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Capitalizing on the J.Crew Sale — Sister Edition

November 30, 2013

As announced here, my sister Laurie is now the mom of two adorable baby girls, and she is damn busy. Because it is a good day if she can get both girls ready and remember to brush her own teeth, Laurie asked me to find some good tops for her to wear that would be easy to throw on and still look in style. She is way too cute and young to wear matronly clothes. No matter how many kids you have Laurie I will never let you wear mom jeans.

J.Crew is having 30% off everything right now — use the code HOLIDAY — so it is the perfect time for my sister to purchase a few good pieces that she can use as her mom staples. As a great deal-hunter herself, she rarely pays full-price either. Would you expect anything less from my sister?

Sales at reputable retailers like this one at J.Crew are great times to stock up on some items that you need in your closet but never pull the trigger on because they are too pricey. I’ve selected some key pieces that Laurie needs to get to keep her on trend.

I love this silk georgette blouse that would look great with black mini-pants — I hardly take my J.Crew Pixie pants off, I’m wearing them now in fact — and pointy-toed flats. Originally $128, this is a good quality top that will last through several carpools and story times and won’t break the bank with the good sale price.

Laurie, I know you’re going to be weary of this, but you need a good jirt. Jean shirt. To make sure you still stay hip and in-the-know with fashion and not just up-to-date on the latest Elmo video, you need this jirt. Again, this would be great with the black Pixie pant untucked with boots or flats or, if you want to push the fashion envelope, you could even tuck into dark skinny jeans for a denim-on-denim moment. I promise the baby girls will appreciate it.

This tuxedo blouse is another easy top to put on and looks very clean and polished. Laurie you can pair it with dark skinny jeans and a statement necklace for a little pop of color. It also doubles as a great work shirt tucked into trousers, transitioning easily from sleep-deprived Mommy to kick-ass businesswoman in seconds.

And because you deserve to treat yourself more than anyone else I know, here are a few more surprises to add to your cart because heaven knows you’ve earned it.

Great necklace for dressing up even a t-shirt.

Buy at least two!

These would be perfect with the jirt + Pixie pant outfit mentioned above.

Infinity Scarf

For when you remember jackets for both of the girls but forget one for yourself.

Laurie, I know this is the season of giving, but you really need to treat yo-self. And for everyone else, you should treat yo-self too. Just make sure you get a good deal.

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