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Quick Bathroom Update

January 16, 2014

The guest bathroom in our house was a little plain when we first moved in. After installing a decent bluetooth showerhead and painting it in a faint greenish blue from Benjamin Moore, the bathroom was lovely, but needed something else going on, so I was starting a remodel in Ahwatukee for my bathroom using the right services online. It was a tad… blah. Boo blah.

To spice things up without spending a fortune, I decided to use a geometric pattern to add some interest to the small space without being overwhelming.



These are drapes I purchased from Target for $29 each. I hid the plastic shower curtain behind the drape on the left, but it is there so that no water gets on the floor. I hung the drapes on a chrome shower rod I purchased from Marshall’s for $15 and called it a day. These drapes are something easy to do in any bathroom but look more expensive and labor intensive than they actually were. My friends gave me the best automatic shower cleaner recently and I was afraid that these drapes would not work well with it but they do! I’m so happy with the outcome of my whole bathroom even though I gave it a, Plastic fork budget and effort.


We received a set of beautiful towels from Wilson’s aunt for our wedding — thanks again Nancy! — and I took them to Cotswold Marketplace — a great home shop in Charlotte — to pick out a unique monogram. The one I chose is an antique monogram from the 1800s — don’t ask me who or how the monogram was preserved, no clue — that integrates my initials A and J. I chose a light brownish gray and spa blue to accent the colors of the bathroom.


So delicate.


Cute hand towel tray my mother-in-law gave me.


 The vanity… I despise that light fixture but Wilson and I were under the gun — and by under the gun I mean we were out of money — so we picked up this cheap one from Lowe’s. It doesn’t offend me as much as the leather couch in our living room, but it’s not my favorite.


These little boos hang beside the mirror. I’ve been told by many a guest that these dolls are beyond creepy — their blank stares are a little disconcerting — but their history is what makes them special. They were a gift to my grandmother from a family friend — he bought them in Greece while serving in World War II. Look at the little man’s beret — very hipster of him — makes me want to say Opa!

Small, simple updates like these are easy to achieve and don’t have to break the bank. Thank goodness too, the bank told me I couldn’t afford anything else.

It’s Thirsty Thursday people — what are we drinking?

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