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The Story of the Owls and My Favorite Photos

April 29, 2014

Reason #347 why Wilson and I love our house: two owls live in our backyard. We are OBSESSED with these owls. They are so cool — they hoot at each other throughout the day and night and fly across the sky to search for food. A much cooler way to do grocery shopping. 

As the weather gets warmer, the owls have become more active and Wilson and I have had more lucky sightings of these awe-inspiring creatures. Wilson refers to them as the Owl Gang, speaking of them with as much reverence and respect as one would a U.S. president.

“Come here my brothers!” he called out to them the other night after a few bourbon drinks, “I am one of you!” He anxiously awaited for his acceptance into their gang.

They didn’t respond.

As do any celebrity, the owls have an entourage of crows that follow them, trying to poach the reward of their strategic hunts. Wilson is currently in the throes of crafting a master plan to take down these parasites, which involves the cloak of nighttime, our upstairs window and a 22. As bailing out my husband for using a firearm within city limits is not within my #plasticforkbudget, he is revising the logistics.

Left to his own devices, Wilson could either discover the cure to cancer or accidentally burn our house down. You just never know.

Our next-door neighbors have also joined in our fascination with the Owl Gang. We often exchange owl-sighting stories and they even snapped a few photos of one of the owls’ round little faces. Every celebrity is stalked by paparazzi.

Needless to say, things have gotten a little out of hand with our owl obsession. It also goes without saying that the owls are just one part of why we love this little home so much. In an effort to be more #grateful for how #blessed I am, I am sharing some of my favorite photos of the house.

Shall we?

glass coffe table2

This is the glass coffee I got a little confrontational over with an innocent lady. I’d say my attitude paid off.

glass coffee tablw

living room

Our house is cozy and therefore there is no entryway. You use the word “cozy” when politely referring to a house that is really freaking small.  Because of this, the room required impact, expertly delivered by these oversized lamps and bright colors throughout the room.

bookshelf upclose

I’m writing a bookshelf styling post so stay tuned for some ideas…

blue plate

Hanging plates on walls is the shit.


 You can learn a lot about a person by their bookshelf — who is most important to them, what books they read, the knick knacks they display to savor fond memories…


My attempt in styling the husband shit stuff. We like to have access to alcohol in almost every room. 

barcart 2

The birthplace of the brocart.

upstairs bathroom

A simple Target project that makes this little bathroom look stylish.

dining room shelf

My favorite crystal and china pieces, including my absolute favorite Vietri piece.

dining room

My blue and white dining room. These DIY lucite drapery rods were some of Wilson’s and my finest work.

dining room 2

We look very distinguished because of our beautiful barware, but it’s a farce. I purchased nothing in this picture, all of these pieces were wedding gifts. We did buy the liquor. #whatmattersmost

bathtub 2

OUR TUB! This thing is such a specimen of beauty and craftiness. The fact that Wilson not only found this gorgeous claw-foot tub on Craigslist but that he also hauled it in the back of his Yukon is one of the main reasons why he’s the absolute bomb. You go girl.

bathtub fixtures

I love the old-fashioned chrome fixtures. I love anything shiny.

Hope you enjoyed my Tuesday trip down memory lane…

Also don’t forget to enter my giveaway with Vietri to win this vase FO FREE. Free may be my favorite word.

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DIY Lucite Drapery Rods At Your Service

March 25, 2014

Remember this post about the naked windows in my dining area? They are naked no more! These windows received their versions of Botox injections with the drapes and lucite rod that now frame their sweet little faces.



Now that you’ve experienced the beauty and wonder of the drapes and rod, it’s time to tell the story.

First of all, anything lucite is stupidly expensive. Just ridiculous. Whoever decided clear plastic was cool and made it into a home trend is fine with me, but all of a sudden people are paying what they would for a car on a coffee table that is made out of the same material as that Tupperware in your fridge. I support lucite only when it is affordable because it is a trend — and one that will not stay in style like that antique chest your grandmother gave you.

Ok sorry for the soap box. Just wanted to make my feelings clear about lucite.

Anywho, once I ordered these custom drapes from the Martha & Ash shop on Etsyhighly recommend by the way! — it was time to decide on the mounting hardware. I found this blog post about DIY lucite drapery rods and was instantly intrigued. Coincidentally, once I voiced my opinion about installing lucite for these windows, Wilson and a friend both sent me the same link. Ok people, fine. I’ll do it. Twist my arm.

The blog writer lady said that she did some research and found a company that makes a variety of clear plastic rods that can be used to hang drapes. She said to ask for Kip and he’ll treat ya right nice and cut a rod the length you request and polish it up for you, too. Kip you ol’ dawg. Stop being so sexy.

Wilson, being the incredibly handsome and resourceful person that he is, called the company and asked for Kip and whatdayaknow, that little boo Kip answered and agreed to send us two poles — the company didn’t make one long enough for what our drapes called for. He even offered to ship the poles to Wilson’s office because they offer a discount when shipping to a business. Kip is the shit.

Not surprisingly, Kip also said that he gets at least two calls a week since that blog post was written to request lucite rods for drapes just like little ol’ me. You see? Bloggers rule the world.


Now it was time to choose hardware for the drapes. Wilson and I meandered around Lowe’s and found some great drapery rings and mounting holders that fit the width of the lucite rod.


We bought some gold spray paint and sprayed those suckers to give the windows a metallic pop.


These are the drapery rod “end caps” and rod “connector,” which in reality are plumbing materials. Haha.





So far, so good for the drapes.

The end on the drapery story, you may ask? Oh no. No, no, no.

It is now time to tell the story of the drapery installation.

Just picture it: you’re throwing a party for your friends and you want to buy new drapes before the party so everyone thinks you are just as fabulous and chic as you think you are in your head. You order the drapes well in advance and also coordinate — and by coordinate I mean tell Wilson to call the plastic company — the purchase and delivery of said drapery rods. You then take your significant other — poor Wilson — to Lowe’s to find hardware that you can spray paint to hold up the drapes. You *think* that you bought the correct hardware that will accommodate the width of your drapery rods. You also *think* that your significant other will hang said drapes well in advance of the party.

Think again.

Just picture it: it’s the day of the party and you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off barking orders at everything with a pulse to make sure the party is perfect. Your unbelievably supportive and loving family — who you demanded rearrange their schedules to come help you —  is scurrying around your house helping set up the fabulous and chic party. Your significant other chooses 5:45PM to start hanging the drapes. The party starts at 7PM.

Cue Anna’s congestive heart failure. I need to take a xanax just writing this.


As I went into cardiac arrest, my sister Laurie swooped in to save the day — and Wilson’s life — as she so often does for me and helped Wilson hang the drapes. She solved everything. The rod doesn’t fit into the mounting hardware? No problem! She jammed the rod into its holder. The curtains are wrinkled? Don’t even think about it! She steamed them into perfect pleats.

Laurie, if it wasn’t for you, I would most likely be admitted into a padded room and Wilson would be on the run from his wife/for his life. The whole situation could have ended like a great game of Clue — Anna murdered Wilson in the kitchen with a candlestick! — but instead it turned out wonderfully because big sisters always save their little sister’s butts.

Laurie, the next round is on me.



You can tell everything about a person by their bar. I don’t trust anyone with a shitty bar. Oh you only have white zin and a bottle of rum? Yea no we’re not going to get along. Goodbye.


As the draperies were hung in the kitchen with care, Anna and Wilson sat at the table in the hopes their cocktails would soon be there.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday and that their husbands are not procrastinators.

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Why I May Like Spray Paint More than Malbec

February 28, 2014

Oh I love spray paint. I just love love LOVE it. It’s super easy to maneuver, looks great on a variety of surfaces/pieces and gives you a little high once you are finished.

Wilson, my favorite husband, also loves spray paint and really demonstrated his devotion by using it to paint two pieces of furniture that needed a face lift. After a little Botox spray paint, these puppies had a new lease on life.

Elephant pre paint

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Hot the Elephant. Hot the Elephant was another treasure found at Sleepy Poet for $40 — still not being paid for these mentions, SMH — when Wilson and I went on a family adventure to said treasure trove with my sister, brother-in-law and two baby nieces. A family that bargain shops together stays together. When I asked Ella Grace, my two-year-old niece, what we should name the elephant, she simply answered, “Hot.” OK then, Hot it is.

Having seen some similar out-of-my-price-range specimens on One Kings Lane, I knew Hot would be completely transformed with a few coats of white lacquer spray paint, so Wilson took on the task and got to work. I bought two cans of white lacquer spray paint at Lowe’s for $10 and Wilson was done with Hot at the end of the day. The key to garnering an even coat of color with spray paint is to wait until it dries completely, spray again in the spots that need touching up, wait until this dries, and then do one more final coat. For larger furniture, repeat this cycle until the piece is completely covered.

White elephant finished

He looks so happy with his new ice cream paint job.


This is Hot’s new home, perfectly nestled between two of my favorite chairs, standing at attention so that he can balance someone’s cocktail while they chat.

Elephant and table

Here is Hot and fellow rags-to-riches furniture friend, the console table Wilson scored from Craigslist for $60.

Console table

I really like the stain that the table came with, but I had it in my head that the table should be black lacquer — I’m a little into lacquer — so I wanted to adjust the table to fit my mental vision. That’s the beauty of buying furniture off of Craigslist for cheap — you can make it look exactly the way you want it to. I’d never spray paint a truly nice piece of furniture, but for $60, who cares?

Console talbe

console table up close

Wilson sanded down the table to make the paint adhere to the surface easier. Nothing too involved, don’t freak out — he just used a finishing hand sander and gave the whole table a once-over with it before he started to paint.

Console table plus paint

Now it is time for the paint! I bought four cans of black lacquer paint from Lowe’s, and we only used three in the end. To ensure the paint was even and smooth, Wilson applied one layer of paint and once it dried, sanded down the table again. He repeated this process two times and the finish on the table is nearly professional. He’s good.


Here’s the finished product. Can you believe that it was painted with spray paint? $60 for the table + $20 for the spray paint = a very affordable console table indeed. We are very pleased.

Don’t be scared of DIY — it can be the difference between a strangely colored elephant to one with an ice cream paint job. And everyone wants the latter, of course.

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How to Use Your Husband’s Stuff and Make it Pretty — Loft Edition

February 25, 2014

Well, well, well. The time has finally come to debut our newly decorated loft area. I won’t say newly finished because nothing is ever finished in a house — an important lesson I’ve come to understand over the past two years — but the area looks much closer to finished than it did a few months ago. A few months ago it looked much closer to a construction zone. Hard hats were the new fedora in this room.

As the loft area was designated as the “man room” — cue eye roll — I used Wilson’s UNC toys to decorate with, which accomplished two great things: 1) I didn’t have to pay for most of the decor and 2) Hanging/displaying all of this shit stuff made Wilson so incredibly happy it was more than worth my displeasure of looking at all the shit stuff. This room is my best compromise yet as a new wife.

IMG_3230These bar stools were a very creative and special wedding gift for me and Wilson. It is only natural that Rameses stands guard for the Tar Heel brocart.


This console table was a great Craigslist find for $50. Wilson spray painted it black lacquer — can’t wait to show you pictures from that process. He did a great job and the lacquer makes the table stand out much better than its original wood stain. The little footstool pillows from Target are perfectly cozy nestled under the table and were $60 each. They are now on sale for $42, grr.




Wilson loves Butch Davis so much. He cried when he resigned. He also cried when I gave him the football helmet a few pictures back. He’s very in touch with his emotions.


Like I said, sitting on the couch will never be peaceful again.


These Sports Illustrated covers were hand-selected by Mr. UNC himself. I wish I had taken a video of him going through these magazines — as he carefully sifted through each edition, it was like he was greeting an old best friend that he hadn’t seen in 20 years, over and over again. x100. I found the frames at Target for $20 each — Wilson and I agreed that we will never pay for custom framing again for small stuff like this — way cheaper to do it yourself.



Hello my favorite coffee table ever. The table is adorned with basketball coffee table books and a book with duck stamps that belonged to Mr. UNC’s grandfather. Y’all even I’m sentimental sometimes.


This table is part of a pair that Wilson’s cousin Hooper gave us for our wedding. Hooper, of the fabulous Birds of a Feather, had these specially made for us after I saw some like it that she had sold before I could get my paws on them. I love them so much — look at the gold-dipped legs and turquoise pulls! The lamp was a Homegoods find for $50.

I’d like to take a moment and draw everyone’s attention to the picture in the background — Wilson and his bowl cut. If that’s not the cutest/most hilar thing you’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is. That bowl cut is worth its own blog post. Title — Never Been Kissed: Middle-School-Bowl-Cut Edition.


Well there you have it people. Updated loft area that didn’t break the bank — not even close — and that uses Wilson’s stuff (I didn’t even say shit this time!)

To My Dear Husband: Wilson, I love you. I don’t hate all of your stuff, either. Any time I’m bitchy rude and you don’t like me at that moment, please come look at this room and remember that I did something nice for you that one time.

Home Living

A Quick Way to Love Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day SST readers! Today is Wilson’s least favorite day of the year. As another edition in the chronicles called Wilson and Anna Have Very Slighty Different Tastes,” Valentine’s Day is one of my most FAVORITE holidays, fourth only to Christmas, Thanksgiving and July 4th. I so love Valentine’s Day — the flowers, the chocolates, and, most importantly, the cards. I love cards, and I keep almost every one I receive because they are so special to me. Wilson’s rebuttal to my card worshipping? Valentine’s Day is a day that Hallmark created to make money and that he doesn’t need an excuse to tell me he loves me on just one day, he tells me that everyday. While this may be true, you still have to give me flowers and a card, sorry I’m not sorry. Hurry along to the grocery store.

The only thing that I don’t love on Valentine’s Day is the widely used combination of pink and red, which is a major faux pas in my opinion to pair together unless you are doing some uber-cool colorblocking. Not everyone hates pink and red together though — my grandmother sees no problem with the pairing and often wears them together much to my own mother’s chagrin — Grammy’s defense? “It’s in the same family…” Love my Grammy. But I digress…

It is truly astonishing to me the amount of hate a day designated to love receives. People actually despise Valentine’s Day. For those of you hatin’ on Valentine’s Day, relax. I have just the thing to make you feel better.


Wipe those questions marks off of your faces, people. Hanging plates on walls is an amazing thing and will most certainly alleviate any pain you may carry from the weight of Valentine’s Day. Let me tell you of the wonder and majesty that is created from hanging plates on walls.

First of all, hanging an arrangement of plates on any wall is an extremely budget-friendly way to decorate your home and cover those bare walls. My obsession with plate decorating is almost paramount to my love of Valentine’s Day. 


I found these great blue plates from — yes again — Sleepy Poet here in Charlotte. I swear I’m not getting paid by them, but maybe I should look into that… Old plates like these frequent many an antique store, but make sure you do not overpay for them. The ones on the top and bottom were $13 and the one in the middle was $15. Art work for just $41? Amazing! Are you beginning to feel better about Valentine’s Day yet?


Reason #2 why hanging plates on walls is so thrilling — it serves as an unexpected pop of color to any space. This fantastic royal blue adds color to the room without stealing the show.




This bookshelf in our little living room and is a source of much anxiety and paranoia for me. I cannot sit in this room for long without hypothetically rearranging every shelf in my head. Anywho, I recently rearranged one of the shelves to display my favorite piece of china — no sense in keeping it in a drawer when it a great decorating tool. I’m not suggesting that you buy a piece of china to decorate with — hello credit card debt! — but if you do have china, why not put it to work as a bookshelf beauty? While this plate isn’t actually hung on a wall, it is perfectly propped up so just hush.


George, Laura, J.K. Rowling and the Jones Family. A match made in bookshelf heaven. 


This built-in china cabinet was the original one in our home before we renovated it. The shelves are a little too shallow to display all of our china plates, but again my favorite piece makes an appearance in this room alongside a beautiful aqua Vietri plate that I found for $30. I promise, only $30! Reason #3 plate decorating is so delightful — it cultivates the perfectly curated look to any room.




Love the detail.


This is the wall above our bed in the bedroom, also adorned with plates from Sleepy Poet for $8 each. The colors in this room are muted neutrals — all the better to relax with — and these plates provide the perfect accent to my starburst mirror. More photos to come once the bedroom is finished.


Reason #4 hanging plates on walls is so spectacular — they give a gallery wall an instant updated look.


So simple yet so perfect. Reason #5 hanging plates is such a wonderful thing to do — It makes me so happy.

See how extremely fulfilling hanging plates on walls can be? It is truly an amazing thing and is a reliable resource to make you happy on any day, especially Valentine’s Day.

And if hanging plates didn’t make you feel better — which I don’t know why the hell not, but that’s fine — then perhaps this video of Wilson and our friend Travis urban snowboarding/skiing in our backyard will.

Wilson Shredding Pow

Like I said the other day — the possibilities are endless on a snowy day in the South.

Home Living

Bare Walls? DIY Prints Make an Easy Fix

February 12, 2014

I have a very difficult time hanging things on the walls in my house. I’ll admit it’s one of my stranger querks — and yes there are several — but I have a commitment phobia for hanging anything in our home, which is why we still have so many bare walls after living here for over a year. Before I take the plunge of hanging anything on a wall, I have to be able to picture the way it will look in my mind — until the mental image is crisp and clear, the wall stays bare.

I think my fear has something to do with the finality of the wall decorating process. I want the ability to change my mind if I want to, but because hanging something means making a hole in the wall, there is no room for a change of heart. It drives Wilson bezerk — since the moment we moved into this house Wilson has chomped at the bit to hang anything and everything. He’s probably wanted to hang himself a time or two also but we won’t go there today… Anywho, I’ve made great strides in overcoming this extreme phobia to save my dear husband from going crazy with the vast array of blank walls in our house.

A cheap way to achieve great-looking art to hang in your home is to find inexpensive vintage prints and frame them yourself. I love prints — old maps, botanicals (like below) and animals all make for superb artwork that looks expensive but really is quite affordable.


I found these botanical prints at Sleepy Poetit is such a treasure trove — for $12 each. I bought simple black frames that most closely matched the dimensions of the prints at Michael’s for $13 a piece. $100 total for art ain’t bad. The prints didn’t exactly fit into the frames, but for $12, I couldn’t really be picky. Target is another great place to score cheap hanging frames, providing you with many options to get into your cheap wall decorating grove.


These prints hang in the master bathroom and add some really nice color to the small space.




 Pretty, easy and cheap. What more could a girl ask for? Oh I know… a real snow day!

Snowy Hut

By Southern standards, it’s a straight up blizzard outside. Wilson keeps chattering about building a snowman and having a snow ball fight — excuse me? no — but I was thinking more along the lines of making myself a White Russian to give me the warm and fuzzies. The possibilities are truly endless on a snowy day in the South.

Home Living

Werk Weekend

February 10, 2014

Wilson and I had one of the most productive weekends since moving into our house over a year ago — we buckled down and made some real improvements to our hut in preparation for the engagement party we are hosting this coming weekend. Just call us Tim the Toolman Taylor and whatever his hot “tool girl” assistant’s name is. I’m the hot one, naturally.

Here is a little teaser of our weekend in crummy cell phone pictures — more professional ones to come soon. We did so much #werk this weekend I have enough blog content for at least the rest of the month. Sweet.


Our guest bedroom received an instant update with new pillows from Allie, this weekend’s guest of honor. Her castoffs are always my prized possessions. Can’t wait to tell you about how I went dumpster diving in her trash can on Sunday morning. I have no shame.


New framed prints courtesy of chez d’Allie as well.


So fuzzy, I’m sorry.


 I repositioned the Tar Heel brocart as the star of the loft. Roy approved him as a member of UNC’s starting lineup for Wednesday’s battle against that school in Durham. His jump shot is golden, says Roy.


Wilson was elated when I begrudgingly agreed to hang this son-of-a-betch up — apparently his name is “Arthur” — that he texted my Dad, fellow hunter and taxidermy enthusiast, to tell him the good news. My Dad’s response? Damn, that almost looks like he is in the upstairs loft area. Must have been Photoshopped in or is Anna asleep?  Folding laundry will never be peaceful ever again.


  Neither will sitting on our sectional. Dean, Stackhouse and Peter the Pintail — gang’s all here. Wilson almost started to cry when we finished hanging these pieces of “art.” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder for sure. 

All in all, it was a very successful weekend and we accomplished many great updates to the Jones casa. I also won Wife of the Year, which will come in handy when I send Wilson the bill for our dining room drapes. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

Home Living

To Craigslist We Go!

December 4, 2013

My beloved wedding photographer, the fabulous and mom-to-be Cynthia Kain, asked me to help her find a vintage dresser for her baby’s nursery. She is looking for something that isn’t too expensive and stays within a mostly neutral color palette. She said she would be fine with looking for items on Craigslist and then refinishing/painting the piece — music to my ears. She sent me two options that she really likes already but they are SO EXPENSIVE. She likes this one — um YEA so do I but that price is astronomical — and this one, which is a little less ridiculously priced than the first but we can still do much better on Craigslist. Cynthia promise me you won’t do anything rash…

I have been perusing Craigslist for the past few weeks and found the below pieces as well-priced options in the Charlotte and Richmond areas. She’s from Richmond but has family in Charlotte. I know what I’m doing here.

Civil War Chest

This is an awesome dresser for $445 that the seller claims is from the Civil War era. Cynthia you could keep it as is with the dark stain and change the knobs to pretty glass ones or paint it an off-white to stay within the lighter colors.

Mid-Century Modern Dresser

I LOVE this dresser. Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything about it, unless you want to paint it a white lacquer. But I love the feet, the hardware, the flush drawers, everything… And for $395 it’s a STEAL! This would also make a great changing table — just slap a baby-diaper-changing-holding-thingy on top — seriously WTF are those things called — and stick diapers, clothes, wipes, whatever on the top and be done with it. The only thing this dresser doesn’t help you do is raise your baby.

Art Deco Dresser

This dresser is very unique but I adore anything art deco so I had to throw it in as an option. You also wouldn’t have to make any improvements to it and it is awesomely priced at $295.

Shabby Chic Dresser

Another one you need to trust me on. The seller labeled this as an “Antique Shabby Chic Dresser” — looks more like shitty chic to me but that’s neither here nor there. This piece will definitely need to be sanded and refinished/painted, but could be a great addition to the nursery and it’s a mere $55.

White Ornate Dresser

Another good option for a great price — $49! I would sand and repaint in a white lacquer and then polish the hardware to its original brass if possible — the gold metallic would add a welcome addition of glam into Baby Girl Kain’s room.

Cynthia hopefully this provided you with a wide range of options that reflect your tastes and also stays within your budget. Your husband will love me. Tomorrow I am going to post an inspiration board to give you some decorating ideas. Stay tuned…

Also if anyone is in the market for a photographer, Cynthia is your girl. She is fantastic and warm and I adore her. You can see my bridal portraits on her blog here.

Home Living

Getting Crafty

November 18, 2013

I have great friends who give me great gifts. Even better, I have great friends who give great gifts wrapped in great handmade paper. Presentation is everything and it makes such a difference when using colorful handmade paper to wrap a present. Because of my love for handmade paper and my loathing of being wasteful, whenever I receive a gift wrapped in handmade paper, I line a drawer somewhere in my house with it.


My barware drawer got a serious facelift with this great aqua paper with gold streaks. I love it. To line the drawer, all I do is put the paper in the drawer, make a fold where any excess is and then cut the extra parts off. I put a few pieces of double-sided tape on the corners and in the middle and then press the paper to the bottom and edges of the drawer. I don’t use any permanent adhesive just in case I get sick of the paper. I need room to change my mind.


We have a lot of wine openers.


This is a great piece of aqua and turquoise chevron paper that makes my linens drawer so much more exciting. If you see a wedding present you gave me, thank you again…




Because I have never found a jewelry box I really liked, I made one in a drawer in my bedroom chest of drawers. I lined this one with a piece of hand-painted paper I bought in Florence, Italy, when I studied abroad there. The technique used to stain the paper is a very old method native to Italy, and makes this piece of paper very special to me. The edges curl up a little, but I think it makes it unique.


The paper makes the perfect backdrop for my jewelry.

The next time you give a gift, I highly recommend you wrap it in handmade paper. It’s like giving two presents for the price of one — pretty wrapping and a free drawer liner. I love free.

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Allie’s Stool

November 6, 2013

Remember this stool that I promised you the details on?


I really love this little stool.

This stool was a DIY project I copied from one of my best friends Allie. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, Allie. Allie has very distinguished silver spoon taste but has a sneaky eye for a cheap deal. A woman after my own heart. She found this stool at Target and recovered the seat and painted the legs. Truly brilliant. I found the stool on sale a few weeks later for $50, and snatched it up. Then I got to work.

stool 1

I unscrewed the seat from the legs to attack each part separately.


sanding stool

Then I took a sander I bought from Lowe’s — of course I got the cheapest one — and sanded down the “wood” to make the spray paint adhere to the surface.


I really liked the way it looked with the sanding, kind of cool… Kind of. 

stool wilson stapling

And because a couple who DIYs together stays together, Wilson got in on the action. He worked at a furniture factory one summer in college and is quite handy with a staple gun. Instead of recovering, we just covered. He stapled the blue linen I bought off of Etsy — 4 yards for $15, can’t beat that — onto the “leather” seat and voila! The stool is recovered. Or covered.


I didn’t get any pictures of me spray painting the legs because this is what my hands looked like. Wilson was kind enough to take the picture for me, though. Someone needs a manicure…

Like I said, all you need is a little bit of creativity, a good eye, and a lot of spray paint, and you can do just about anything, including revamp a stool from Target. And speaking of my dear friend Allie, she and her sweetheart recently got engaged. I wish you both all the happiness and love in the world! Perhaps an Allie’s Wedding post to come soon…