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Rent the Runway Sale

January 12, 2016

Rent the Runway is having a clearance sale of some its top items. Happy Tuesday to me! For those of you not familiar, Rent the Runway is a website that you can rent designer dresses, clothing and accessories from for a fraction of the retail price — it’s a great business idea and answers the awful question “What on earth do I wear?” in a cinch. But be forewarned — these accessories and clothing have all been used, so although the description says the items are “like new condition,” they are also final sale. “Like new condition” is a wide category in my opinion. 

The designer gowns are sight to see certainly, but I think the real standouts of this sale are the accessories. Check out some of my favorite picks below.


Rent the Runway Sale


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine

Beautiful stuff right? I also love this tote bag, which I have been eyeing for some time. And those Loeffler Randall bags above are just so beautiful. Wilson, I may have done something bad. Please don’t be upset.

Fashion and Beauty

Sunglasses Under $100 For Him

April 21, 2015

As a follow up to last week’s post about women’s sunglasses, I thought it might be helpful to offer some men’s sunglasses options too that are under $100. In the event anyone lost their significant other’s sunglasses(es) also. 

A lot of men’s sunglasses are, well, ugly. Really ugly, actually. I had to coax Wilson for far too long to stop wearing Costas like these that made him look like a big-headed beetle. Sorry Wilson. Those types of sunglasses were perfect for the aspiring 18-year-old fratstar freshman trying to pick up the ladies, but alas, those times have come and gone and the big-headed beetle sunglasses trend has gone with it.

Yes Wilson, you still can wear those Costas on your fishing trips. So long as I am not there to see them, you are good to go. 

Yes that means I won’t go fishing with you. 


Men's Sunglasses Under $100


 one / two / three / four

Each of these pairs is very man-stylish and versatile and $100 or less. Men, go nuts.
Home Living

Layering the Loft

January 21, 2014

In an effort to achieve a layered, collected look in our upstairs loft, I keep my eyes peeled for items that look secular without spending a ton of monies.

I love these pieces from the Target Threshold line below. -- Threshold Diamond Print Pouf Tan

Two of these poufs would be perfect in front of my prized coffee table, serving as footstools for the imaginary barrel chairs I haven’t found for the room. The pouf is also poufectly priced at $54. -- Threshold Round Metal Honeycomb Accent TableI also adore this bronze accent table — it would be so happy nestled under the console table in the room. Wilson will probably wonder why it’s so dented. -- Threshold Mirrored Etched Glass Decorative TrayThis tray would look fantastic on the aforementioned heavenly coffee table, styled with a pungent candle and picture frame and only $23. -- Threshold Wood and Brass Finish Bar

This bar cart is practically famous — everyone has talked it up for months now and I’m ready to jump on the bar cart bandwagon. On sale for $116 but only available in select stores, if anyone finds one for me you will be rewarded handsomely. Speaking of bar carts, I’m also obsessed with this one from Society Social — the creator of which is a North Carolina native! — but it’s $515 and so not within my plastic fork budget. To see more inspiration for the loft design, click here.

In other loft news, since the area is technically supposed to be Wilson’s man room — ick —  I promised him I would display a duck he had mounted from one of his lovely hunting excursions. Murderer.

I need to take a moment to discuss the extremely strange concept that is taxidermy. The whole concept is almost barbaric — humans kill beautiful animals, stuff them with God knows what and then bring them into their homes like damn Olympic gold medals. My dad was an avid hunter when I was younger and he mounted (not himself) a slew of stuffed innocent animals so I am used to it, but I just don’t understand it. The animals just hang there, suspended in mid-air with their beady little eyes staring into your soul, cursing the human race for being on top of the food chain and constantly proving this fact by hunting. When confronted by said stuffed animals I find myself mentally apologizing for their plight and ultimate fate, but I digress.

This poor bird will be hung — proudly for Wilson, disdainfully pour moi — with a collection of UNC memorabilia on the wall above the sectional. I am already haunted by the thought of catching a glimpse of the duck flapping its dead wings out of the corner of my eye while watching a movie. Cringing and a slew of mental apologies to commence. Please pray for me.

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