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Hello and Barcelona

June 12, 2015

Well hello there! It’s certainly been awhile, hasn’t it? My bad. Let me dust the cobwebs off this blog for a second. I’m not going to say that I’ve been too busy for you guys because the truth is I’ve been both busy and lazy, but I have been busy. But never too busy for you. 

So. The initial reason for my blog abdication was that Wilson and I took a 10-day trip to Spain with our best friends. And, quite frankly, I’m surprised we came back.

Spain is the shit.

We considered ourselves uncultured Americans seasoned travelers as we globetrotted from Barcelona to Majorca to Sevilla. It was a whirlwind of a trip, and certainly the trip of a lifetime. Even though looking back 10 days is certainly not enough time to do Spain the justice she deserves, when we were there, it was as if time stood still. Nothing stood between us and Spain but getting another drink at the bar from a handsome Spanish bartender. Time moved leisurely, elegantly, and we sauntered around Spain as if we belonged. We most certainly did not belong. 

We were on Spain time, and it was truly spectacular. I am going to become a complete and annoying cliche when I wax poetic about Spain and traveling and how important it is to see this extremely gigantic world we live in, but screw it. Traveling is one of those things you must do. It gives you perspective. It humbles you. It makes you realize how absolutely and infinitesimally small you are in the grand scheme of life. You are teeny. Your problems don’t really matter. So move on. 

(I’m talking to myself here)

Not only was Spain spiritually enlightening, it was so much fun. We drank and ate to our hearts’ content. We woke up late and partied late. We really embraced siestas. Y’all, the Spanish do life right. They go to work around 9, take a break for breakfast at 10 (it’s in their constitution that every Spaniard can break for breakfast) then they have lunch, then they leave in the afternoon. Sometimes around 2PM. You know, for the siesta. Yes Spain’s unemployment rate is inching towards 40%, but that’s neither here nor there… 

They eat extraordinary amounts of salty, cured ham; they only cook with olive oil; they stroll around and look disapprovingly upon drunken American tourists; they spend lots of time with their families, eating meals that could last all night and move from location to location. Spaniards do life right. Us Americans have gotten it all wrong. Our Puritan values of early to bed and early to rise and work all day and night until you are so stressed you’re on a double dose of Xanax are so screwed up. Mr. Puritan, I want to smack you upside the head. You are really, really dumb. We should do as the Spanish do and start livin’ la vida loca every day and every night.

Who’s with me!?!

Oh Spain was so great. Going through these photos was similar to taking a bullet. But, the other thing that I haven’t mentioned already that traveling teaches you is appreciation. I was really, truly happy to be back on Southern, American soil when we returned. There’s just something about the South that creeps into your soul and stays there, reminding you that even if you leave it, it never leaves you.

Here’s a taste of our delicious time in Spain. Hope you enjoy.


 I loved the architecture of the city. Even though it’s a historic, old city, the streets are wide and clean, and there aren’t any skyscrapers. Reminded me of D.C. a little.

wilson and i at cafe emma

maggie and austin

 Our dear friends Austin and Maggie, the perfect travel companions.

view w la sagrada in back

 The view from our hotel. That is La Sagrada Familia in the distance, which has been under construction for quite some time.


 I figured out how to do a panorama on my phone. I’m about two years late on that. 

hungover breakfast

We thought we spoke excellent Spanish. Maggie ordered a bagel and cream cheese. This is what she was served. We ate it all. 

street view

bike lane

three amigos on beach

One afternoon we went down to the beach in Barcelona and drank rosé. It was magical.

rose on the beach


Great tapas place.

how cute

The pictures I took at night were all from my cell phone so the quality isn’t as great, but how cute are they?

us two

bar selfie

Bar selfie.


This was the best paella I ate the whole trip. Mmm it was so delicious.

gaudi house up close


blue lighting at la sagrada

This was inside of La Sagrada Familia, and the light was just amazing. It poured in through the stained glass windows and illuminated the cathedral in a wash of rainbow-colored light, reminding me of a kaleidoscope.

la sagrada four amigos

la sagrada

stained glass windows

Isn’t that just amazing?

stained glass 2

green yellow lighting

So beautiful.

christopher columbus church

I can’t remember the name of this one but we learned some history here. It was built for the people, by the people, and therefore is a lot less ornamental and gilded.

half zip mafia

My three amigos.


This was in one of the food markets in the city, which basically shit on every farmer’s market in the U.S. They don’t have “farm to table” specialties over there because everything actually is straight off the boat or from the farm.

more market

fish at market


strange meats

This was totally gross but very interesting. On the bottom left in the container is a sheep’s brain. Above the brain and to the left are bull testicles. Um. In the middle is stomach from either a cow or a sheep. On the right is a tongue. YES A TONGUE. LOOK AT HOW BIG IT IS.

grains at the market


We ate churros dipped in real chocolate. It was absurdly good and I will never eat another churro again because it will never taste as good as these did.

boat ride cliff

One day we chartered a sailboat to cruise the coast of the Costa Brava to see Spain from the Mediterranean side. It was so gorgeous, and I got so seasick. Holy crap I was so nauseous.

landscape from boat

from boat landscape from boat 2 little white house

12 century castle

austin and champs

magz and champs

We took our cava very seriously.

four amigos on a boat

so seasick

By this time I was holding onto Wilson for dear life. The high seas are not for me.

fishermans lunch2

Finally we docked and ate the most scrumptious “fisherman’s lunch.”


It is an understatement to say that I was sad when we left for Barcelona, but I had no idea what waited for me in Majorca, which ended up being the most amazing place in the world. I’ll share those photos next. Stay tuned…

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  • Reply Krystle June 12, 2015 at 10:24 am

    I was just telling myself that I haven’t seen a Silver Spoon blog post in awhile!! So glad you are back and happy you loved Spain! I would go back tomorrow if I could. Hope all is well and of course miss you tons!!! 🙂 🙂

  • Reply Aunt Deb June 12, 2015 at 11:23 am


    The trip looked fabulous! But you are going to have to get your sea legs since Uncle Doug will want you two to sail on his boat, too!

    Nice photos!

  • Reply Maggie Wilson June 12, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    This just made me so happy and so sad all at the same time. Time to start planning our next trip! Miss y’all so much! Viva La Espana

  • Reply Jennene June 28, 2015 at 8:52 pm

    Love your blog! Would love to go to Spain! did you take a ferry or a flight from Barcelona to Majorca? Can I just copy your whole vacation?

    • Reply Anna July 10, 2015 at 10:03 am

      Haha yes! Copy the whole thing! Spain was truly incredible. We flew from Barcelona to Majorca, it was about an hour. Highly recommend it. Super easy. Any other questions just let me know!

    Leave a Reply