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A Lofty Idea

December 9, 2013

Once the holidays are over, I am going to start decorating our home again. I have to do it in waves because 1) it costs way too much money to do it all at once and 2) I cannot make a decision to save my life on my own house. It takes me months to make a decision on where to hang something — I mull over personal decorating choices like my life is on the line. Perhaps it is.  

Regardless of my paralyzing indecision, I am MAKING myself finish our upstairs loft area in 2014 whether I like it or not. And I’m announcing it to you so you can hold me accountable. I am budgeting extra funds from January to March to make the improvements because there are still walls upstairs with nothing on them. It’s inexcusable. 

The only piece in the loft area I have already that is definitely staying is this sectional. Everything else is negotiable. The room has nice natural light and neutral walls, so it is a great clean slate. Here’s the issue — I promised Wilson that I would make this room his — sigh — man room and will display his massive amounts of Tar Heel memorabilia in it, but only in a way that we both agree on. I really owe this to him as I exiled all of his belongings to our “basement,” which is actually a crawl space that you can stand up in. I told him this house was like teflon — none of his stuff would stick.

With this predicament in mind, I have found a few photos of neat lofts for inspiration to hopefully get my creative juices flowing and finish poor Wilson’s man room.

Loft Inspiration 3

I love this room. Light and airy, it encourages conversation and looks comfortable too.

Loft Inspiration 4

I really like the gallery wall in this room. I am thinking that is the best way to display Wilson’s prized UNC possessions at once without giving me anxiety.


Loft inspiration 5

I love all of the textures in this room.

Loft inspiration 6


I will keep you posted on my progress. If I don’t have something to report by March, I’ll be in big trouble.

In other news, Kate Spade is having 30% off everything today with the code GREEN30. Proceed with caution.

Photo Credit: www.onekindesign.com, www.ohbythewayblog.blogspot.com, www.homedit.com, www.arhitkturaplus.com, www.designrulz.com, www.homesdir.net

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