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Tory Wins: C. Wonder Closes and SST Picks

January 7, 2015

Hell yea! My girl Tory won the competition with her ex-husband Chris Burch for who can sell expensive clothes/shoes better. C. Wonder is officially closing its doors, citing the inability to find a niche in an overly saturated retail market as the reason for its shuttering. Or the fact that Chris copied his ex-wife’s brand and karma is a real bitch. 

And because it is closing, C. Wonder is hosting a bomb sale of 50% off all items. In a toast to Tory in all her glory, I’ve picked a few of my faves that are really good prices. Tory, I’m pouring one out for you tonight. 


C. Wonder 50% Off Sale



bag / soaps / sweater / cheese board set / necklace / earrings / jeans / napkins


No wonder C. is going out of business. This is the strangest conglomeration of overpriced stuff I’ve ever seen.

Happy Wine Wednesday! Boy am I thirsty.

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