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Werk Weekend

February 10, 2014

Wilson and I had one of the most productive weekends since moving into our house over a year ago — we buckled down and made some real improvements to our hut in preparation for the engagement party we are hosting this coming weekend. Just call us Tim the Toolman Taylor and whatever his hot “tool girl” assistant’s name is. I’m the hot one, naturally.

Here is a little teaser of our weekend in crummy cell phone pictures — more professional ones to come soon. We did so much #werk this weekend I have enough blog content for at least the rest of the month. Sweet.


Our guest bedroom received an instant update with new pillows from Allie, this weekend’s guest of honor. Her castoffs are always my prized possessions. Can’t wait to tell you about how I went dumpster diving in her trash can on Sunday morning. I have no shame.


New framed prints courtesy of chez d’Allie as well.


So fuzzy, I’m sorry.


 I repositioned the Tar Heel brocart as the star of the loft. Roy approved him as a member of UNC’s starting lineup for Wednesday’s battle against that school in Durham. His jump shot is golden, says Roy.


Wilson was elated when I begrudgingly agreed to hang this son-of-a-betch up — apparently his name is “Arthur” — that he texted my Dad, fellow hunter and taxidermy enthusiast, to tell him the good news. My Dad’s response? Damn, that almost looks like he is in the upstairs loft area. Must have been Photoshopped in or is Anna asleep?  Folding laundry will never be peaceful ever again.


  Neither will sitting on our sectional. Dean, Stackhouse and Peter the Pintail — gang’s all here. Wilson almost started to cry when we finished hanging these pieces of “art.” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder for sure. 

All in all, it was a very successful weekend and we accomplished many great updates to the Jones casa. I also won Wife of the Year, which will come in handy when I send Wilson the bill for our dining room drapes. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

Home Living

The Ultimate Brocart

January 30, 2014

In a serious stroke of luck earlier this week the Target barcart I gushed over here was on sale for $90 AND available at the Target store near me. It was like the Target stars aligned just for me so I could get this beautiful construction of metal and most likely bronze spray paint. It is truly a sight to behold.


I love it. It is very simple with clean lines and actually rolls, which came in handy when I used it as a shopping cart to wheel out some other items I picked up from Target as well. People were jealous.


Be prepared for a myriad of detail shots. Wilson and I received a super fancy lens attachment to our — his — camera for our wedding — thanks Chet and Pete! — and I was really getting into taking these pictures like I knew what I was doing. Just call me Anna Leibovitz. No really don’t that’s insulting to her.


I styled the cart using things I had around the house that I thought looked pretty. Shockingly enough, we already had all of that liquor — actually more than that but it wouldn’t fit on the cart. Wilson is an Eagle Scout, so he’s always prepared. Not sure what my excuse is.


That bottle of Veuve is the one Wilson and I drank the night we got engaged. Aw.


During the 1 and a 1/2 inch blizzard yesterday, Wilson and I dipped into that Kahlua and made White Russians. At our house, we use any excuse to party, especially an excuse to drink White Russians.


Now if Wilson was into to styling barcarts, this is the way he would organize it. The ultimate Tar Heel brocart.


Yo brah check out my brocart.


Is that #50 I see? Brah this brocart is sweeter than shredding that pow pow. I’m really not sure why I know how to speak bro.


Hello Rameses.

Wilson Holding that Damn Deer

Here is Wilson’s suggestion for the finishing touch on the brocart. I won’t repeat my exact reaction because Wilson told me I need to cool it with blog cursing, but let your imagination run wild. And then times that by 10. And then that’s what I said. Plus a few more choice words.

This brocart is like our marriage — beautiful and worth its weight in gold, supplemented with obnoxious Tar Heel memorabilia that seems to multiply by each passing day. Wilson and I are going to the UNC basketball game this Saturday with some generous friends who offered us free tickets — you know how I feel about free — and I just pray he doesn’t wheel the brocart to the Dean Dome. Please keep your thoughts with me on Saturday.