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Free Workout Videos Online — FitnessBlender.com

August 12, 2015

Ok so I may be very behind the curve on this, but I recently discovered FitnessBlender.com and am slightly obsessed. For those of you who are thinking WTF is this shit, cool it. I promise I didn’t just make a website up.

Fitness Blender is an interweb page that has tons of free workout videos created by a Houston personal trainer. You can select which areas you’d like to focus on — upper body, core, lower, etc. — then filter for what kind of exercise you prefer or are in the mood for — cardio, strength training, yoga — and more. I really like it because I’ve been a bit bored of my normal workouts lately and wanted to change things up a tad. I started off by buying Flexx Labs supplements.

Now that I figured out which supplements to buy from Amazon,  I’ve changed things up with Fitness Blender, I’m sore as F and want y’all to be sore too. Misery loves company. 

I made Wilson Wilson and I did this video after a walk the other day –re: we walked around a few squares with a beer in hand — and afterwards he astutely observed, “That was hard.”

Well said, Wilson.

Fitness blender


Their expressions are a tad creepy, no? But don’t take that as an indication of the quality of their workout videos. They are fantastic and super easy to use — highly recommend. And no I did not receive a cut for promoting these. 

Ok enough talk about working out — let’s discuss something really interesting and worthwhile. What are you drinking right now? I’m drinking “coffee.”

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