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Investment Piece of the Month — Dior Glow

November 12, 2014

For me, cosmetics is all about the recommendation. Unless I have a personal recommendation from someone I trust about a specific product, then I won’t buy it. Makeup is freaking expensive and I’m not one to just “try” something for the hell of it. That’s like saying you’ll just “try” a $50 bottle of wine when there’s a large chance it could be a #fail. Pure idiocy. 

November’s Investment Piece of the Month is a line of products that were recommended to me by my mom and my friend Sara. They both introduced me to the wonder and magic that is Dior Glow. See below for your glow. 


Dior Glow Cosmetics

nail polish / lip balm

Both of these products are very pricey — the polish is $25 and the balm is $33, AH — but each are totally worth it. The nail polish is an easy-to-apply liquid that enhances the look of your natural nails, making your pinks pinker and your whites whiter. It’s perfect to put on your nails when you are in between manicures, as my Mom sagely recommends. My friend Sara is obsessed with this lip balm and practically made me get it, and boy am I glad she did. The balm also enhances the natural pink of your lips and goes on buttery-smooth. It also smells really, really good. So, if you are looking for two items to pump up your makeup lineup, I’d highly recommend these two. Perf. 

How is it only Wednesday? Why am I not on the beach with a mimosa in hand? Major life questions today… 

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  • Reply Amanda November 12, 2014 at 9:50 am

    I have the lip balm and I love it!! I will have to try the nail polish :-)!!!

  • Reply Sara November 12, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    This made me giggle- I really did peer pressure you so hard into getting that lip gloss! It is truly the greatest, though. It makes you look healthy and lovely, even on dull winter days!

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