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Sconce Up Your Life — $100 and Under

July 31, 2014

I never was much of a Spice Girl fan but I do hope you’re now humming the 90s favorite Spice Up Your Life as we discuss my secret obsession with sconces.

Sconces are one of those things that do not get nearly the amount of love or attention that they deserve. A source of light — and happiness for me — sconces are a great way to illuminate a room and add some flair to a blank wall. Below are some great sconces I found online that are all under $100. Except for one, oops. 



#0 — Super modern, super interesting to look at. I bet it would cast a really neat shadow on the wall too from the double lightbulbs. $69

#1 — Finally, something from Restoration Hardware is on sale… Their stuff is so ridiculously expensive. $75

#2 — Great bronze sconce for cheap. Lowe’s has surprisingly great light fixtures, Wilson and I bought almost all of our fixtures for our old house from Lowe’s. Mad respect. $80

#3 — Simple, beautiful. Two of these pretties would be perfect flanking a bed or in a bathroom. $90

#4 — These are my FAVORITE! I love them — on Etsy for only $75! Holla. 

#5 — I really love this sconce too and I’ve never seen any like them before. On Crate and Barrel for $90.

#6 — Mmk so this sconce is stupid expensive so do NOT buy it, but it’s so pretty I wanted to show it to you anyway. Sorry. $447. I promise I haven’t been drinking yet.

#7 — This one is a little too ornate for my taste, but it’s pretty regardless. $80

#8 — Another great simple light fixture. Simple is the new black. $80

#9 — Very modern and unexpected. $100

#10 — This sconce is neat because it’s a candle. Candles are cool. $71

Sconces are like champagne — simple, delicious and always make you happy. Go buy some, you won’t regret it.

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