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Three Reasons Why You Need to Print Out Your Cell Phone Pictures

September 26, 2014

I am writing this 30,000 feet above all of you right now, currently en route via l’aeroplane to the one and only (thank God) Las Vegas. I am sitting among some of America’s most interesting creatures. There are four ladies aboard that are knitting, one of whom described her knitting technique as “the only way to make a fashionable hat”; approximately 60 people aboard are over the age of 70, many of whom are drinking bloody mary mix with no alcohol? I wouldn’t be surprised if this crowd is the type that will applaud when we land.

In keeping with the eccentricity of this clan, I am comfortably reclined in my window seat with one of those terribly obnoxious fuzzy neck pillows curled around my neck. The last time I used this thing was when I bought it on the flight home from Vegas on my bachelorette party. It actually is quite comfy. 

To bide my time — and forget my surroundings — I have scrolled and scrolled through my thousands (yes, thousands) of pictures saved on my iPhone.

Despite the fact that Wilson and I have a nice camera to take pictures with, we almost always resort to snapping photos on our phones. And I know we are not alone. Those darn little cell phones are so quick, easy and convenient that carrying around a bulky camera seems, well, bulky, especially when you have the option of just taking pictures on your cell phone.

This is all fine and well except for the fact that I have never, not once, printed out the pictures saved on my iPhone.

I have all of these fabulous memories captured on this little sliver of metal, but I have never taken the time to have them printed into photos. Photos from my niece’s first birthday, from our honeymoon, from our ski trip, from the first time Wilson bought our house in Charlotte… all of these precious moments live in my stupid cell phone, which could at any moment die on me and I’d lose these snapshots of life as we know it and would then cry the deep, ugly cry. Drama. 

We are currently experiencing a bit of turbulence and the woman next to me is trying to start conversation with me again about what I am writing. LADY NEXT TO ME, IF YOU ARE READING THIS OVER MY SHOULDER AND I HOPE YOU ARE, BACK. OFF. 

Here’s three reasons of avoiding the ugly cry by printing out those pictures from your cell phone. I’ve also included some photos of my favorite phone-captured memories because I need a serious distraction from this flight/what’s going on around me.


wilson making me dinner

 That time when Wilson made me dinner. Notice the candles!

1. When people visit your home, they look for pictures of themselves.

This is so freakin’ true. Whenever anyone comes to visit me, the first thing they do as they look around our apartment is look at the photos, and if they are a good friend/family member of Wilson’s or mine, and are likely to be in a picture with us, they look for themselves. They want to check out to see a) if they made a photo, which will determine their place in our friend/family hierarchy and b) how they look in the photo.  Bad hair day? Something in my teeth? Let me get a closer look by picking up the picture frame and pretending to look at the other people in the photo. People like to look at pictures of themselves — present company included — and it’s important to make everyone feel included in your life, and in your photos. But how can you have the latest and greatest photos of all your favorite people if they are on your phone? You can’t. 



 That time we had the best time during our first dance as husband and wife. 

2. Photos are the best way to decorate — within reason, of course.

I love a good framed photo as a way to decorate/style/add color to my house. Apartment, condo, love nest, whatever. A big family photo (see #1 above) is the perfect way to add some interest to a bookshelf, your bedside table, that awkward side table in the hall, etc. etc. I love putting pictures of my family in prominent places around the house so they are smiling at me whenever I pass by — I miss them tonz and the photos not only add a stylish element, but give me the chance to say hello to my mom every morning despite the fact that she’s in a frame on my bedside table. BUT — disclaimer — do not go overboard with photos.



 That time at the beach when the sunset looked like this. 

3. You would cry the deep, ugly cry if you lost your photos.

Guess what — stuff happens. And despite our best efforts to back up our photos on iCloud or Sky or whatever it’s called, technology can still fail us. And with the exception of iCloud removal case, it can be quite dramatic. Printing out photos from your cell phone guarantees that you will still have your precious memories even if your phone implodes. Just don’t lose the photos. Perhaps a photo CD is a good idea too. 

Airplane note: OMG someone’s foot just touched mine from the row behind me!!!! Feet are so gross. 



That time we got engaged and then took a selfie.


So, who’s with me? Let’s all get our USB cords, hook up our cell phones to our computers, and print these dang pictures out with companies like Shutterfly, before we lose our phones. Because that is a legitimate possibility for me this weekend in Vegas. 

Oh good, the lady next to me just opened her takeout box of what looks like a moldy Philly cheese steak and what smells like a cat that died three days ago. She just announced to no one in particular that “It’s lunch time somewhere!” Lady, it actually is lunch time, but you’ve ruined that for me now haven’t you?!



**I was not compensated or given free product for any my thoughts in this post.

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  • Reply Cyn September 26, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    Preach. http://printstagr.am is the BOMB. Also, I hear Chat Books is good too, however haven’t used it. xo

    • Reply Anna October 2, 2014 at 7:56 am

      OO I will check that out!! Hope you’re well Cynthia!

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