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Wide Leg Pants — Save and Splurge

June 17, 2015

So before I show you photos from our time in Majorca, let’s take a pit stop and talk about something very important: wide leg pants. Wide leg pants are a great for dressing up or down, or even wearing to work. While in Spain I did some serious shopping at Zara, and scooped up the below pair of botanical pants — remember when we talked about botanicals — and loved them.

I’ve also been eyeing these very cute Alice & Olivia pants for awhile now. Truth be told, they are actually in my Neiman Marcus virtual shopping cart currently. The only thing holding me back is that damn price tag. But they are on sale for $198, which is very tempting…

Regardless of my inner wide leg pants struggles, you should get some if you are into being perfectly comfortable and chic at the same time.


Wide Leg Pants -- Save and Splurge


save / splurge

 I wore my “save” pants in Majorca and loved them. They need to be hemmed, but I wore them anyway. With this crop topThat crop top has gotten some surprising mileage. 

majorca wide leg pants
 These also have an elastic waistband, which is also super clutch after eating nothing but ham, cheese, bread and gin and tonics for six days. Trouble. 

 Check back in later this week for Majorca photos!

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