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Towne & Reese Giveaway!

March 13, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! T-minus eight hours until I am able to properly celebrate this fine rainy day with a glass or three of red wine. The nectar for any true celebration.

But before I drift off into Malbec dream land, first thing’s first: SST is doing a giveaway! Woot. 

A few weeks ago a rep from Towne & Reese reached out to see if I’d be interested in looking at some samples from their new spring line. Never one to turn anything free down but always hesitant to give my stamp of approval on something that I haven’t found or am a fan of myself, I made sure to give the, sure I’d love to but there are no guarantees disclaimer… But there was no need to give said disclaimer. No need indeed, because Towne & Reese is my new favorite jewelry line.

everything 2

For those of you not familiar, Towne & Reese is a line of affordable, chic jewelry and accessories that offers a wide variety of pieces to choose from. It was a happy day for sure when I received my box of T&R goodies, and I dug through the variety of pieces with the delight and surprise of my nieces on Christmas morning. I was so excited to see that not only is the jewelry really pretty in person, it’s also great quality too. The best part? The prices! Holy crap this stuff is cheap. It’s amazing.

Quite frankly, there is nothing worse for your wardrobe than cheap, poor quality costume jewelry — it actually makes me quite upset. But Towne & Reese is a complete 180 departure from the annoying cheap jewelry of today, with high-end quality without the high-end prices. Do I sound like a car salesman?


two necklaces

 I actually wore the white ball necklace yesterday. Someone told me it looked like golf balls on tees. 

blue and pink necklace / white ball necklace

stud earrings

 How cute are these earrings? I’m wearing them currently. $20.

tassle necklace up close

Tassels for your neck. $40.

earrings and everything

 I wore these earrings last weekend and loved them. Allegedly the statement earring is back. $25.

rings w others

 Great stackable rings for $35. My sister has the tiniest creepiest little hands, and these adjustable rings will be perfect for her itty-bitty phalanges. Little hands on adults are hilarious. 

jewelry box

 The perfect jewelry case for your travels. $20.

top of jewelry box

collar necklace

 I love this collar necklace too. $55.

Suffice it to say that I am officially a Towne & Reese groupie, and you should be too. Enter the giveaway below to get a chance to win a free pair of the gold earrings from above! TGIF and for this giveaway. #blessed #thankful #prayerhandsemoji

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**These items were given by Towne & Reese, but all thoughts/comments/sass/writing is mine own, of course.

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