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New Year, New Pillows

January 14, 2015

Another year — 2015. Did I learn anything in 2014? Did I become a better person? A better wife? A better friend, foe, cook, blogger, thinker, writer?

I don’t know. You tell me. 

What I do know is this whole “new year new you” shit puts a helluva lotta pressure on a gal to eat right, exercise and be a better person. And all in such a short period of time! Let’s be honest — by Valentine’s Day all of those resolutions will be out the window and I’ll be eating grilled cheese (extra cheese), drinking wine and watching Real Housewives even though I’m lactose intolerant and the Housewives are generally bad people.

Am I right?

To avoid the inevitable post-January I-gave-up-all-my-resolutions guilt, I decided to make one small change that makes a big impact.

Purchase new pillows!

Old pillows are so gross. Ripe with moths, dust, drool and God only knows what else, old pillows need to be trashed and burned. Immediately. And that doesn’t mean just the ones you sleep on — that includes ones that are in shams, too. If you can’t remember when  you bought your pillows and/or they look a little sad, it’s time for new pillows.

Snap to it.


Amazon.com - Perfect Fit Firm Density Standard Size 233 Thread-Count Quilted Sidewall Pillow 2 Pack, White - Hypoallergenic Pillows


These are some great basic pillows I purchased off of Amazon a few weeks ago. They are standard size and the perfect mix between plush and firm. Highly recommend. The best part? They are only $26 for two of them, and if you have Amazon Prime they are free to ship. Won and done. 

Now, if only keeping your resolutions was that easy…

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