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February 1, 2017

As installment 129 2-A of the Anna’s So Cheap It’s Stupid Chronicles, I did not buy a single article (article? item?) of makeup in 2016.

Not one.

I didn’t buy mascara, I didn’t buy blush, I didn’t buy eyeliner, I didn’t buy anything. I think I may have bought some Chapstick, but I’m not sure that qualifies. Lately I’ve been very worried about my skin so I bought the new Hydralyft, it’s amazing.

I didn’t buy makeup for many reasons: 1) I am cheap and it’s all terribly expensive 2) Makeup is frustrating and I’m unsure of what I’m doing with it most of the time and 3) I actually despise wearing makeup. But alas, because I was naturally gifted under-eye shadows the color of eggplants and skin tone fairer than Snow White’s, a girl’s gotta improvise. Who’s the fairest of them all now, bitch?

So I got to work. I replaced many things I had previously — mostly because I like what I use, and partially because I’m lazy — and in my online perusing (because Savannah certainly doesn’t have a Sephora) I uncovered this:



get it here

This set comprises a few things I needed to restock (the fancy Dior-version of Chapstick and nail polish) along with some new things I wanted to test out (lip-plumping gloss and eyelash primer). So I decided to give it a try. After using all of these products daily for the past two weeks (besides the nail polish of course, who has time for that) I’m happy to report that I am very, very pleased with all the purchases in this set and will definitely buy it again. And for $120 for six different items, I felt like I was getting somewhat of a good deal. And we all know how I feel about a deal. 

I asked my Mom if she could tell a difference in my eyelashes after using the primer and she said, “Looks good,” which didn’t actually answer my question, but I am confident that my eyelashes look both fuller and longer regardless. So take my word for it, not hers.

Birdie is asleep beside me and snoring very loudly, which I’ll take as my cue to close my laptop and stop disturbing her 15 hours of beauty sleep. Happy Wednesday everyone, we’ve only got two more days until the weekend and six more hours until you can drink without people judging you.

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