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Lingerie Shower Gifts Under $40

August 22, 2014

In keeping with this week’s theme of love, I’m covering something that (most) men love — lingerie. My friend asked me for some suggestions for nice lingerie that doesn’t cost too much — she’s a bridesmaid in her good friend’s wedding and needs an inexpensive lingerie shower gift.

Before discussing lingerie, let’s talk lingerie showers for a hot second.

Lingerie showers are always kind of awkward. You’re sitting with a group of girls watching your best friend open up gifts of underwear. Weird. You usually don’t know everyone at the shower because it’s an amalgam of the bride’s friends — her high school cronies, college sorat sisters, post-college adult friends, and a few other randos peppered in between. And because you don’t know everyone at the shower, you don’t know what they will buy for the bride, which is cause for serious concern. You don’t want to be the annoying bridesmaid who buys your bride-friend a pair of ugly pink grandma panties — hate that word — that she’ll never wear, but you also don’t want to show up with a full-on cat suit that makes others think you are some sort of freak. Or something.

It’s a stressful situation, I understand. I’m here to help you.

All of these suggestions are from Nordstrom — it carries the best underwear in my opinion. And no, the Nordstrom peeps are not sponsoring this. Also all of these choices are under $40. Woot!

Read here to know why wearing pouch boxer briefs is recommended by doctors worldwide.

Lingerie Picks

 balconette bra / purple bralette / white bralette / black bralette


All of these bras can easily be matched with either their actual matching underwear or can be paired with ones that are the same color. Except for the purple bra, that needs to go with its matching undies. 

Mmk enough bra talk. It’s supposed to be 101 degrees tomorrow in Savannah. What the hell? Did I miss the memo and the Equator suddenly moved over south Georgia? I just don’t know how to handle this… Oh I know. A cold vodka cocktail with extra ice. Wilson, if you wouldn’t mind having that ready for me when I come home, I’d be much obliged.

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