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Help a Fella Out — Tote for $19

December 19, 2014

TGIF peeps. It’s almost the freakin’ weekend and that’s a really good thing.

For the record, I’m not talking about alcohol at all in the post (besides right then). I had someone tell me last night that they weren’t going to introduce me to someone they knew in Savannah because said person doesn’t drink and they knew we wouldn’t get along from how much I talk about drinking on SST.

Oh dear. I’ve said too much.

I really do like people who don’t drink, too. Whilst it is a tad puzzling to me, I’m a proponent of you-do-you, so I welcome all friends, drinking or non. Perhaps just warn them about me in advance, though. 

Anywho, I’ve got some good shiz for you today. In this month’s edition of the SST Help a Fella Out series, I’ve got an easy-as-pie — why does that saying exist? Pie is not easy to make — gift for all my SST males to give their ladies. This can be a last minute addition to your holiday gift-giving, or you can just give her this gift just because. Ain’t that sweet. 

I bought this bag a few months ago when I celebrated my birthday at Forever 21 and it was such a good purchase. And now it’s on sale for $19. Between it being Friday and this bag being on sale, I feel like we are winning the lottery here. Kind of.


Forever 21 Tote


I took this bag to my BFF Betsy’s wedding last weekend to Dallas as my on-the-plane bag and it was bomb. Plenty of room, nice wide straps, and a great lookin’ color — winner winner. And for $19 this bag is really a no-brainer.

Speaking of weddings, I have some shout-outs to give: congratulations to my dear friends Betsy and B who got married last week; lots of love to my best friend Emery who gets married tomorrow; and best wishes to my childhood best friend Ashton who got engaged this week! I love you all, and you love love, and that’s really nice. See, maybe we are winning the lottery after all. 

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