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Consign Yourself Away

April 2, 2014

As a gal with a #plasticforkbudget but extremely expensive taste, it is important to get what I want for the money I have to spend. I can DIY myself until I’m blue in the face, but that won’t create more money, it will often just create more messes. A way I can get more #munz, however, is by adding additional revenue streams, my personal fave being consignment.

Consignment is a great way to make some extra #munz. It’s also an excellent way to keep your inner hoarder in check. I’m looking at you, Wilson and Mom. As an anti-hoarder — and probably to an extreme degree — I recently purged my closet and picked out some pieces that I thought I could consign. For tips on cleaning out your closet, see my recs here.

If you are a fellow Charlottean, I took my clothes to be judged consigned at  J.T. Posh, a designer consignment boutique in Dilworth. And judged they were. After learning that many of my clothes either were 1) more than two years old,  2) too worn and/or 3) ugly, I began to feel quite bad about myself. But then I realized that if I didn’t want the majority of these clothes anymore, why would anyone else?

To save you from the embarrassment I experienced, here are my suggestions for consigning:

1. Make sure the item does not have any spots, tears, wrinkles, etc., when you bring it in. Presentation is everything, and especially in this case.

2. If the item is more than two years old and the shop is a designer boutique, it most likely will turn its fictitious nose up at you. Spare yourself the judgment and give it to the Salvation Army.

3. If the shop is a designer boutique, stick to brands like Diane von Furstenburg, Tibi, Trina Turk, etc., to get the best bang for your buck. And spare yourself the judgment.


I adore this photo of DVF. Such an icon.

Long story long, J.T. Posh only accepted a handful of my pitiful clothes for consignment. I get a portion of the sale if the items are bought, otherwise they will be donated to charity within a specific time period. I’ll let you know how it goes… At least my closet is cleaner?

Regardless of my experience, consigning is still the

The wonderful thing about consignment boutiques is they’re not just about selling, they also offer great deals. Hence why most of my ugly shit was turned away. And since we are fortuitous enough to live in this post-modern digital age, we can do it all online. Fabulous. Obviously if you’ve been reading you know my feelings about eBay, but I also love perusing Shop Hers and The Real Real, too. Both of these websites are luxury brand consignment retailers from which you can buy and sell designer pieces, all from the comfort of your laptop. I have not purchased anything from either, but they are great fun to look at and I am considering buying myself a bag. For… Easter? No no, that won’t do. For… Wilson’s birthday! There we go.

Also The Real Real is having a 20% off sale for the next two days with the promo code APRIL, so that’s awesome as well.

When you go home today, peruse your closet for things you could consign at a local consignment store or sell on eBay. Just think, you can put the extra money towards your Roth IRA — you have one, right? You have until 4/15/14 to make your 2013 contribution… Extra #munz are totes #munz. And so is saving for your retirement.

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