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Anna-Proofing My Life — Swaponz

July 11, 2014

This past Monday morning was a bit of a dramatic one for me. After not sleeping well the night before, I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, somehow made a coffee and smoothie, and headed out the door. In our new apartment, heading out the door is not as simple of a task as it was in Charlotte, however. Heading out the door means descending a fairly lengthy flight of hardwood stairs and then another short flight of stairs down to the street. Big city livin’, as Wilson says. 

I began to trot down the steps with coffee in one hand, smoothie in the other,and my work bag slung over my shoulder… and then I slipped on a step and went face-first down the remainder of the stairs. It certainly was a faster way to get down. The coffee and smoothie flew through the air as I banged on each hard edge all the way to the front door. I landed on all fours and screamed in pain because I thought my knees were broken. While I’ve always had a flair for drama, I swear it really did hurt… 

Some days it just does NOT pay to get out of bed, I thought to myself.

After crying all the way work — just call me Scarlett O’Hara, I know — I pulled myself together and realized how utterly ridiculous it was that I had already had a mini-drama and near-death experience before 8:30AM. I mean, really? Falling down a flight of stairs is something that happens to old timers, not a healthy gal in their 20s… I am my own cause of drama, I realized. I need to Anna-proof my life. And fast before I break my neck… 

Because of this life-altering Monday morning epiphany, you can imagine my delight when my friend Ellen reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in collaborating with Swaponz, a new awesome smartphone case company.

Phone case, you say? Yes I really need one of those. Do you also have a case for my body, too? Let me know… 

While it doesn’t make body cases to save yourself from… yourself, Swaponz does offer some bomb-ass phone cases that you can switch out the covers for any time you want. It’s essentially like getting five phone cases for the price of one. Super #plasticforkbudget friendly and helps #annaproof my life. 

This is how it works — you pick the Swaponz starter kit based on the type of smartphone you have ($17.95) and then you purchase a cover in the design you want, each $6.95. Anytime you want to switch out your cover, you just swap out the design cover for another. Boom. Done.

Here are my five favorites:


Teal ostrich


Love me some fake ostrich. Did I mention all of these phone cases glow in the dark, too? Perfect for helping me find my phone when it insists on living at the very bottom of my handbag. What now iPhone. 

Aztec pattern

I love this one

ostrich feathers


Leopard print


Animal print is always in.



Aren’t they cute? And because Swaponz is really workin’ it on this fine Friday, they are giving away one free Swaponz starter kit plus my five favorite cover designs to a very lucky SST reader. Don’t you need to #annaproof your life too? Be honest, now… 

Just do one of the below — or you can do all if you’re an overachiever — to enter to win. Good luck peeps!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**This post was sponsored by Swaponz, but all thoughts/opinions/writing are my own. Don’t worry, I’m still telling the truf. #truth.

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