are good quality and will last through the wear and tear of shoes, feet and paws. Molly has the cutest dog, Sadie. 


Handwoven Casual Sisal Natural Seagrass Rug

 This rug from Overstock was a great purchase I made for our dining room at our old house. It now covers the floor in our apartment’s living room. Great sturdy rug that doesn’t show dirt. On sale today for $199 for an 8×10.

Handmade Geometric Flat Weave Gray Wool Rug

Another great rug from Overstock that I bought for our master bedroom. The colors are really muted so the print isn’t too much and it’s pretty soft on the feet too. $441.

 Cow rug

Teehee I had to throw the cow in. I love the look of a rawhide rug layered over a sisal one like the first one listed above. Very farm chic. 

Handwoven Natural Fiber Jute Rug

 Another Overstock special. Great 5×8 jute rug for $81. The only thing about jute rugs (and sisal for that matter) is that dogs love to pee on them because they are technically grass. So Molly, if Sadie has an issue with mistaking rugs for grass — Wilson has trouble with it too — I’d stay away from them.

Blue and White Flatweave Rug

 This rug from One Kings Lane would be a great runner for a hallway. $145 for a runner.

Brinley Flat Weave Rug
 LOVE. Another One Kings Lane find. $379.

 Great Ikea rug for cheaaaaap. $99 for 5×8.

So whatcha think? Are you ready to trade in your crummy old rugs for one of these?

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