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Shoe Self vs. Budget Self — Sole Society Edition

August 19, 2015

It is no secret that I love shoes. I am in a constant mental battle with myself about shoe purchases as I have plenty and don’t need anymore, however I always want more. My inner thoughts go a little something like this:

Shoe me: You deserve those shoes. You work so hard.

Budget me: You don’t need another pair of damn shoes. You don’t have enough space in your closet for another pair and your credit card bill needs to be paid.

Shoe me: Credit card schmedit card. Buy the shoes. And get some of your cash back, if possible (learn how – in the Dosh app review).

Budget me: How about you take the money you’d spend on the shoes and use it to invest in the stock market? You are supposed to be risky with your investments when you are young.

Shoe me: Exactly. Get risky and buy the shoes. Much better return on investment. Immediate gratification is the best gratification.

Budget me: You are an embarrassment to financially prudent people everywhere. No wonder everyone hates millenials.

Shoe me: STFU and buy the shoes.

Currently, neither side is winning — I suppose you could call it a stalemate. Selfie stalemate. 

Regardless of my inner voices, these booties from Sole Society are super cute and all $100. So if you decide to not invest in the stock market today, you could invest in proper back and arch support and buy these shoes. Ok so I guess Shoe Me is winning now. 






one / two / three

See, pretty good. Worth listening to your shoe self if you have one too. Shut up yes you do have one. 

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