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How To: DIY Jean Cut-Offs

September 4, 2015

As summer transitions into fall, now is always a good time to take inventory of your closet. What did you wear all the time? What did you not touch? What looks stupid and you wonder why you bought it in the first place?

Cleansing your closet of your bad clothing purchases can be refreshing and motivating. And I highly recommend it. 

But before you give away any jeans, consider this — could they become jorts instead of jeans?

I asked myself this very question with a great pair of distressed jeans that I loved, but had become too distressed — i.e. I accidentally put my foot through the designer “hole” in the mid-thigh of the jeans, changing the designer hole from tastefully placed to inappropriate and unsightly.  Not a good look. But instead of giving away the jeans, I got crafty. I pulled out the sharpest scissors I had and got to work.

How to Cut Your Jeans to Make Jorts

Bear with me now. This is not the DIYs you see on HGTV. This is down and dirty.

1. Try your jeans on, and when looking in the mirror, estimate the length you want your shorts to be. Then take a ballpoint pen and make a teeny mark on the side seam of the jeans — I said teeny!

2. Take off your jeans and put some other pants on. This is not a pants-less activity. Wilson that means you too. 

3. Get a ruler (who am I kidding, I used my thumb) and measure 2 1/2 inches (you can always do 3 to be on the safe side) beneath your pen mark. From there, take your pair of scissors and begin cutting in as straight of a line as possible. Doesn’t have to be perfect, I’ll share why later. Keep your cut parallel to the top seam of the jeans as a point of reference to keep your line straight.

4. Put on your jorts. They will be much longer than you want them, but here’s the trick — flip up the raw edge of the jeans at about a half an inch in thickness, and then roll the seam twice to your desired length. If you’re feeling particularly bold, you can roll three times for shorter shorts, or if you’d like a little bit of room you can just roll them twice. You can adjust and tweak with the rolling part to achieve the perfect length for your jorts.

5. If you’d like a little bit of fray to your jorts, you can throw them through the washer/dryer and the raw edge will naturally fray a tad. You can trim the fray as it becomes unruly if necessary.

6. Admire your handiwork and how much money you just saved by creating your very own jorts!


against the gate

 I don’t like my jorts too short, so I just flipped up the raw edge once.

trying not to laugh

 Trying not to laugh here as Wilson gives me artistic direction: “Can you relax? You look so awkward.”

looking down

jorts up close

You get the idea.

w bird

 And because the real model in the family is obviously the dog, Birdie wanted to be a part of the photo shoot.

dog model

She is a total natural in front of the camera, unlike her mother.



Sloppy kisses from The Bird.


 Her serious face. She is committed to her craft.


 Happy Labor Day weekend from Savannah! Try making some jorts this weekend — if you mess them up, who cares. You were going to give them away anyway!

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