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Resort Wear Double Duty

February 24, 2015

Hola! Cómo estás? I’m working on my Spanish. It’s a slow process. 

Today instead of me telling you all of my brilliant ideas — ha — I need your help. I am mentally packing for my Mexican getaway (hell I may never come back if this weather keeps up) and I want to re-wear some of my honeymoon attire. My trousseau, if you will. These were some of my favorite outfits from my honeymoon, and I need your opinion if you think they are still in style or perhaps maybe need to be shelved for future vacations. This is also my effort to not break the bank by buying a new resort wardrobe that I won’t be able to wear to work. Although I wish I could. 


 This pink dress is one of my favorites and I love it. Something no name from a boutique. What do you think? Wilson is so handsome. 


 I love this cover up. J.Crew on sale. Still good to wear?


We stayed at the Gansevoort in Turks and Caicos and I cannot speak highly enough about it. It truly was one of the best weeks of my whole life, and I think I will always say that no matter what kind of trips I take in my future. Every day began with a delicious spread of breakfast foods, and then Wilson and I took our iced coffees to-go and finished them on the beach. We’d then start the mimosas, which was followed by grilled pizza for lunch (they have a woodfire grill on the beach for such necessities) and then drinking ourselves into a nap. Every night for dinner we tried a new restaurant on the island. It was a dream.

Cover Up

Another cover up option for Messy Toe.


A jumpsuit option. Not sure this will make the cut. What do you think? I’m not checking a bag, so packing strategery is key.

Trina Turk Dress

This was a Trina Turk dress I bought and have worn several times since. Another one I need your opinion on. Is it a bit out-of-season? 

And who is my lovely friend, you might ask? Wilson and I made vacation friends and went to dinner with them on the last night. Obviously you can see why we were such good friends. Anyone who likes Veuve is automatically in. 

Please leave me comments with what you think of these outfits and suggestions for others. This is an extremely important matter and planning my outfits for this trip is pretty much what I’m holding onto right now to get out of my severe seasonal affected disorder. As my sister told me yesterday, we’ve all got SAD this year. 



 T&C was positively idyllic. I can’t wait for Messy Toe.

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  • Reply Merelise February 24, 2015 at 11:48 am

    100% yes to pink dress & both coverups! Add the turquoise earrings you wore with the black jumpsuit to the pink dress and you have a new outfit! Have a BLAST! Xo

    • Reply Anna February 25, 2015 at 8:12 am

      Ah Merelise you are the best. I will definitely pack those two thank you. Nothing like starting to pack for a trip that is four weeks away, right?

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