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Shoes to Point You in the Right Direction

October 28, 2013

I recently attended a fashion show at Neiman Marcus for a local charity that benefits the Levine Children’s Hospital called The Starlight Society. It is a fantastic organization — the group’s purpose is to plan events for the children in the hospital to lift their spirits and make sure they still have fun as kids.

Wilson and I sat front row at the fashion show and he was uncomfortable at best. Despite his squirming, he did learn that animal print never goes out of style and also that pointy-toed shoes are in this season. As the emcee announced that pointy-toed shoes were the only ones to wear this fall, I quietly tucked my round-toed leather booties under the gold-cane chair… As one of Wilson’s best friends says, my bad.

In my defense, I had originally planned on wearing this terrific pair that I recently purchased from Gilt Groupe:

Just call me Elvis with my blue suede shoes.

At $79, they are a decent price and not that uncomfortable for 4-inch heels. Gilt constantly carries a great selection of shoes — some are expensive, but others are pretty affordable like this pair. I trotted around in these shoes a few weeks ago at a work event and got lots of compliments.

As for my fashion faux-pas, don’t make the same mistake. Go buy some pointy-toed shoes and do not be shamed by the Neiman Marcus associate. And lesson learned, always follow your first fashion instincts. Damn. 

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Fashion and Beauty

Color I’m Loving…

October 25, 2013

I am very into the dusty light pink color right now — J. Crew is calling it “Desert Pink” so let’s go with that.


The color is light and airy and feels like spring but is a fall/winter color. I’m not big on fall or winter, but a cozy sweater in this color would be fantastic to snuggle in for a chilly Sunday afternoon…

The Claremont Purse at J.Crew — I love how the store names their bags like they are British royalty — is a great staple for your wardrobe. J. Crew is also having 25% off any purchases over $150, so you should get it… Or maybe I should get it…

What’s your favorite color this season?

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Home Living

A Splash — Actually a Wave — of Color

October 21, 2013

As I mentioned in my Aqua post, after we finished remodeling the house and finally moved in, I started to realize how little color there was. Forget the Craigslist House — it was truly the beige house. Beige everywhere. Don’t get me wrong — I live in neutrals. White, black, cream, tan — you get the picture. But to live in a house where there is no color, you begin to question your ability to see and if in fact you may be colorblind.

To escape from my colorless hell, I wanted to go bold. And so bold I went. I knew I wanted to use both aqua and tangerine as the colors to breathe life into our living room, but wasn’t quite sure how to incorporate the colors tastefully and also in a way that would not go out of style the next week.

Here’s how it turned out:


I had the window panels custom made — anything custom is NOT cheap, but these panels were made with an amazing heavy linen and will transcend year-to-year trends because they are just one color, and not a pattern. I chose brushed silver hardware to keep up the modern feel.


The stool in front of the bookshelf was a DIY project that I stole from my good friend Allie. A post will follow…



The dark aqua vases flanking the fireplace stand out nicely against the honed black granite on the fireplace. And the gold sea urchin? That little gem is all thanks to Nate Berkus from Target. Wilson thought it was a lethal weapon.


Another post will follow about how I styled the bookshelf. I am very OCD about the way it is arranged and constantly catch myself moving items around ever so slightly…

The living room is comfortable and bright, and we love it. Come by and visit…