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Purchasing Power Questions

November 1, 2013

I can talk myself into just about anything. It’s a horrible quality to have and really threatens my budget constantly because I can justify really any purchase with a terrific argument. Maybe I should have been a lawyer…

This terrible awful trait is only augmented by a sale. Ugh I can’t even say the word, my heart is already racing to find one now… Because I am constantly tempted to buy anything — and I mean anything — that is on sale, I really have to practice a lot of self-restraint to make sure my purchases are worthwhile, cost-effective and not just plain stupid.

Whether for my house or closet, I ask myself three questions before I buy something to make sure I really want the item and am not just enticed by the amount of money I could save by buying it. These three questions have saved me from a lot of unnecessary purchases and so I want to share them with you to hopefully save you some future heartache and bank account break.

Before you buy anything major or on sale, ask yourself:

1. Do you LOVE it? Like, love love it. If you don’t, don’t buy it. You’ll get sick of it sooner and regret it later. I promise.

If you answer yes that you love it, then ask:

2. If the item is for your closet: Where would I wear this? If you don’t have a recurring event to wear the item to, then forget it. The piece will just sit in your closet and collect dust. I hate dust. If  for your house, ask yourself, Where would I use this? If you don’t have a good place to put it, don’t buy it. My mom always says that you spend the first half of your life collecting things and the second half of your life giving them away, so by not buying that useless — but gorgeous! — table lamp, just think how much time you will be saving yourself at the yard sale you’ll have in 30 years.

If you have plenty of places to wear the piece of clothing or an excellent spot to put the piece of furniture, then ask yourself:

3. Do I already have something like this? Speaking of my mother, she has at least 30 pairs of black pants. In her defense she does have a variety of different cuts and textures, but they are still black pants. You don’t need 30 of them. Sorry to call you out Mom… You just don’t need multiples of the same item — see note about dust above.

If after asking these three questions you have either answered yes or have valid reasoning for each, then you can and should buy the item. You’ve done your homework and it will pay off because you’ve made a thought-through decision. Job well done.



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