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Silver Spoon Taste Does Vegas — #MyVegasStyle

June 6, 2014

I’ve only been to Vegas one time — for my bachelorette — but it only took those three days for me to learn one thing.

Vegas is amazing.

I know a lot of people refer to Vegas as Disney World for adults, but I think it’s more like being in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie, where everything is bigger, shinier and more overwhelming than anywhere else. The hair follicles on the blades of grass always scared the shit out of me in that movie. If you’ve been to Vegas then you already know how special of a place it is. My definition of special here is very broad. 

Because I freakin’ love Vegas, I was pumped when reached out to me to do a “day in the life of Anna’s outfits” while staying at the Aria Resort and Casino in Vegas. Hypothetically plan out what I would wear to Vegas while staying at the Aria… How do they know me so well? I was thinking that to really do my research properly I needed to fly to Vegas immediately and plan/buy the outfits for real to make sure they worked, but because the $600 flights weren’t in my #plasticforkbudget, I decided against it. I’m really committed to my work.

So let’s take an imaginary trip to Vegas, shall we? Grab a drink, put on a sequin mini and settle in for a wild… read.


#MyVegasStyle bitches.


My morning in Vegas would start with an absolute necessary run to Starbucks, and luckily Aria has one right in the lobby. Phew. Here’s my outfit that says, I’m not a complete bum but don’t have to impress any of these greasy guys because I’m a married woman. Who also likes to party.


Mornin' Time in Vegas -- First Stop, Starbucks!



After I snag and chug my grande soy latte from Sbucks — Wilson hates when I call it that — I will be ready for a mimosa. It’s 10AM? Who cares. Woman up. It’s freakin’ Vegas.

My mimosa imbibing will take place at Aria’s Ellipse Pool, where I will don this adorable outfit below. Usually I try to keep my outfit selections within a certain price range — which is to say I try to keep them cheap because I have no monies — but this is Vegas people, and no expense should be spared to look fabulous.


pool time


Y’all I love some pool time.

The Pools at Aria


After I throw back a few too many mimosas and am feeling extra warm and fantastic, I will feel confident enough to sashay my way over to the Liquid Lounge Pool, where I will rub shoulders with some of the sexiest and sweatiest Vegas partiers.

Liquid Lounge Pool at Aria


Can’t you just hear the bump bump bump music? I can. I love it.

After getting a delightfully brown tan — which is just icing on the cake for my already-there St. Tropez tan — I will go inside, order a glass of Veuve to sip while getting ready, and begin the nighttime primping process. I don’t take obnoxiously long to get ready, but for a night out in Vegas, I may need to allot a little more time to make sure I’m perfectly polished for dinner and then da club. And because my buzz will make me slower.

When in Vegas -- #MyVegasStyle


 This outfit is super fun and very Vegas. I feel like sequins in Vegas is a bit overdone — although I love them still — so I’m going for a crop top + bodycon pencil skirt that is dang sexy without being too flashy. The hot pink Nars nail polish will punctuate my colorful outfit perfectly. If I do say so myself. 

I will dine at Jean Georges Steakhouse, where I will order a Ginger Pear cocktail, the tuna tartare for an appetizer, followed by the seared diver scallops for dinner and finish with the cheesecake. I love hypothetically ordering meals at restaurants I cannot afford.

Jean George at the Aria

After I’ve sufficiently stuffed myself silly, I’ll need to take a lap or four around the Aria to digest my meal as I will be in a body-hugging skirt and top and there will not be enough room for that cheesecake unless I take a walk. I will make a pitstop at the craps table in the casino, and after winning some #munz, will trot over to the Haze nightclub where I will dance the night away to the bump bump bump music. The name Haze will reflect the sharpness of my memories from that night.

Haze Nightclub at the Aria

Once I’ve gotten my fill of getting my groove on, I’ll retire to my room and order a large pepperoni pizza that I will devour all by myself. I’m a bad sharer.

What a wonderful day that sounds like! Who’s ready to go to the Aria? Um me!!!!!

For more information about the Aria click here and for more information about Vegas in general visit It’s the bomb.

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  • Reply Melissa June 6, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    Soooo timely, as I am hopping on a flight for Vegas Sunday morning! Conference vs. girl outing, but should be righteous nonetheless. Great picks and agree with the Aria’s and Jean Georges Steak House. However, I am having an official fashion panic attack as I will need to up the volume on my wardrobe and accessories. Thank God for you and the 20 somethings to remind us 40 somethings about getting with the program. And Amen for the 30 more hours I have to prep!

    • Reply Anna June 9, 2014 at 7:32 pm

      Hahaha I love it!! And you have fantastic taste with or without us 20 somethings. Hope you have so much fun!

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