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Allie’s Stool

November 6, 2013

Remember this stool that I promised you the details on?


I really love this little stool.

This stool was a DIY project I copied from one of my best friends Allie. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, Allie. Allie has very distinguished silver spoon taste but has a sneaky eye for a cheap deal. A woman after my own heart. She found this stool at Target and recovered the seat and painted the legs. Truly brilliant. I found the stool on sale a few weeks later for $50, and snatched it up. Then I got to work.

stool 1

I unscrewed the seat from the legs to attack each part separately.


sanding stool

Then I took a sander I bought from Lowe’s — of course I got the cheapest one — and sanded down the “wood” to make the spray paint adhere to the surface.


I really liked the way it looked with the sanding, kind of cool… Kind of. 

stool wilson stapling

And because a couple who DIYs together stays together, Wilson got in on the action. He worked at a furniture factory one summer in college and is quite handy with a staple gun. Instead of recovering, we just covered. He stapled the blue linen I bought off of Etsy — 4 yards for $15, can’t beat that — onto the “leather” seat and voila! The stool is recovered. Or covered.


I didn’t get any pictures of me spray painting the legs because this is what my hands looked like. Wilson was kind enough to take the picture for me, though. Someone needs a manicure…

Like I said, all you need is a little bit of creativity, a good eye, and a lot of spray paint, and you can do just about anything, including revamp a stool from Target. And speaking of my dear friend Allie, she and her sweetheart recently got engaged. I wish you both all the happiness and love in the world! Perhaps an Allie’s Wedding post to come soon…

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