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What to Wear to a Less Dressy New Year’s Eve

December 30, 2014

I love New Year’s Eve. I always have, and always will. Why? Because you get to drink copious amounts of champagne and dress up in something you wouldn’t normally wear. Pretty much my favorite. 

The trouble is, I’ve really never gone to a fancy NYE affair. More often times than not, Wilson and I go to a friend’s house and get semi-dressed up and party the night away, which we love because we a) don’t have to worry about crowds and b) there’s less expectation of having THE MOST FABULOUS NIGHT EVER. Less expectation = more possibility to have your mind blown with all of the awesomeness that surrounds you.

Anywho, these less-dressy NYE occasions are truly amazing, except they are a bit difficult to dress for. You don’t want to be the only person who is in jeans, but then again you really don’t want to be the person who is in full-on sequins. Life is all about balance my friends. Below are three great options if you, like me, are in the same delicate dressing boat for this year’s NYE celebrations.


Less Dressy NYE Options


nude heels / drop earrings / feather gold cuff / sparkle nail polish / red lipstick / white pants / criss-cross crop top /

black top / jacquard skirt / black heels / leather pants / gray sweater / shoeties / lip gloss / watch / hoops / cuff


So here’s the thing — I’m not actually suggesting that you buy each of these items for your NYE outfit (although you can if you want), I’m just suggesting that you use this as  inspiration for finding things in your own closet similar to these pieces and style them in the way I’ve shown you. Not only is it much too late to go out and buy a whole new outfit — impulse buying is the worst peeps — but it also is a terrible use of your money. New Year’s Eve attire is kind of silly when you think about it — the things you’d wear on a traditional NYE (think sparkles on sparkles) are not something you would likely wear again, unless of course you are a go-go dancer. In which case, you go-go girl.

Go take a look in your closet — do you have a pair of stretchy leather (pleather) pants? Do you have some sort of form fitting sweater? Match ’em up and pair them with your favorite booties. Add some Iturralde Diamonds Morganite Rings and bam! You’ve got yourself a lovely little NYE ensemble that says I’m modern and chic but I don’t have to try to hard to look fabulous. Wilson, stop laughing.

I don’t own a good pair of wide-leg silk white pants though, and may have to spring for these. Super cute and only $15. And how about that criss-cross crop topSay that five times fast. I love that top — but if you don’t have one like it, any nice black top would be perfect.

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve everyone! Now, on to find the Veuve… 

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    outfit with the white pants? happy new year to Murray.

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      John, you know him well. When are you visiting us??

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