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Tweed Rain Boots

September 26, 2016

Happy Monday. And happy fourth day of fall. I am not one of those peeps that freaks out over fall because of the sweater + pumpkin spice latté season, but it is nice to look forward to lower temperatures. You know, the days when you walk outside and sweat doesn’t immediately bead up on your face and your glasses fog up from the humidity so much so that you can’t see. Real life in Savannah. 

It’s not that I’m anti-fall, it’s just… why do we have to dress like the leaves on the trees in order to be in-season? Why do I need to wear a burnt orange sweater to be considered fall-ish? I don’t want to look like a pumpkin. Or a tree whose leaves are dead. Or a bale of hay, for that matter. What if I want to wear periwinkle? What if I want to dress like a piña colada instead of a PSL? Who doesn’t love a good piña colada?

Just sayin’.

Nevertheless, I saw these boots online and thought they were pretty darn acceptable. Fall in love. Or not, whatever. 



buy them here

I think these would be acceptable in a non-rain situation as well as a rainy one. I like a boot that can be flexible, and these are flexible and only $45. Good deal. 

Our trip to Naxos is coming to SST later this week, stay tuned…

photo credit: joe fresh

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Billy Reid Dress

August 3, 2015

When I was in Charleston a few weekends ago I happened upon a Billy Reid boutique. A talented Southern designer, Billy Reid has some truly beautiful clothes, but wew those prices are ‘spensive. Luckily for me, ol’ Billy put some things on sale for me. I got this dress for $150, and you should too. But only if you’re in the market. 

dress 2

dress / shoes (on even bigger sale than before!) / necklace / lip stain

I think this will be a great transitional dress into the fall once Savannah decides to cool down a tad. But even amidst her 90-degree-heat, this dress is still great in this hot Savannah summer.


Wilson took these photos of me in our square before we went on a date. Re: I actually had makeup on and my hair was somewhat clean. The initial conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Wilson, will you take some pictures of me in the square?

Wilson: What kind of pictures?

Me: Pictures of me in this dress so I can put it on the blog.

Wilson: Sure, can I bring my gin and tonic?

Me: Yes.

Wilson: Then just call me your gin and tonic photographer.

Me in my head: Ah yes, just what the world needs.

lamp post

Despite my G&T photog, I think he did a fine job. The model, now she could use some training!

Seriously. Why isn’t is 5 o’clock yet. Shit.

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Weekend Outfits

July 27, 2015

This past weekend I traveled to Charleston for my best friend Ashton’s bachelorette party, which was just a lovely time. Charleston is so beautiful and it has been awhile since I’ve spent some quality time with its great shopping and delicious food.

I posted the above photo on Instagram that got a few requests for some outfit details, so I figured I’d let you know wassup.

I snagged this crop top and shorts in Zara while traveling in Spain, but both pieces are sold out now unfortunately. But don’t worry, they have some super similar stuff in stock and it’s on sale right now. Woot. And so are the shoes!

four of us

Similar top / similar shorts / sandals / clutch old, similar here

This is what Take #1 looked like. Snort.

take 1

Ah, the difference of what real life looks like versus what we post to Instagram. 

Here’s my Saturday pool bathing suit combo. I bought this bathing suit top for major sale on Shopbop and paired with my go-to bikini bottoms from J. Crew. Because they are black you’d never know they aren’t actually a set. My own form of magic. 

pool outfit details

top / bottoms / flip flops / nail polish

And then because you can’t go to Charleston and not snap annoying iPhone photos of your food, here’s some of those as well.


Brunch at The Rarebit. Twas quite delicious. This was the special breakfast sandwich of the day — English muffin, two fried eggs, bacon, caramelized onions, fig jam, and Gruyere cheese with a side of potatoes. It was terrific. 

delish drink

Drinks at Husk. This was a “Blinker” — it’s not on the cocktail menu, but you must request it because its amazing. Vodka, grapefruit juice, club soda, St. Germain, and something else that I cannot remember.

cheese plate from husk

Lovely little cheese plate.

All in all, it was a most successful weekend and I loved celebrating my best friend of 14 years. Old friends are the best friends. 

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Holiday Attire for Less — Or a Lot

November 6, 2014

Now that Halloween is offish over, it is time to start planning for the holidays. And by planning I mean financially planning. 

Dun dun dunnnn.

Between the Christmas parties, the myriad Christmas gifts and the now four birthdays that occur in my immediate family between November and Christmas (baby nieces are winter babies), this time of year things get a little tight. Tight like a tiger. 

I’ve already started buying my Christmas presents for my dear family members (more on that later) but I’m also planning on what, if any, holiday attire purchases I need to make. Wilson’s company Christmas party is coming up soon and I also have two December weddings. And for me personally, when I try to shop for a specific occasion in mind, I never find what I want and often settle for something that I’ll likely never wear again. Equaling a huge waste of money. 

So in an effort to stay ahead of any wardrobe meltdowns mishaps and money blunders, I’ve picked out these two pieces that would be perfect for a holiday occasion.


Holiday Attire -- Save and Splurge
dress / jumpsuit

The dress is very affordable at $79 and the silhouette would be flattering on both athletic and curvaceous shapes. It’s all about creating and accentuating a waist. The jumpsuit is absolutely fabulous with a less than fabulous price of $428. Ouch. So, it’s up to you and your wallet. Y’all talk it out and decide what you can afford. Remember, paying off your credit card at the end of each month is the new black. 

Tomorrow is Friday…

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Need a New Cocktail Dress? I Got You.

September 24, 2014


So last weekend ol’ Wilson and I went to a fancy black tie party, and as always, despite the myriad cocktail dresses I already own, nothing was working. Oh the horror, I know. In my defense, most of the cocktail dresses I own are a bit summer-y as I bought them for wedding festivities once upon a time, but certainly I could have found something to work, I just didn’t want to. I wanted something new and shiny.

Except I didn’t want to spend any money. This is a problem I often wrestle with — defining the border between needing something (like toilet paper) and wanting something (like said cocktail dress) is often the difference between enormous amounts of credit card debt and the ability to pay for your kids’ college tuition. This fine line is exactly what Silver Spoon Taste is all about really. Having said that, there are always exceptions to the rule — like the times when you just need to treat yourself. Within reason, of course. 

I knew I would see a lot of people I went to college with that I had not seen in awhile, and since no one wants to be the subject of the she’s-let-herself-go-since-college ridicule, I did my best to look… my best. And I think I succeeded with the help from the perfect little black dress below — from ASOS for $114.


The Ultimate Little Black Dress

 asos black dress

There’s nothing quite as sexy yet demure as a form-fitting, below-the-knee black dress. I know that once my mother reads that line she will say, But Anna you told me I couldn’t wear any dresses below the knee!  Mom — I still stick by that, but that’s because you are too short to wear something below the knee. I’m sorry and I love you. 

Anywho this dress was a real winner, and I especially loved the “gold” belt that cinched everything in at the waist — and by everything I mean the 10,000 passed hors d’oeuvres I scarfed down when we got there — who can refuse beautiful finger food!?  Someone actually asked me if the belt was by a designer. I was happy to let her know that no, it was just cheap shit from ASOSOh yea.

As for the fit, I went up a size to accommodate my lower half — cue “I’m All About That Bass” — but it could have used a little nip in at the waist because of the larger size. If you do order it, I’d recommend ordering it with plenty of time to alter if needed.

Happy Wednesday peeps — here’s hoping happy hour comes soon! And by soon I mean now. 

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Track Trend

September 15, 2014

Ok SO I’ve been resisting this clothing trend for about a year now, but it seems that it is here to stay for the time being so I might as well come to grips with this information. I present to you, loyal SST readers, the latest thing to come to a closet near you: dressing like an 70’s track star.

I know, I know.

Think Bruce Jenner in his prime and add some effortless glamour, and that’s what this trend is all about. It’s comfortable, it’s a little sexy, and it’s pretty cool. See some of my favorite track-inspired pieces below.


Track Trend


All of these items are either from J.Crew or Topshop, my usual haunts. But because trying out a new trend can be risky, you must follow two rules: 1) NEVER spend a lot of money on a trendy item and 2) Always try it out safely by purchasing the trendy item from a brand you trust and normally wear. This will guarantee it is good quality and a good fit, and will also allow you to ease into the trend. Nothing worse than waking up one day and decide you are going to dress exclusively like 70’s Bruce Jenner and buy your clothes only from American Apparel from now on.  

 1. Striped Sweatshirt: This is a great top that is both comfy and stylish. Stripes are also very in this season. I feel like they are always in, but WWD told me they were specifically in this season so whatever. $56.

2. Skinny Twill Sweatpant: Very on-trend pants in navy or white and they look very comfortable. I always recommend that when wearing something looser on the bottom — like these pants or the red ones described below — you balance it out with a form-fitting top. I use this rule of fashion thumb a lot, with the exception of dressing for work. Work-dressing is in its own category, much like my addiction penchant to malbec. $41.99 with the code SHOPFORFALL.

3. Pinstripe Bomber Jacket: Oh this thing is just too cute. Perfect for the fall with a pair of boyfriend skinny jeans, this jacket makes a great Bruce Jenner statement pre-his Kardashian days. $104.99 with extra 25% off code SHOPFORFALL.

4. Felt Baseball Cap: Baseball caps aren’t just for the dugout anymore. I think that women wearing baseball caps as a fashion statement was the biggest problem I had initially with the track trend. I really love the cute pants and bomber jackets, but the baseball hat + skinny jeans on a girl’s night out just seemed too strange to me. But, for those of you who feel confident and sassy enough to try this out — look at you! so proud — this felt cap is really cute and a decent price. $40.

5. Crepe Lounge Pant: I LOVE these pants, especially in the uber-bright belvedere red color. Seems like red pants shouldn’t be named after vodka, but who am I to judge. These would be great for work and a night out on the town — for work I’m thinking paired with a tailored white button down tucked in, and for a fun dinner they’d be great with a blouse-y silk top. They are also extra 25% off right now with the code SHOPFORFALL — $73.50.

So, what do you think? I’m kinda digging it. SST will always keep you on track with the latest trends. 

Don’t forget! Today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a free pair of pants of your choosing courtesy of Ecru. Click here to enter!

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The Perfect Fall Jacket for $80

September 11, 2014

It’s 7:45AM in Savannah and it’s 79 degrees out already, so I really don’t think I’ll need a jacket or any fall clothes any time soon, but a girl can dream.

I found the below jacket on Shopbop a few weeks ago and it’s been on the brain ever since. It’s also been in my online shopping cart ever since, too. 

BB Dakota is a great inexpensive brand that offers a lot of variety in its pieces and it’s mostly good quality, too. I say mostly because I saw a “leather” dress by BB Dakota in a store the other day and it looked like it was made from a plastic grocery store bag. But everything else is good.



jacket / nail polish / gold cuff


I’m imagining this with my distressed jeans, R&B booties and a black tank underneath. Or, with my Ecru pants and a white silk blouse underneath. But since it’s hot as f*&$ outside, I’d really have to wear the jacket with nothing else to stay cool. Wilson, don’t get any ideas. 

Speaking of Ecru, have you entered my giveaway yet? One free pair of pants of your choosing if you enter…

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Some Really Awesome Pants

July 17, 2014

Happy Thursday everyone! I am ready for the weekend. And by the weekend I really mean ready for a drink.

I bought some amazing pants two weeks ago and have worn them three (ok five) times since and thought I’d share the love.

DISCLAIMER: These are expensive, but I got them for 50% off… Anyway, they are worth sharing regardless.

Ecru White Pants

ecru Springfield Pant

These things are so great. Made of a thick, stretchy fabric that is very wrinkle-resistant, these pants made by random designer Ecru are fantastic and I am so happy I bought them. Even though they are originally $165 — I got them for less, but still.. pricey for sure. Sorry. If you are looking for some great pants that are perfect for work — I suggest going up a size for work to make sure they aren’t too tight — and for play, these are for you. I am going to get them in other colors for the fall I think — black is a must and I love the beautiful camel color, would be great with boots and a navy blazer. Very Kate Middleton. 

Don’t forget to enter the SST Swaponz giveaway — it ends tomorrow! If you win you get five complimentary Swaponz smartphone case designs picked by yours truly. Don’t you like my use of complimentary instead of FREE! ?

I am ready for a mimosa. Who’s with me??

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SST Picks for the Saks Sale

May 22, 2014

Hiya! Y’all Saks is having a bomb-ass sale and I’ve pulled together a few quick picks for you to peruse because this stuff is just too good. Don’t miss out!

Saks Sale -- Angelica Crossover Cutout Dress


If I hadn’t just bought this new cocktail dress from the Shopbop sale, I’d be hopping on this hot cutout number as my go-to dress for this year’s wedding season. Wilson and I have 12 weddings this year. We don’t play. $149, originally $248.

Saks Sale -- Heartloom Lace-Paneled Dress

This one is an amazing deal at $67! Great purchase and good for all body types — accentuate those curves.

Saks Sale -- Halston Heritage Cotton Silk Strapless dress

This is a stunning dress by Halston Heritage, one of my favorite designers. A little pricey still at $255, but it was originally $425. I love the color and the subtle high-low hem of the dress.

Saks Sale -- Milly Mesh Printed Dress

Another great wedding attendee dress. $173, originally $385!

Saks Sale -- Lemon BCBG Long Dress

I love this lemon-colored dress. Pair with a spray tan. Originally $298, now for only $134!

Now is the time to stock up on a great summer piece… Spend your munz wisely!

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5 Closet Staples Under $100

March 27, 2014

I asked Wilson the other day what he thought of this blog post, and he said, “I liked it. My character is evolving.” Pardon monsieur? When asked what this meant, he responded, “It added another layer to my character’s personality — [readers] now know that Wilson procrastinates.” You mean YOU procrastinate???


At a wedding two weeks ago, someone asked me about the blog and its purpose. Wilson cut me off jumped right in and excitedly explained the title and premise, and how he was the main character. Some time before that, I heard him refer to it as “our blog.” Monsieur, you’ve been drinking.

I think I may have created a monster.

Because Wilson is now referring to himself in the third person, it may be time to dial down his character — to avoid a diva sitch — and discuss something he knows nothing about — fashion staples. The trouble is, he is just so entertaining it’s hard not to share. He makes me laugh.

On to closet staples.

A great way to stay within your budget but still have a fabulous and useful closet is to take stock of the items you have and identify the ones you need. I’ve listed five staples you need, if you don’t have already, that are also reasonably priced.


5 Closet Staples Under $100
5 Closet Staples Under $100 by annabjones featuring Forever 21



  1. Every lady needs a nice pair of nude pumps. I don’t have these personally so I cannot speak to their comfort level, but Gilt Groupe always provides good quality items and so I feel good about recommending them. Heels are an unnatural species in and of themselves, and ones that pinch your feet should be outlawed. I would ask Charlotte Mayor Cannon to add this to the next city council meeting agenda, but I don’t think I could afford the bill. 
  2. A lightweight cardigan to stuff in your carry-on or hang on the back of your office chair is a must. I love this one because it has such a pretty pattern.
  3. I could write a love song to my J. Crew pixie pants. Even though they are almost $100 for glorified leggings, they are amazing and you must get them. Must. I’m thinking something by Lionel Richie…
  4. A sturdy, classic handbag can last you a lifetime and doesn’t always have to be expensive or a designer label. I love this one from Zara and it looks very similar to the Givenchy ones that everyone is freaking out over.
  5. I’m not a huge fan of flats — I prefer heels because they make me feel like a boss — but everyone needs at least one pair of flats that are good for all seasons. This pair is super cute and super cheap.

Building your closet around key pieces that you wear a million times is the best way to spend your money judiciously. The point of fashion, in my opinion, shouldn’t be how many silk tanks you can acquire — it’s how many different ways you can express yourself with one great top, over and over again, season after season. Doesn’t that feel so much more fun and less wasteful?

Don’t keep up with the Joneses, we don’t give a shit about what you have.