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The Ultimate Brocart

January 30, 2014

In a serious stroke of luck earlier this week the Target barcart I gushed over here was on sale for $90 AND available at the Target store near me. It was like the Target stars aligned just for me so I could get this beautiful construction of metal and most likely bronze spray paint. It is truly a sight to behold.


I love it. It is very simple with clean lines and actually rolls, which came in handy when I used it as a shopping cart to wheel out some other items I picked up from Target as well. People were jealous.


Be prepared for a myriad of detail shots. Wilson and I received a super fancy lens attachment to our — his — camera for our wedding — thanks Chet and Pete! — and I was really getting into taking these pictures like I knew what I was doing. Just call me Anna Leibovitz. No really don’t that’s insulting to her.


I styled the cart using things I had around the house that I thought looked pretty. Shockingly enough, we already had all of that liquor — actually more than that but it wouldn’t fit on the cart. Wilson is an Eagle Scout, so he’s always prepared. Not sure what my excuse is.


That bottle of Veuve is the one Wilson and I drank the night we got engaged. Aw.


During the 1 and a 1/2 inch blizzard yesterday, Wilson and I dipped into that Kahlua and made White Russians. At our house, we use any excuse to party, especially an excuse to drink White Russians.


Now if Wilson was into to styling barcarts, this is the way he would organize it. The ultimate Tar Heel brocart.


Yo brah check out my brocart.


Is that #50 I see? Brah this brocart is sweeter than shredding that pow pow. I’m really not sure why I know how to speak bro.


Hello Rameses.

Wilson Holding that Damn Deer

Here is Wilson’s suggestion for the finishing touch on the brocart. I won’t repeat my exact reaction because Wilson told me I need to cool it with blog cursing, but let your imagination run wild. And then times that by 10. And then that’s what I said. Plus a few more choice words.

This brocart is like our marriage — beautiful and worth its weight in gold, supplemented with obnoxious Tar Heel memorabilia that seems to multiply by each passing day. Wilson and I are going to the UNC basketball game this Saturday with some generous friends who offered us free tickets — you know how I feel about free — and I just pray he doesn’t wheel the brocart to the Dean Dome. Please keep your thoughts with me on Saturday.

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Barware for Under $50

October 9, 2015

It’s Friday peeps, and I’m ready to get my happy hour on. Right now. Why is no one handing me a glass of rosé?

No really. 

I’m so ready for my Friday afternoon cocktail that I’m planning on how I would set up my bar if I wasn’t on another spending restriction (that Patagonia sale was a hit at the Jones household).


Barware for Under $50


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven

Very Hollywood regency meets cheap bar. What a magical combination. And that cocktail shaker is pure gold. I’ll be here all day folks, come get your cheap laughs here…

Any of these items would be just lovely arranged around some beautiful bottles of alcohol on your perfect barcart — I love the Bombay and Tangueray gin bottles because that add a little color, and give a great buzz. Remember my barcart here? It’s a safe assumption to make that the UNC-themed barcart didn’t last long.


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The Story of the Owls and My Favorite Photos

April 29, 2014

Reason #347 why Wilson and I love our house: two owls live in our backyard. We are OBSESSED with these owls. They are so cool — they hoot at each other throughout the day and night and fly across the sky to search for food. A much cooler way to do grocery shopping. 

As the weather gets warmer, the owls have become more active and Wilson and I have had more lucky sightings of these awe-inspiring creatures. Wilson refers to them as the Owl Gang, speaking of them with as much reverence and respect as one would a U.S. president.

“Come here my brothers!” he called out to them the other night after a few bourbon drinks, “I am one of you!” He anxiously awaited for his acceptance into their gang.

They didn’t respond.

As do any celebrity, the owls have an entourage of crows that follow them, trying to poach the reward of their strategic hunts. Wilson is currently in the throes of crafting a master plan to take down these parasites, which involves the cloak of nighttime, our upstairs window and a 22. As bailing out my husband for using a firearm within city limits is not within my #plasticforkbudget, he is revising the logistics.

Left to his own devices, Wilson could either discover the cure to cancer or accidentally burn our house down. You just never know.

Our next-door neighbors have also joined in our fascination with the Owl Gang. We often exchange owl-sighting stories and they even snapped a few photos of one of the owls’ round little faces. Every celebrity is stalked by paparazzi.

Needless to say, things have gotten a little out of hand with our owl obsession. It also goes without saying that the owls are just one part of why we love this little home so much. In an effort to be more #grateful for how #blessed I am, I am sharing some of my favorite photos of the house.

Shall we?

glass coffe table2

This is the glass coffee I got a little confrontational over with an innocent lady. I’d say my attitude paid off.

glass coffee tablw

living room

Our house is cozy and therefore there is no entryway. You use the word “cozy” when politely referring to a house that is really freaking small.  Because of this, the room required impact, expertly delivered by these oversized lamps and bright colors throughout the room.

bookshelf upclose

I’m writing a bookshelf styling post so stay tuned for some ideas…

blue plate

Hanging plates on walls is the shit.


 You can learn a lot about a person by their bookshelf — who is most important to them, what books they read, the knick knacks they display to savor fond memories…


My attempt in styling the husband shit stuff. We like to have access to alcohol in almost every room. 

barcart 2

The birthplace of the brocart.

upstairs bathroom

A simple Target project that makes this little bathroom look stylish.

dining room shelf

My favorite crystal and china pieces, including my absolute favorite Vietri piece.

dining room

My blue and white dining room. These DIY lucite drapery rods were some of Wilson’s and my finest work.

dining room 2

We look very distinguished because of our beautiful barware, but it’s a farce. I purchased nothing in this picture, all of these pieces were wedding gifts. We did buy the liquor. #whatmattersmost

bathtub 2

OUR TUB! This thing is such a specimen of beauty and craftiness. The fact that Wilson not only found this gorgeous claw-foot tub on Craigslist but that he also hauled it in the back of his Yukon is one of the main reasons why he’s the absolute bomb. You go girl.

bathtub fixtures

I love the old-fashioned chrome fixtures. I love anything shiny.

Hope you enjoyed my Tuesday trip down memory lane…

Also don’t forget to enter my giveaway with Vietri to win this vase FO FREE. Free may be my favorite word.

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Tuesday Inspiration

February 11, 2014

I love all things Kelly Wearstler. She has such a keen eye for design and is able to construct awe-inspiring spaces that are perfectly curated without being overly decorated. She mixes old and new to create post-modern wonderlands — they remind me of a millennial version of Through the Looking Glass. She’s just so good. -- manhattan apartment living room -- cameron_apartment_05

Leaf sconces?! Y’all this woman is brilliant. -- manhattan apartment living room 2

I love the black fireplace and gold screen. Every room needs some chinoiserie. -- spring_st_residence_03

 I wonder if I should contact Kelly and tell her my idea about the brocart. The brocart could go viral, people. -- spring_st_residence_01 -- jay_street_residence_02

So many textures and angles yet everything is so cohesive. I die for this room. -- jay_street_residence_04 -- jay_street_residence_05

BAR STOOLS. I DIE. -- jay_street_residence_06

BEDSIDE TABLES!! I DIE AGAIN. -- jay_street_residence_07 -- jay_street_residence_08

I’m dead. Look at these floors…

If these photos aren’t enough to inspire you on this fine Tuesday, I don’t know what will. To view more of Kelly’s amazing work, click here.

It is dumping snow on my lovely homestead currently, which is providing a peaceful and quiet backdrop for my day ahead. It also means that fellow Southerners are losing all sense of rationality and are driving like maniacs. Take advice from SST — stay indoors, curl up by the fire and pour a hot toddy. Cue Ole Miss fight song.

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